How to Master the 5 Basic Basketball Skills

Becoming a great basketball player requires talent, perseverance, and hard work. However, before any athlete can ascend to such heights, he or she must first learn and gain a proficiency in the sport’s five basic skills. Once a player receives the basketball skills training needed to master these five crucial elements, he or she can lay the foundation for developing a solid career.

What Are Basketball’s Five Basic Skills?

All participants can grow into fundamentally sound basketball players by mastering the art of dribbling, shooting, running, passing, and jumping.


Dribbling, also referred to as ball handling, is an essential skill for players at all levels. Proficient dribblers are those who can maintain control of the ball while still moving the object up court quickly. Players can improve their ball handling skills by dribbling the ball with force, dribbling with both hands, and controlling the ball with their fingertips instead of their palms.


The object of any basketball game is to score more points than your opponent. Good shooters establish a fluid shot movement that is crisp and direct, follow through on their shooting motions, and learn to release the ball quickly. Mastering such tasks require repeated practice and concentration. Often, a player can improve upon these skills by watching instructional materials, receive extra coaching, or by attending various basketball clinics.  Players can also enhance their shooting abilities by filming their shot and subsequently reviewing, breaking down, and correcting any flaws Another tip is shooting with an experienced partner who can point out shortcomings and increase the number of shots taken during practice and pre-game warmups.


Because basketball requires an immense amount of physical endurance and energy expenditure, partaking in exercises that stimulate cardiovascular health (e.g. running), in which your body is conditioned to use oxygen more effectively, is critical.


Teams with good passers keep the ball moving and prevent their offensive schemes from becoming stagnant. Proficient passers do so with both hands, are able to transfer the ball while in motion, as well as when they are being defended.


Becoming a solid jumper can not only improve your abilities as a shooter, but also as a rebounder. Teams that dominate both offensive and defensive rebounding statistics are often quite successful. A solid vertical jump is important for basketball players. Athletes can become better vertical jumpers by building up their leg strength through exercises such as jumping rope and leg squats.

So if you’re wondering how to get better at basketball, practice these five things and you’ll be racking up the points in no time. Additionally, find a company that celebrates the game of basketball and fosters the growth of the athletes who partake in the game. Build a strong foundation with the proper guidance to start.

Improving Your 3-Point Shooting with a Successful Offense

In today’s NBA, many of the professional teams that are competitive contenders year in and year out have four main offensive qualities, which are vital to a successful postseason run.


The first quality in learning how to get better at basketball on the offensive end is rebounding. Offensive rebounds are very important because they give your team more possessions and opportunities to score after failed attempts at field goals. Offensive rebounds also reset the shot clock, which helps the team control the time of possession in the game.


The second main quality of effective basketball skills training on offense is passing. Greg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs is the engineer of a tested and successful offensive system that is predicated on unselfish play. Passing on offense disrupts defensive schemes, thoroughly utilizes the shot clock, and eventually leads to well-assisted, high-percentage shots that the team can depend on. Also, if an offensive play breaks down due to double or triple-teams by the opposing defense, making that extra pass can work wonders.

Ball Screening

The third main quality of an effective offense is ball screening. Setting screens is a valuable skill that is taught in basketball clinics when children are enjoying their first years of playing the sport. There are a number of good reasons why setting clean ball screens is important. One reason is that good player movement on offense can throw a defense off guard and force help on that side of the ball. If the opposition’s defensive anchor is not communicating well, offenses can take advantage of it.

Setting great ball screens is usually even more effective if some type of activity is happening before the screen is set, which causes the opposing team’s power forward or center to leave their spot on the floor to rove behind the play.

3-Point Shooting

The fourth and final main quality of a successful basketball offensive is 3-point shooting. 3-pointers are a big plus because they obviously put more points on the board when they are scored consistently at a high rate during any given game.

When you look at today’s professional league, the great teams who put themselves in a great position to compete for a championship every year are the teams who have a collective 3-point field goal total that hovers around 40%. Really great 3-point shooters who have great individual percentages from behind the arc are very valuable teammates to have in today’s era. Players from the past, such as Reggie Miller and Ray Allen were excellent 3-point shooters.

Currently, NBA players like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kyle Korver can dominate games with their uncanny ability to score 3-pointers consistently, against any defense. However, the best shots are the ones that are taken and made without a defender in sight. Getting to this point involves doing all the other things (offensive rebounding, passing, and ball screening) consistently.

Improving your 3-point shooting involves practice on a regular basis. The most successful professional players will tell you that there’s no premium you can put on shooting that ball behind the arc countless times a day during practice. Great shooting is also about body positioning and developing a shooting style that you use every time you attempt a shot. Like any other attempt, you have to have a great release and follow through.

If you’re interested in improving your offensive skills and developing your 3-point shooting, choose a youth basketball camp that’s dedicated to bring players to the next level.  Keeping these things in mind, you’ll be defeating competition in no time.