Philadelphia Top 100 Recap


Philadelphia Top 100 Recap

With over 100 great high school players and 25 college coaches from all over the northeast in attendance, the Philadelphia Top 100 did not disappoint! Players were given the opportunity to compete against some of the best that Philly has to offer, while receiving instruction from our top-notch staff comprised of D2, D3, and high school coaches.

Each player was given the opportunity to play in front of over 25 college coaches, as well as the National Recruiting Report, which has over 300 subscribers from every level of college basketball. There is no individual event that can provide student-athletes with the level of instruction, competition, and exposure that the Hoop Group Top 100’s provide!

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All-Philadelphia Top 100

Position  Player
Guard Antonio Rizzuto (Northeastern HS)
Guard Lonnie Walker (’17 Reading HS)
Wing Max Duegen (’17 Rocktop Academy)
Wing Tyrone Nesby (’17  Reading HS)
Forward Justin Steers (’18 Friends Central)
Post Rodney Simon (’17 Rocktop Academy)


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Pittsburgh Top 100 Player Report Cards

Pitsburgh, PA– The Pittsburgh Top 100 took place last week and showcased some of the top players in Western Pennsylvania. Taking place prior to the Pittsburgh Jam Fest, the Pitt Top 100 allowed individuals to showcase their talents in front of at least 30 college coaches. Here is every player’s evaluation from the showcase:

Sean Stinelli11Unselfish guard that is always looking to make the right play. Competes on both sides of the ball.
N/AMarcus Stewart11Athletic forward that scores well inside the arc. Can stretch game out to 3 point line, effective getting to the rim.
Chance Wright11An active on ball defender that creates issues for opposing guards. Can knock down a pull-up and plays with intense energy.
Tommy Rodriguez10Tough PG that plays hard all the time. Great pull-up shooter and finisher with contact.
Robert Jenkins 11Solid guard that finishes well with contact in traffic. Efficient scorer inside and can knock down 3's.
Jamison Nee11Hard playing guard on both sides of the floor. Crafty offensive player that has great touch inside the arc.
David Collins11Athletic slasher that does a great job at getting to the rim and drawing fouls. Plays well on both sides of the ball and creates 2nd chances on offensive glass.
N/ANick Barney 12Strong, athletic wing who gets to the rim and finishes well. Solid skill set and athleticism with good upside.
Josh Edwards 9Active on ball defender. Guard has great touch inside paint and a solid jump shooter. Uses high IQ to his advantage.
AJ Myers10Athletic guard who gets to the paint and finisher. Solid on ball defender with good lateral quickness.
Seth Younkin 9Long athletic player with great upside. Good footwork and post moves.
Cameron Hanley 10Solid lead guard with good play making ability. Good shooter with range to the 3 point line.
Noah Rankin 11Solid shooter with range to 3. Smart, utilizes the shot fake well to get by defender and finds open teammates.
Nathan Alabran 11Agressive to the glass on both ends of the floor. Solid shooter with range to 3.
Nathan Ray 11Plays hard on both ends of the floor. Solid on ball defender who communicated with his teammates.
Noah Brown 11 Long and athletic with good timing with shot blocking ability.
N/ABilly Urso 12 Agressive on ball defender with good footwork. Very good at attacking the paint and finding his teammates.
Chris Hart 9 Good all-around player with decent size and length. Very good upside to his game.
N/ATroy Simon Very athletic and rebounds well on both ends of the floor. Solid offensive skill set and can score from mid-range.
Jeremiah Ligon 11 Long and athletic while utilizing both very well on defense. Aggressive to the rim off the dribble and finished well in traffic.
Taylor Hudzicki 10Long and athletic with solid defensive skills & footwork. Plays hard and finishes well around the rim.
Julian Laugand 8Solid ball handler with ability to get in the paint and find teammates. Great upside as a lead guard while he grows and gets stronger.
Matt Kiatipis 9Good lead guard with very good court vision. Solid shooter with range to the 3.
Jared Smith 11Very athletic and utilized his length well on defense. Solid offensive skill set and finished well around the rim.
