5 Things to Look for in a Basketball Camp

What’s in a basketball camp? Do you want to learn fundamentals? Does your child need individual coaching or just exposure? Do you want someone to let your child win every game? NBA all-star Kevin Durant isn’t buying that. It’s all about a coach being up front with a basketball player about his or her ability. It’s about coaching and exposure.

Hopefully, a great basketball camp offers that and more. Good camps are run by professionals who seek to not only help the student athlete get better at hoops, but also get much needed exposure.

Here are 5 things to look for when selecting your next basketball camp.

Individual Coaching

Each basketball player deserves to have his or her own unique skill set examined; one size doesn’t always fit all. LeBron James is a different player than James Harden. Kyrie Irving is a different point guard than Jason Kidd. Good summer basketball camps have a good coach- to- player ratio so everyone’s abilities are addressed. The fortunate thing about basketball is that every player needs certain skills. Dribbling, guarding, and passing are universal languages coaches speak and teach. However, college elite basketball camps offer coaching that allows individuals to step up their game by addressing specific issues or problem areas. Tackling these could help the player advance to the next level. Basketball clinics for high school students should have universal drills but also provide individual mentoring.

Coaches With Experience

College elite basketball camps typically sport coaches on their roster with college experience. This way, the coach can provide high school athletes with what they need to know and do to get better. A good coach can have years of coaching experience or might have never coached but just played the game. However, not every former college basketball player can coach. It’s important as a parent to seek out college basketball camps that hone in on skills and offer improvement from the status quo. A high school basketball player can get rudimentary skills and fundamentals from a high school coach. The expectations from a college coach or player will typically be different. The game is intense and involves more competition; players need to adjust accordingly. That’s where coaches with experience really come in.

Other Elite Athletes

Basketball clinics for high school students are abundant. A parent has many choices. One thing that makes a camp stand out is better competition. More elite athletes at the camp can really let a student athlete know what he or she has to do to get better. Great basketball players love competition because they learn to value hard work. It doesn’t hurt to include other athletes. This way, the athletes get the opportunity to self assess. They also get to learn moves, fundamentals, and aspirations of others who may be more advanced. This provides more motivation to learn and enhances the overall atmosphere.

Great Networking Connections

Let’s face it. Sometimes it is about who you know. This is true, especially with athletes. Great summer basketball clinics offer the athlete an opportunity to network with other players and coaches. Coaching is a small fraternity. It’s crucial to get to know other kids who are being recruited and be in an environment with players who have already committed. Coaches will visit basketball exposure camps if other great athletes are around. This is an opportunity to network with or present your skills in front of them. Some camps have multiple coaches in attendance for additional benefits.

Drills and Fundamentals

Basketball exposure camps sometimes get caught up in the exposure end of things. Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, sports clinics are meant to be about learning and practicing. As a parent, you want your student athlete to be in a challenging but appropriate environment. The money spent on camps isn’t just for getting noticed. It’s for taking away skills you can use on the basketball court in the future. A great basketball camp features necessary drills taught by great coaches who have vast collegiate experience.

Whether your main goal is exposure or strictly fundamentals, choosing the right camp can be difficult. A great basketball camp offers an incredible combination of the five ingredients listed above.

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Pittsburgh Top 100 Player Report Cards

Pitsburgh, PA– The Pittsburgh Top 100 took place last week and showcased some of the top players in Western Pennsylvania. Taking place prior to the Pittsburgh Jam Fest, the Pitt Top 100 allowed individuals to showcase their talents in front of at least 30 college coaches. Here is every player’s evaluation from the showcase:

