Louisville Basketball Forced to Vacate Wins

The hits keep coming for Louisville basketball. In what has been an emotional season thus far, the school announced today that they will be vacating their wins during the 2011-12 season through the 2014-15 season. That includes their National Championship in 2013. The school must also give back the NCAA money received through conference revenue sharing for its NCAA Tournament appearances in 2012-2015.

The announcement comes after the NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee upheld their initial ruling on the sex scandal that broke in 2015 in which a former Louisville assistant coordinated stripper parties for recruits on campus. Louisville was appealing that the punishment put forward was too excessive for the crime. Little did they know, back then, that this would just be the tip of the iceberg.

This case was what sparked the dumpster fire that is Louisville basketball at the moment. It was the first step in Rick Pitino’s dismissal from the program. What was once a well-respected coaching career, with over 750 wins and a National Championship, is now tarnished with scandal and corruption, and no championship banner. The opinions and perceptions gravitating around Pitino as a coach have changed immensely over the past two and a half years since this story broke.

In total, the school will need to vacate over 120 wins, four NCAA Tournament appearances, two final four appearances. Louisville will also have to relinquish a Big East Conference tournament championship, AAC regular season and tournament title and ACC regular season/conference tournament championship. Think about that, they were in three separate conferences during this time. Now they basically were never a part of the AAC.

Vacating wins isn’t a huge punishment to a program. People don’t just forget the four seasons the Cardinals had. They won’t pretend Louisville lost to Michigan in the 2013 National Championship. It just adds more insult to injury when you couple it with everything that went on in the Fall. Louisville got caught paying a player, lost their Hall of Fame coach, and now got caught again with different recruiting violations.

The announcement leaves Louisville in even more of a hole than they were already in. Fighting for a NCAA berth, it adds a great amount of pressure on David Padgett and his players. Not to mention this FBI scandal news is still floating around out there. Padgett has done a good job given the circumstances this season, but there’s only so much outside attention a program can receive before it becomes too much.

This is obviously a lot for one program to go through, given that just a few months ago they were under heavy fire for paying Brian Bowen $100,000 to attend school. If you really want to clean up the game though, this has to be done. The NCAA needed to be firm on this if they want change. Corruption and scandals run deep in college basketball. There’s not going to be a clean, easy fix of it. Based on what was teased from this FBI report, Louisville won’t be the first team to vacate wins, they’re just the first.

An Early Look At The ACC

ACC Basketball

We are 51 days away from the college basketball season. While college basketball season is fast approaching, many of us cannot have the new season come soon enough. With that said, let’s take an early look at the ACC for next season. Here’s our 1 through 15.

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