Ethan Moose 11Very Skilled all-around player. Plays hard on both sides of the floor.
Sean Graytok11Strong and aggressive with ability to score in traffic. Very good defender who can defend multiple positions.
Malcolm Glanville11Athletic guard with ability to get to the rim and finish. Solid on ball defender with good quick hands.
Trevor Hutton 11Solid lead guard with great court vision. Good shooter with range to 3.
Evan Suppa 11Glue guy who does all the dirty work. Plays very hard on defense and is a good rebounder.
Jonathan DeVito 11 Solid all-around player with a good skill set. Shooter with range to the 3.
Brice Miller 9Solid wing with decent skill set and a good upside. Plays hard on both ends of the floor.
Niko Sero 10Good shooter with range to 3. Sees the court very well and plays extremely hard.
N/AMitchell Dezort 10Solid shooter with range to 3. Good offensive player with good upside.
Duston Wiggins11Good athlete who is a good on ball defender. Good ball handler with great court vision.
Kyle Huff 11Plays very hard on both ends of the floor. Aggressive to the glass and finishes well in the paint.
Garrett Day10Good shooter with excellent range. Solid defender who plays hard at all times.
Davon Sims12 Athletic defender who kept the ball under constant pressure. Can score inside and out.
Josh Duba11Good shooter with excellent range. Solid skill set with good upside.
Adam Kline11Has a good 3 point shot. Plays hard and likes to play against good competition.
Michael Shi 9Young with upside to his game. Has solid all-around game in all aspects.
James Ferry 11Likes to push the ball in transition. Has a nice pull-up jumper.
Eric Butler 12Can shoot, pass and run well. Excels in the rebounding department.
Mark Lamendola10Has a nice shot. Attacks the rim from the right and left.
Jake Biss10Has we well rounded game. Passes to open players and has a good shot.
Cole Griffin11Is able to anticipate the ball and take charges. Hard-worker with a good overall game.
Tanner Wells9Can do a little bit of everything. He can run the floor and is a good passer.
Xavier Awad 11Is strong with driving the ball to the paint. Plays hard defense.
Brett Francis 10Plays smart and knows what to do with the ball.
Tyrell Carter 11Is a strong defender and knows where open teammates are. Quick to move the ball on a double.
N/ASwade Redman 11Can shoot the ball and has great vision. Succeeds on the defensive end of the court.
Britton Beachy 10Built with good size. He can play great defense and plays hard.
Zach Johnson 10Can protect the paint and block shots. Great at setting screen.
N/AJoe Batt9He can stretch the defense and shoot the 3. Smart with the ball on offense and plays good defense.
Etai Groff 10Smart player with good ball handling skills. Can shoot from 3 point line.
Luke Nedrow 9Can perform well in the post and uses the hook shot often. Has a good feel for blocking shots.
Cortez West 11Has great speed while attacking the basket. Can shoot from the 3 point line.
Josh Kline 9Is a hard worker on offense and defense. Has a lot of upside.
Taylor Smith 11He a smart player all-around. Knows how to run he floor.
N/AEddie Flohr11Is a good, solid player. Will play hard on defense and keeps his head up to run the floor.
John Kirincic12Can shoot the ball and stretch the defense out.
Austin Zuppe11Plays hard defense. Has good vision on the court.
Brady Kingston 11Has good size and works hard. Likes to set screens to open up teammates.
Tyler Gates 11Has a good all around game. Can stretch the defense out with his ball handling.
Amos Luptak 10Good point guard that makes the right decisions. Likes to drive to the paint.
Cam Edmonson 11Has a high IQ for the game. Likes to attack the basket and has good size.
Christian Hack 9Likes to handle the ball. Uses his athleticism to make plays.
Delon Lee Andrew 9Is very agile driving to the basket. Can shut down opposing point guards.
N/ADelvon Randall 12Good first step to get to the basket. Great athlete who gets out in transition and finish with both hands.
C.J DeStefano 9Did a good job of pushing the ball in transition and finding open teammates. Competes really hard on both ends of the floor.
Kyle Humphries 11Really good in the open floor with the ball. Gets on the glass for a guard. Great on ball defender.