Sean Stinelli11Unselfish guard that is always looking to make the right play. Competes on both sides of the ball.
N/AMarcus Stewart11Athletic forward that scores well inside the arc. Can stretch game out to 3 point line, effective getting to the rim.
Chance Wright11An active on ball defender that creates issues for opposing guards. Can knock down a pull-up and plays with intense energy.
Tommy Rodriguez10Tough PG that plays hard all the time. Great pull-up shooter and finisher with contact.
Robert Jenkins 11Solid guard that finishes well with contact in traffic. Efficient scorer inside and can knock down 3's.
Jamison Nee11Hard playing guard on both sides of the floor. Crafty offensive player that has great touch inside the arc.
David Collins11Athletic slasher that does a great job at getting to the rim and drawing fouls. Plays well on both sides of the ball and creates 2nd chances on offensive glass.
N/ANick Barney 12Strong, athletic wing who gets to the rim and finishes well. Solid skill set and athleticism with good upside.
Josh Edwards 9Active on ball defender. Guard has great touch inside paint and a solid jump shooter. Uses high IQ to his advantage.
AJ Myers10Athletic guard who gets to the paint and finisher. Solid on ball defender with good lateral quickness.
Seth Younkin 9Long athletic player with great upside. Good footwork and post moves.
Cameron Hanley 10Solid lead guard with good play making ability. Good shooter with range to the 3 point line.
Noah Rankin 11Solid shooter with range to 3. Smart, utilizes the shot fake well to get by defender and finds open teammates.
Nathan Alabran 11Agressive to the glass on both ends of the floor. Solid shooter with range to 3.
Nathan Ray 11Plays hard on both ends of the floor. Solid on ball defender who communicated with his teammates.
Noah Brown 11 Long and athletic with good timing with shot blocking ability.
N/ABilly Urso 12 Agressive on ball defender with good footwork. Very good at attacking the paint and finding his teammates.
Chris Hart 9 Good all-around player with decent size and length. Very good upside to his game.
N/ATroy Simon Very athletic and rebounds well on both ends of the floor. Solid offensive skill set and can score from mid-range.
Jeremiah Ligon 11 Long and athletic while utilizing both very well on defense. Aggressive to the rim off the dribble and finished well in traffic.
Taylor Hudzicki 10Long and athletic with solid defensive skills & footwork. Plays hard and finishes well around the rim.
Julian Laugand 8Solid ball handler with ability to get in the paint and find teammates. Great upside as a lead guard while he grows and gets stronger.
Matt Kiatipis 9Good lead guard with very good court vision. Solid shooter with range to the 3.
Jared Smith 11Very athletic and utilized his length well on defense. Solid offensive skill set and finished well around the rim.
Ethan Moose 11Very Skilled all-around player. Plays hard on both sides of the floor.
Sean Graytok11Strong and aggressive with ability to score in traffic. Very good defender who can defend multiple positions.
Malcolm Glanville11Athletic guard with ability to get to the rim and finish. Solid on ball defender with good quick hands.
Trevor Hutton 11Solid lead guard with great court vision. Good shooter with range to 3.
Evan Suppa 11Glue guy who does all the dirty work. Plays very hard on defense and is a good rebounder.
Jonathan DeVito 11 Solid all-around player with a good skill set. Shooter with range to the 3.
Brice Miller 9Solid wing with decent skill set and a good upside. Plays hard on both ends of the floor.
Niko Sero 10Good shooter with range to 3. Sees the court very well and plays extremely hard.
N/AMitchell Dezort 10Solid shooter with range to 3. Good offensive player with good upside.
Duston Wiggins11Good athlete who is a good on ball defender. Good ball handler with great court vision.
Kyle Huff 11Plays very hard on both ends of the floor. Aggressive to the glass and finishes well in the paint.
Garrett Day10Good shooter with excellent range. Solid defender who plays hard at all times.
Davon Sims12 Athletic defender who kept the ball under constant pressure. Can score inside and out.
Josh Duba11Good shooter with excellent range. Solid skill set with good upside.
Adam Kline11Has a good 3 point shot. Plays hard and likes to play against good competition.
Michael Shi 9Young with upside to his game. Has solid all-around game in all aspects.
James Ferry 11Likes to push the ball in transition. Has a nice pull-up jumper.
Eric Butler 12Can shoot, pass and run well. Excels in the rebounding department.
Mark Lamendola10Has a nice shot. Attacks the rim from the right and left.
Jake Biss10Has we well rounded game. Passes to open players and has a good shot.
Cole Griffin11Is able to anticipate the ball and take charges. Hard-worker with a good overall game.
Tanner Wells9Can do a little bit of everything. He can run the floor and is a good passer.
Xavier Awad 11Is strong with driving the ball to the paint. Plays hard defense.
Brett Francis 10Plays smart and knows what to do with the ball.
Tyrell Carter 11Is a strong defender and knows where open teammates are. Quick to move the ball on a double.
N/ASwade Redman 11Can shoot the ball and has great vision. Succeeds on the defensive end of the court.
Britton Beachy 10Built with good size. He can play great defense and plays hard.
Zach Johnson 10Can protect the paint and block shots. Great at setting screen.
N/AJoe Batt9He can stretch the defense and shoot the 3. Smart with the ball on offense and plays good defense.
Etai Groff 10Smart player with good ball handling skills. Can shoot from 3 point line.
Luke Nedrow 9Can perform well in the post and uses the hook shot often. Has a good feel for blocking shots.
Cortez West 11Has great speed while attacking the basket. Can shoot from the 3 point line.
Josh Kline 9Is a hard worker on offense and defense. Has a lot of upside.
Taylor Smith 11He a smart player all-around. Knows how to run he floor.
N/AEddie Flohr11Is a good, solid player. Will play hard on defense and keeps his head up to run the floor.
John Kirincic12Can shoot the ball and stretch the defense out.
Austin Zuppe11Plays hard defense. Has good vision on the court.
Brady Kingston 11Has good size and works hard. Likes to set screens to open up teammates.
Tyler Gates 11Has a good all around game. Can stretch the defense out with his ball handling.
Amos Luptak 10Good point guard that makes the right decisions. Likes to drive to the paint.
Cam Edmonson 11Has a high IQ for the game. Likes to attack the basket and has good size.