McClain Huff11Know how to get open without the ball. Great teammate who was very unselfish in transition and in the half court.
Justin Pearce 11Extremely physical player who in consistently a presence on the glass. Does a great job of guarding guys who play back to basket.
Miller Byrd 11Really good in transition at getting to the rim and finishing with good athleticism. Does a great job guarding the ball.
Carl Martin Veltman11Consistently made shots and understands how to get open without the ball. Has a good understanding of the game.
Anthony DelleFemine10Has good feet on the perimeter. Does a good job using the bounce to go by defenders.
K.J Rhodes9Made plays for others off the bounce. Found open teammates in the half court and transition.
N/ARome Moyer11Uses his athleticism to get on the glass. Defends the ball well. Showed ability to make set shots.
Jay Grubb 11Runs the floor and got early position for easy baskets. Always around the ball and very active on the glass.
Antonio Rizzuto 9Scores it in a number of ways. Has the ability to go by off the bounce.
Marcus Kidd10Uses his big body to create space around the rim for easy finishes. Very vocal on the defensive end of the floor.
Seventh Lynth-Skunda10Always looking for open teammates in the half court and transition. Has a good feel for the game.
Ramon Creighton 11Does a great job of getting to spots with the bounce. Finishes through contact at the rim with strength and athleticism.
Talen Sims 12Drives by defenders with good athleticism. Does a good job of keeping people in front of him.
Brandon Brocious 9Good understanding of the game. Uses a good skill set to create shots for himself and others.
N/ARege Rieger 10Great teammate who plays within himself. Passes it very well and showed the ability to make open shots.
Jared Puryear12Scored it in transition going coast to coast. Good communication on the defensive end of the floor.
Torry Hawkins11Runs the floor well. Finished at the rim through contact on multiple occasions.
Sean Witte 10Does a great job running the floor and finding open space to catch and shoot on the perimeter.
Zach McDonough9has a knack for scoring the ball. Can get his own shot and get to the rim.
R.j Bell10Runs the floor really well and has the ability to bounce it in space. Good team defender who communicates well.
David Ritchie 8Really good skill set for his age. Combines skill set with a really good knowledge of the game.
Abbass Merchant9Plays with good feel and tempo that he uses to go by players. Smart player who always makes the right play.
N/ALaVontae Martin 11Never takes a play off. Uses his body to get good positioning on both ends.
Tyler Frederick 10Extremely active moving without the ball and getting offensive and defensive rebounds. Very smart basketball player.
Rome Boyer 11Has a quick release and creates space with bounce. Great team defender. Always talking in a positive way.
Antonio Ionadi10Moves the ball and finds open teammates. Very unselfish player who creates for others.
Sean Kelly 9Great tempo with the ball. Can get his own shot in the half court. Very bright future ahead of him.
Billy Lewis 11Shooter that runs the floor well to find open shots. Solid off the dribble pull-up.
Justin Pryor10Guard with a great pace and scores with finishes at the rim. Players with a good tempo.
Jackson Blaufeld8Guard that controls the ball and values possessions. Looks to make the right play to pass or score.
Bobby Kiernan 11Hard-nosed guard active all over the floor. Will drive to score and draw fouls. Can hit the 3 ball.
Kenny Fukon 10 Guard that hustles all over the floor. Can slash to get to the rim and can shoot the jumper.
N/AMike Pearce Long and athletic forward with great touch around the rim using both hands. Uses his length to block shots and rebound well.
Nathan Leopold9Quick primary ball handler that can score at the rim or with the jumper. Active on both sides of the floor.
Cameron Craig9Active on ball defender that worked hard on defensive end. Guard that is a great interior passer.
Nick Castelveter10Quick; primary ball handler that is an efficient passer with both hands. Has a good handle and looks to operate off of the ball.
Ben Bertan10Guard that is very determined with drivers to score. Can hit the open shots at a high rate.
Bryce Laskey 9Long, young guard that does a great job at controlling the tempo. Uses great vision and finds the open teammates.
N/ADelante Newsome-Moultrie11Quick guard that knocked down open 3's. Drive and kick to find open teammates.