Christian Hack 9Likes to handle the ball. Uses his athleticism to make plays.
Delon Lee Andrew 9Is very agile driving to the basket. Can shut down opposing point guards.
N/ADelvon Randall 12Good first step to get to the basket. Great athlete who gets out in transition and finish with both hands.
C.J DeStefano 9Did a good job of pushing the ball in transition and finding open teammates. Competes really hard on both ends of the floor.
Kyle Humphries 11Really good in the open floor with the ball. Gets on the glass for a guard. Great on ball defender.
McClain Huff11Know how to get open without the ball. Great teammate who was very unselfish in transition and in the half court.
Justin Pearce 11Extremely physical player who in consistently a presence on the glass. Does a great job of guarding guys who play back to basket.
Miller Byrd 11Really good in transition at getting to the rim and finishing with good athleticism. Does a great job guarding the ball.
Carl Martin Veltman11Consistently made shots and understands how to get open without the ball. Has a good understanding of the game.
Anthony DelleFemine10Has good feet on the perimeter. Does a good job using the bounce to go by defenders.
K.J Rhodes9Made plays for others off the bounce. Found open teammates in the half court and transition.
N/ARome Moyer11Uses his athleticism to get on the glass. Defends the ball well. Showed ability to make set shots.
Jay Grubb 11Runs the floor and got early position for easy baskets. Always around the ball and very active on the glass.
Antonio Rizzuto 9Scores it in a number of ways. Has the ability to go by off the bounce.
Marcus Kidd10Uses his big body to create space around the rim for easy finishes. Very vocal on the defensive end of the floor.
Seventh Lynth-Skunda10Always looking for open teammates in the half court and transition. Has a good feel for the game.
Ramon Creighton 11Does a great job of getting to spots with the bounce. Finishes through contact at the rim with strength and athleticism.
Talen Sims 12Drives by defenders with good athleticism. Does a good job of keeping people in front of him.
Brandon Brocious 9Good understanding of the game. Uses a good skill set to create shots for himself and others.
N/ARege Rieger 10Great teammate who plays within himself. Passes it very well and showed the ability to make open shots.
Jared Puryear12Scored it in transition going coast to coast. Good communication on the defensive end of the floor.
Torry Hawkins11Runs the floor well. Finished at the rim through contact on multiple occasions.
Sean Witte 10Does a great job running the floor and finding open space to catch and shoot on the perimeter.
Zach McDonough9has a knack for scoring the ball. Can get his own shot and get to the rim.
R.j Bell10Runs the floor really well and has the ability to bounce it in space. Good team defender who communicates well.
David Ritchie 8Really good skill set for his age. Combines skill set with a really good knowledge of the game.
Abbass Merchant9Plays with good feel and tempo that he uses to go by players. Smart player who always makes the right play.
N/ALaVontae Martin 11Never takes a play off. Uses his body to get good positioning on both ends.
Tyler Frederick 10Extremely active moving without the ball and getting offensive and defensive rebounds. Very smart basketball player.
Rome Boyer 11Has a quick release and creates space with bounce. Great team defender. Always talking in a positive way.
Antonio Ionadi10Moves the ball and finds open teammates. Very unselfish player who creates for others.
Sean Kelly 9Great tempo with the ball. Can get his own shot in the half court. Very bright future ahead of him.
Billy Lewis 11Shooter that runs the floor well to find open shots. Solid off the dribble pull-up.
Justin Pryor10Guard with a great pace and scores with finishes at the rim. Players with a good tempo.
Jackson Blaufeld8Guard that controls the ball and values possessions. Looks to make the right play to pass or score.
Bobby Kiernan 11Hard-nosed guard active all over the floor. Will drive to score and draw fouls. Can hit the 3 ball.
Kenny Fukon 10 Guard that hustles all over the floor. Can slash to get to the rim and can shoot the jumper.
N/AMike Pearce Long and athletic forward with great touch around the rim using both hands. Uses his length to block shots and rebound well.
Nathan Leopold9Quick primary ball handler that can score at the rim or with the jumper. Active on both sides of the floor.
Cameron Craig9Active on ball defender that worked hard on defensive end. Guard that is a great interior passer.
Nick Castelveter10Quick; primary ball handler that is an efficient passer with both hands. Has a good handle and looks to operate off of the ball.
Ben Bertan10Guard that is very determined with drivers to score. Can hit the open shots at a high rate.
Bryce Laskey 9Long, young guard that does a great job at controlling the tempo. Uses great vision and finds the open teammates.
N/ADelante Newsome-Moultrie11Quick guard that knocked down open 3's. Drive and kick to find open teammates.
Michael Rice 11Guard that has a solid handle and good floater game. # point shooter off the dribble and drives to draw defender to find teammates.
John Benhart10Guard that can shoot the ball. Must know where he is on the floor at all times.
Kennedy Smith 11Athletic guard that competes on both sides of the floor. Likes to move the ball in offense to find teammates.
Carson Miller 10Solid guard that finishes strong in the paint. Will drive to score or explore.
Joe Passodelis 10Tall guard that really saw the floor well. Played hard on the defensive side of the ball.
Thomas Farkos9Shooter that can knock down shots in bunches. Strong finishes around the rim.
Tanner Reinheimer10Guard that found teammates in transition and is effective getting to the rim. Plays extremely hard at all times.
N/AOlavo Williams11Athlete that plays hard on both ends of the floor. Scores well in transition and around the rim.
Isaac Enkoom12Isaac makes plays on the defensive end with energy and intelligence. When he attacks the basketball he is able to finish.
Jake Rae12Jake is a sneaky quick wing with the ability to get by defenders. In the open floor he beats people to spots and makes smart plays.
Imraan Mohamoud12Imraan is a fast point guard with getting passing and instincts. If he continues to make deep shots he will be a tough player to guard.
Chandler James11Chandler is a high energy forward with relentless defensive pressure. On offense he controls the middle of the floor and scores with regularity.

The Gift of Camp: Unwrap it This Winter!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.28.10 AM
The season is upon us. Black Friday has come and gone, and basketball practice has started for all ages all over the country. December headlines our calendars and that means one thing: the holiday season is here. With basketball season getting into full swing and Christmas carols playing on the radio, The Hoop Group is in the holiday spirit and has a special offer for you this December. Hoop Group Skills invites you to give the gift of camp this holiday season!

Girls GOC BannerFrom now until the December 19th, Hoop Group Skills Camp is offering a discount to camp in the Poconos this upcoming summer. By acting now and securing your spot in one of these terrific camps, you can save big this winter. Boys who sign up will receive $70 off any week long camps and $30 off weekend camp. Girls will receive $50 off any week long camps and $30 of weekend camps. In addition to the discounted prices, every player will receive a free Under Armour bag and camp tee shirt.

Hoop Group Skills offers a wide variety of camps during the summer. Each camp is held in the Pocono Mountains of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Highlighting these camps are Bob Hurley Camp and Kevin Boyle Camp. Both these camps give players a chance to learn from two high school National championship winning coaches and two of the best coaches in the nation. We also offer great Father/Son and Parent/Daughter weekends. These camps offer parents a great chance to bond with their children while playing the great game of basketball. Lastly, there’s the four weeks of Skills camps, Ball Handling & Shooting Camp and Jr. Elite weekends. Whatever you’re looking for, Hoop Group Skills has a camp for you!

Don’t miss your chance to save big this holiday season. No one has a more storied history than the Hoop Group when it comes to our camps in the Poconos. Now you can have the experience many great NBA players have had, and do it for less!

Chris Zupko
(732) 502-2255

Ball Handling & Shooting Camp Standouts

Brace yourselves, the end is here. With yesterday coming to an end, Hoop Group Skills Camp is officially done for the summer. Ending the summer with Bob Hurley Camp followed by Ball Handling & Shooting Camp was a tremendous way to end a tremendous summer of work. This past week, campers were not just able to work on their ball handling, but learn proper shooting form from legendary shooting coach, Dave Hopla.

As with most camps we run, we would like to recognize those who really shined during our last week of camp as well as acknowledge award winners. Here is our full list of performers and award winners:


Cormac is a very talented ball handler. He plays hard and shoots the ball very well. When he played to his potential, he was one of the best guards in the league. Mr. Reilly is also a very intelligent player and leads by example.