Michael Rice 11Guard that has a solid handle and good floater game. # point shooter off the dribble and drives to draw defender to find teammates.
John Benhart10Guard that can shoot the ball. Must know where he is on the floor at all times.
Kennedy Smith 11Athletic guard that competes on both sides of the floor. Likes to move the ball in offense to find teammates.
Carson Miller 10Solid guard that finishes strong in the paint. Will drive to score or explore.
Joe Passodelis 10Tall guard that really saw the floor well. Played hard on the defensive side of the ball.
Thomas Farkos9Shooter that can knock down shots in bunches. Strong finishes around the rim.
Tanner Reinheimer10Guard that found teammates in transition and is effective getting to the rim. Plays extremely hard at all times.
N/AOlavo Williams11Athlete that plays hard on both ends of the floor. Scores well in transition and around the rim.
Isaac Enkoom12Isaac makes plays on the defensive end with energy and intelligence. When he attacks the basketball he is able to finish.
Jake Rae12Jake is a sneaky quick wing with the ability to get by defenders. In the open floor he beats people to spots and makes smart plays.
Imraan Mohamoud12Imraan is a fast point guard with getting passing and instincts. If he continues to make deep shots he will be a tough player to guard.
Chandler James11Chandler is a high energy forward with relentless defensive pressure. On offense he controls the middle of the floor and scores with regularity.

Metro Top 100 Report Cards

Neptune. NJ– Hoop Group Elite was back after a few days off with the Metro Top 100 last Friday night. The showcase was held at Hoop Group own Hoop Group Headquarters, and once again packed the gym with a sold out crowd. Here is everyone’s evaluations from the showcase:

Adolphus Bernard10Got out and finished in transition. Played good man to man defense
Markeem Lateef10Can break people down with bounce. Really competes defensively.
N/AJonathan Maurice12Competes really hard on both ends of the floor. Very unselfish with the ball in his hands.
Malcolm Gillespie11Did a good job of keeping people in front. Does a good job of finding people in transition.
Joshua Szott10Makes set shots and shots off the bounce. Has a really good understanding of the game.
Antoine Wilson10Knows how to play with and without ball. A really good teammate who is unselfish with the ball.
N/AKyle Deverna11Consistently made plays at the rim. Keeps people in front and does a good job contesting shots.
Johnathan Ramos-Suarez12Showed the ability to score the basketball. Competes on every possession.
Tyler Jones11Can score it in a number of ways. Has a very good offensive skill sets.
Jordan Heck10Jordan showed his range and high basketball IQ. He's a very tough player and hustles constantly.
N/ADiego Pujols12Diego did a really nice job handling the ball and getting to the basket. He had a lot of energy and scored the ball.
N/AMaksat Niyazberdyyev10Maksat had a lot of energy and communicated well with his teammates. He also had good court awareness.
Christopher Pina9Chris is an exceptional athlete. He rebounds well and hustles at all times. He has a nice mid-range game as well.
Carsimir Paul10Carsimir is a natural slasher. He gets to the basket well and finishes. He can also distribute to his team and create for them.
Darin BellingerN/ADarin had a good motor and runs the floor. He also hits the boards with his athleticism. Darin finished well in transition.
N/ATyshaun Cooper11Tyshaun hustled and ran the floor really well. He crashed the boards and played tough, solid defense. He has a good understanding of the game.
Anthony Araujo9Anthony is a good shooter and had a quick release. He hustles at all times and makes good decisions for his teams.
Jailen Jamison10Jailen is a good shooter and takes good shots. He handles it well and hustles the whole time.
N/ABryce Khan11Bryce was hustling at all times. He's a smart player and is a good positional defender. He has a natural outside shot too.
N/ABrandan T Williams11Brandan hustled non-stop and was all over the court. He has good length and rebounded well. His energy makes him a tough defender.
N/AMatthew WilliamsN/AMatthew handles the ball well and can break down defenses. He hustles and creates extra opportunities for his team.
Jared Chambliss9Jared has a bright future ahead of him. He has a great length and athleticism for his age causing matchup problems for opponents.
Chandler Davenport11Chandler showed his ability to handle the ball and run an offense. He drives well and gets to the paint before dishing to teammates.
Aaron Curtis11Gets by people off the bounce. Does a good job finding open teammates.
Zachary Torres12Made good decisions off the bounce. Kept his man in front throughout the games.
Tim Toney10Unselfish in transition and in the half court. Showed ability to get by with bounce and finish at rim.
William Burt10Scores it in a number of different ways. Has really good feet on the perimeter.
Travis Alvarez11Moves really well for his size. Showed the ability to bounce by defenders on the perimeter.
Mekhi Eden10Keeps people in front without fouling. Contested shots at the rim with good athleticism.
Christopher C. Jones11Did a great job of running the floor and finding in transition. Kept his opponent in front of him on the defensive end of the floor.
Shavar Reynolds Jr.11Did a good job of defending without fouling. Showed the ability to make midrange shots off the bounce.
Connor Laverty11Really good in space at attacking the basket. Athletic to the basket off the bounce.
Jake Betlow8Has a great feel for the game. Has the ability to create for himself off the bounce and for others.
N/AMarquis Fiegler10Never stops competing around the rim. Finishes with both hands.
N/AMax Angstadt10Unselfish player who can make shots. Has a good feel for the game.
N/AMarzuq Jimoh13Knows how to get his own shot off the bounce. Physical with ball which helps him get to spots.
Mike DiCave11Versatile big man who can move well. Attacked the glass on both ends.
Jerel Wallace11Gets by defenders with the bounce. Scores it in the half court and in transition.
Jay Antoine10Pushed the ball in transition. Found open teammates in transition and in the half court.
Branislav Vujadinovic11Never takes a possession off on both ends of the floor. Scores it in a number of ways.
Skylar Brown11Has a good build and uses it to his advantage. True post player with his back to the basket.
Arian Azemi10Has a great feel for the game. Always finds open teammates and is very unselfish.
Xavier Alston10Gets to spots with the ball. Has the ability to create for others with the bounce.
N/ANathaniel Melendez12Can score it inside and out. Makes shits iff the bounce and set ones.
Donald Thomas11Donald uses his body well and had some nice offensive rebounds. He's got pretty good hands and finished around the rim.
David Shockley11David is a long athletic player that takes away gaps and is always hustling. He has good form and finishes well in transition.
John Miller11John was knocking down shots when left open. He spaces the floor well and is a smart player. John hustles at all times and has a great athleticism.
Derrick Jones11Derrick did a nice job running the show. He showed he is a scoring guard with a good handle. Derrick sees the floor well too.
Ahmed Bailey10Ahmed hustles and is a tough player. He made some nice shots and created his own off the dribble if he needed to
Lance-Amir Paul10Lance had a really nice day on both ends of the floor. His best attribute was his unselfishness and team-first mentality. He saw the floor great and finished when he had to.
Seth Harrington10Seth had a great day off the ball and it all started with his energy. He scored in transition and was able to create for his team. Seth is a very tough player.
Matthew Pereira10Matthew showed a lot of energy and good court awareness. He also showed his ability to score in multiple ways. He ran the floor really well to create easy baskets.
Tyree Morris9Three ran the floor well and was all over the court with his hustle. He's very athletic and gets to the rim well.
Troy Jones11Troy was very impressive. He scored at will and was able to do it in many ways. Troy used both hands to finish and spaced the floor well when he was off the ball.
Ronald Washington11Ronald did a great job getting position in the post. He hit the boards offensively and protected the rim on defense.
Mykel Swanston10Mykel showed his athleticism and how it can help him get to the rim and finish. He has a very high motor and is always hustling.
Kevin Hoehn10Kevin showed his ability to knock down open shots at will. He makes good decisions on offense and does a real good job in transition defense.
Drew Tyre9Drew has solid ball-handling ability and great vision in the open court. Good Basketball IQ
Joshua Cabezudo9Joshua scores well at the rim and through contact. Very active in on-ball defense, aggressive player.
Devin Cooper9Devin is an accurate three point shooter. Quick and shifty guard with good feel for the game.