Isaiah was one of the top guards in the NBA Division this week. He is a leader on the floor who makes those around him better. Isaiah is an extremely hard worker and pushes his teammates to work just as hard. Isaiah has a high basketball IQ and was praised by his coach on several occasions.


Chase is a skilled young player. He has the ability at times to WOW the crowd and to create opportunities for his teammates. Chase is a humble young man that has huge up side.


Lance is a mature, competitive young player who has potential to be GREAT. Not only can he shoot but he has the ability to put it on the floor and drive for himself and others. Lance is a player that any coach would love to have on their team.


Nic is a strong athletic guard with a ton of potential. He has a good attitude and his approach to the game superb. He sets the tone by being a natural leader on the court. Nic is competitive, but is also a humble player, who just wants to have fun and improve each and every day.


Jeremy has a great motor and is crafty with the basketball. He was one of this weeks all-stars and in addition lead his team to the championship. There were moments this week where he could just not seem to be guarded.


Cole was the best shooter in the ACC Division. He displayed his shooting ability by winning the free throw AND hot shot contests. Cole was the leading scoring on the championship team. It was a successful week of camp for Cole.


Connor is the smallest player in camp but has the biggest heart. No one in the ACC played harder and with more passion than Connor. He was a positive influence all week especially through adversity. Even the older division enjoyed the way that Connor played the game (he reffed a few games too)!


Josh has an unbelievable desire to improve his game. He crashed the offensive boards as hard or harder than anyone in the ACC. Josh was a huge factor in how successful his team was this week. He is truly a player that plays BOTH ends of the floor.


Jaylen was the “go to guy” whenever his team needed a bucket this team. On the defensive end he was constantly causing turnovers and turning them into easy baskets the other way. Being an unselfish player, Jaylen lead and motivated his team on and off the court.


Henry showed great effort and a strong work ethic throughout camp as he played with the same determination and will whether up ten or down ten. This effort made him highly respected by teammates and other coaches in the league.


Brandon often showed his offensive tools by finishing in transition as well as from beyond the 3 point arc. Brandon was a vocal team leader with a large amount of potential. After the award ceremony he certainly didn’t walk away empty handed!


Peyton was this weeks Most Improved Player in the Big East Division. He plays with a ton of heart. Peyton has a great attitude and approach to the game. He took advantage of this camp and showed improvement in his mid range jumper and ball handling by week’s end.


Charlie stood out this week with his play on the defensive end and cleaning up the backboards. He impressed many coaches with his ability to handle the ball in transition as well. Charlie was a coach on the floor for his team all week.


Congratulations to Jordan on winning the Floor General Award in the Big East Division. Not only was he the leagues’ best point guard, he also showed his shooting range as well. As a point guard, he dictated the tempo of the game. His coach stated that one of his best qualities is how he can play the game successfully with a chip on his shoulder.


Absolutely the best defensive player in camp this week! His basketball IQ is high, as he was able to read point guards eyes and always know when and where to rotate. We never saw Lawrence take a play off which is why he is a true example that hard work does really pay off.


Elias is an explosive guard who gets to the rim at will. His leadership keeps his teammates energized and positive. If he can improve his consistency from the perimeter he will be a tough cover at the college level. His physicality and toughness is a positive on the defensive end.


Chibuike is one of the most complete players in camp. His length and athleticism on defense allows him to guard any position. As a slasher, if he improves his ball handling he will be a force offensively. He can shoot consistently from mid range and we expect him to continue to improve.



MVP- Will Soucie

ALL STAR MVP- Nicolas DeMarco


MIP-Connor Buck/ Jeff Mao

HOT SHOT CHAMP- Cole Privitere

FOUL SHOT CHAMP-Cole Privitere

Early Bird Workout Star- Derek Hope/ Lucas Hope


MVP-Mason Memmelaar

ALL STAR MVP- Brandon Powell


MIP-Peyton Boesch


FOUL SHOT CHAMP-Brandon Powell

Early Bird Workout Star- Nick Hulbert


MVP-Isaiah Church

ALL STAR MVP- Kimiedrick Murphy

FLOOR GENERAL-Elias Ezenekwe

MIP-John Rosenblum



Early Bird Workout Star- Chibuike Obinnakwelu

With Skills Camp coming to a close for this summer, we would like to thank all the coaches, staff, players and parents who made this summer in the Poconos so great. Although school will be back in session, there’s still opportunities to work on your game this fall! Jr. Elite Top 100s will begin in September, click here to see what day is best for you!