Mark Waraksa10Point guard who does a good job of running the offense. Passes ahead to his teammates well.
Kyle Koob8Kyle attacks the gaps well off the dribble. Can shoot the 3 well. Bright future ahead.
N/AAvery Green10Avery excels at penetrating the lane and finding his open teammates. Always has his head up, good court vision.
Connor Romano11Connor is an athletic wing who can score in a multitude of ways. Can finish at the rim through multiple defenders.
Isaiah Anfield10Isaiah plays with a high motor, is everywhere on the court. Difficult to guard in transition and when attacking the rim.
Winston Delk11Winston is an intelligent point guard who can find the open teammate. Active defensively, always getting his hands in the passing lanes.
Ian Fitzgerald9High energy player who can handle the ball and create for teammates.
N/AAlex Sorensen11Alex is a strong guard with solid shooting ability. Very skilled at getting to the basket.
MJ Richardson11MJ uses his strength to bully defenders to the basket. High Basketball IQ player.
Justin Rodriguez9Justin makes good decisions, creates well for others off of penetration. Shoots ball well, plays with energy on defensive end.
Drew Taylor10Long, athletic, wing who plays with high energy on both ends of the court.
Ezra Swell10Ezra is an extremely talented shooter, deep range. Good feel for the game, controls the tempo.
Kevin Callahan11High energy player, dangerous player in the open court. Good ball-handling allows him to handle defensive pressure.
Tyler Pearson10Aggressive player who cuts well without the basketball. Solid defender, great effort on closeouts.
Joshua Kahn9Joshua hustles on both ends of the court. Able and willing passer, great vision.
Mitchell Phillips10Mitchell is an effective big man, good footwork and post moves. Also has the ability to step out and shoot the three.
Robert Madison9Plays very hard on offense and defense. Can shoot three and also set teammates up well when shot is not there.
Chris Siocomb10Competes at high level and very aggressive on-ball defender. Excellent ball-handling ability.
Michael Boeckel9Michael runs the floor well and is a good 1 on 1 defender. Finds open teammates on offense.
Ty'rae Johnson10Ty'rae is an athletic combo guard who excels attacking the rim. Active hands defensively, causes deflections and turnovers.
Imaun Stephens10Imaun has a good mid-range jumper and can attack off the dribble. Pressures the ball well defensively.
N/AMichael Rice11High Basketball IQ player who excels in transition. Can score in multitude of ways, crafty finisher around basket.
Nyjeeh Houston11Nyjeeh likes to attack the basket where he has very good touch. Likes to push the ball in transition.
Davion Santiago11Davion is a skilled guard who works well in the pick and roll. Can shoot well off the dribble.
N/AJahlil Nougues10Jahilil is a very calm, heady point guard who operates will in the pick & roll. Tough player with good mid-range game.
Stephen Holman II9Stephen is a tough and physical player on both ends of the court. Does a good job of getting early positioning and grabbing rebounds on defense.
N/ADarius WIlliams12Darius is a player skilled in multiple areas. Very good in transition. Length causes problems on defense.
Anders Myhres9Anders hustles constantly on defense. Offensively can hit the open shot and is very unselfish
Isaiah Harris10Isaiah gets good positioning rebounding the ball. Athletic player with good basketball IQ.
Justin Thompson12Justin is very good moving without the basketball. Good shooter and on-ball defender.
Timar Brown11Timar is a good ball-handler and moves the ball extremely well. High Basketball IQ.
N/AJamel Furlovv11Savvy scorer, takes what the defense gives him. Solid on-ball defender.
N/ADeantre Rawlings12Deantre is very unselfish with the basketball. Plays above his size.
Greg Thurman9Greg competes every possession. Offensively, he is unselfish with the basketball and can finish around the rim.
Tyreese Cherry11Tyreese is very adept shooting the ball from 3 or mid-range. Great job of seeking & finding rebounds on offensive end.
Hersh Williams11Hersh is a can catch & shoot well. Excels in transition and is always hustling.
Najee Williams11Najee is a coaches player. Hustles on both ends of the court, unselfish, and good understanding of the game.
Randy Bell11Randy does a good job of pushing the ball in transition. Very tough to guard due to his quickness handling ball.
Brian Monaghan10Brian's coach noted he plays with great passion and makes his teammates better. Excellent ball-handler, very good passer.
Kyle Smith9Kyle plays extremely hard, high energy player. Unselfish with the basketball, runs well in transition.
Connor Strickland9Connor makes good decisions with the ball and thus excels in transition. Good pull-up jumper.
Dante Davion9True point guard that knows how to run the team. Communicates well, directs offense. Shoots the ball well.
Michael Granda10Michael is a player who understands the game and makes great decisions. One of those players who always seems to be in the right spot at the right time.
Kyle Cardaci9Kyle is best at driving and finishing around the rim. Also has a good pull-up shot.
Andrew Heck8Andrew is a good three point shooter. Extremely talented passer, always knows where his teammates are.
Alex Mrusek11Alex is a big, strong player who uses that to his advantage getting to the basket. Defensively, his strength makes him hard to score against in the paint.
Jawan Crenshaw9Jawan is terrific at finishing through contact. Will not force shots, can pass well of the bounce.
John Wahrmann12John catches & shoots the ball well. Defensively, John is relentless rebounding the basketball.
Xavier Townes10Xaiver is a very athletic guard. Can shoot the 3 and attack the basket from the perimeter.
Nykie Greene10Nykie is a terrific three point shooter. He can frustrate the offense when guarding the ball, very active.
Cameron Silver11Cameron defends the ball well. Can shoot it and shows impressive ball-handling ability.
Edwin Lakie10Edwin is a combo guard who can score from all areas. He is a tough player who doesn't shy away from contact.
Chris Hogrefe10Chris is a point guard who extends his defense to pressure the opponent. On the other end his sees the floor well and gets teammates scoring chances.
Daniel Peacock9Daniel is a young player who showed his skills as a lockdown defender. His energy transferred to the offensive end where he ran the floor and got easy opportunities.
Dauwis Paredes11Dauwis not only a good shooter but a good playmaker as well. He used his intelligence to breakdown defenders and make plays.
DJ Smith11DJ made some outside shots that forced the defense to extend. With open space on the floor he showed his skills as a driver as well.
David Perez11David is a guard who plays with poise and energy. He controls the game with the ball in his hands and rarely makes the wrong play.
Eli Richardson11Eli shows that he can guard every position on the floor. He can play outside on offense or take defenders into the post.
Hunter Petrick11Hunter continues to show his talent with the ball in his hands. If he continues to learn how to move off the ball he will be able to score consistently.
John McArthur10John is a post player with skill on the block. He goes after the glass and creates extra possessions for his team.
Juan Munez11Juan is a hustle player who showed a good ability to score all over the floor. If he continues to be strong on defense he will be a complete player every game.
Kenyon Goodson11Goodson plays with excellent energy and leadership. He plays fast and makes winning plays in transition.
Lucas Olshevski10Lucas is a big body who rebounds with authority. He makes shots from mid range and has an array of post moves.
Marc Dennis8Marc is a young player with a big upside. His defensive game is a problem for opponents as he is able to get in passing lanes and create turnovers.
Mike Strazza10Mike understands the game and is always keeping his team within the offense. If he is making shots he is a tough cover at the guard position.
Mitchell Jones10Mitchell is a tough inside player who can score against defenders. He affects the game defensively with his active play.
Naafi Powell9Naafi is a quick point guard who makes people pay from the perimeter. He is also a floor manager who can get teammates open shots.
Najeeir Tapia11Najeeir is a wing who can handle the ball on the outside and compete on the boards inside. He is a high energy player on both ends.
Trey Smith10Trey can guard multiple positions with his length and quickness. Offensively he gets inside and can make plays off penetration.
Troy Johnson10Troy is long and athletic on the defensive end. He makes it hard for opponents to score and starts offensive opportunities off good defensive plays.
Xavier File9Xavier is a quick guard who can play point or off the ball. He runs well in transition and makes smart plays with the ball.
Douglas Kneipher9Douglas is a young guard who has the potential to score in bunches. He plays with excellent energy and has the ability to be a lock down defender.