Joe Toussaint is looking to lead Cardinal Hayes to back to back CHSAA Championships

Cardinal Hayes (N.Y.) point guard Joe Toussaint had a bigtime performance in the CHSAA Quarterfinals. Toussaint scored 25 points in the 82-71 victory and now he and his team will go up against Christ The King (N.Y.) tomorrow in the Semifinals. He is excited to return to the final four in the prestigious catholic league.

“It’s a good opportunity going there for the second time in a row, which hasn’t been done in a long time,” said Toussaint. “It’s always good to play on that stage so I’m looking forward to having a good practice and getting ready for it.”

UNLV, Drexel, UMass, St. Bonaventure, Saint Louis, Iona, Saint Joseph’s, Towson and Fordham have offered Toussaint so far. This list could grow with the amount he has improved from last year. He has made sure to become more of a threat offensively this year.

“I would say the biggest difference is how I am scoring the ball this year,” he said. “Last year I was pass first, but now I’m doing both by scoring the ball a lot more than I did last year.”

The only thing on Toussaint’s mind right now is what needs to be done to win tomorrow against Christ the King in the CHSAA Semfinals.

“Our only mindset is to win for this Thursday,” Toussaint said. “If I have to score than I’ll score the ball, if I have to pass I’ll pass and if I have to get a stop then I’ll do that. I’m going to do whatever it takes.”

The other CHSAA Semfinal matchup is Archbishop Molloy (N.Y.) vs. Archbishop Stepinac (N.Y.). Last year, Cardinal Hayes beat Archbishop Molloy in the Championship Game. Toussaint is very close with Archbishop Molloy’s Cole Anthony. He and Anthony have been talking about potentially matching up in the finals once again this year.

“I talk to Cole everyday and tell him we have to get back to the championship this year,” he said. “I want to see that rematch again this year. I’ve know him from the end of seventh grade heading into eighth grade. We use to play on the same team and after being on two different teams for a couple of years, we are now back together on the AAU circuit with the PSA Cardinals.”

Future All-Americans Shine.

Our Future All-American Camp feature some of the Nation’s top Freshman and Sophomore talent. These top players exhibit the raw talent needed to dominate at the next level.

Cam Reddish: SF-  Westtown


Cam Reddish came onto the scene at our Future All-American camp and absolutely blew up the college and recruiting world. He is currently ranked as the 4th best player on ESPN in the class of 2018 and he’s only getting better. The mid-range assassin’s ability to create space and run the pick and roll game as a 6’6 SF is absurd. Reddish holds offers from Duke, Arizona, Kentucky and others as he heads into his senior year.

Cole Anthony-PG- Archbishop Molloy

Standing at 6’2, the bouncy rising Junior’s ceiling is sky high and only increasing. Anthony came onto the scene at our Future All-American Camp with all eyes on him, and he hasn’t disappointed. The 5-Star recruit stunned the world this past season with his stellar defense and basketball IQ. Defense wins games and the Nike EYBL recognized Cole as the Defensive Player of the Year for the regular season. His teammate and former Hoop Group All-American participant Quade Green states “Cole is the best two  way player in the country, don’t matter the class.” Anthony currently has offers from Kansas, Georgetown, and Oregon. 

Contact info:

Too receive more information call 732-502-2255 or email



Pooleys Picks – Top Northeast Backcourts

Pooley Picks

Top Northeast Backcourts: Maine to Washington, DC

Qualifications: Backcourts are the back bone of high school basketball teams.  In this weeks installment of Pooley’s Picks we dive into the Top Northeast Backcourts, Maine to DC.  Qualifications are simple: The be one of the Top Northeast Backcourts you have to be a team projected to win a lot of games with at least a top-notch point guard and shooting guard.  Wings will be considered especially if they share a load of perimeter scoring or ball handling. Depth will be considered, but no where near as much as the starters, who usually play a large majority of minutes in HS games.  This list is for high schools only (Friends/MAPL league schools will qualify).

Top Northeast Backcourts are in no particular order. Please enjoy the second installment of Pooley’s Picks.


Gonzaga (Washington, DC): Gonzaga has a rich history of great basketball teams and competes in the best high school league in the country.  This years backcourt may be one of the best ever for the Purple Eagles.  Featuring two elite scoring point guards, Gonzaga will be tough to guard and to score against.  Chris Lykes, a 2017 Miami commit, and Prentiss Hubb, a 2018 top ten PG in the country, will run the show and lead a strong backcourt supporting cast.  Also look for Myles Dread, Eddie ScottAnwar Gill, and fan favorite Mike Myers to have standout seasons.  Hard to find a deeper, tougher, and more well-rounded than the Purple Eagles in 2016-2017.

Quote: “They have a great ability to play off of each other, but more importantly they understand how to let the other take the lead…If one is having a great scoring night, the other is always able to have a great facilitating night.” – Steve Turner, Head Coach Gonzaga College High School

Report Card

Ball Handling A Scoring B+ Shooting A- Passing A- Athleticism B-
Defense A- Rebounding B- Experience A Depth A+ Bball IQ A



Hudson Catholic (Jersey City, NJ): Hudson Catholic has one of the Top Northeast Backcourts on talent alone.  Add that to the fact that their guards are extremely well coached while still given the freedom to make plays and you have a great combination.  Lead by the big three of Jahvon Quinerly, Luther Muhammad, and Louis King this team will press, drive, and shoot their way to being a top team in NJ.  Complimented by star senior Tyheem Burno look for Hudson Catholic to play four guards at times.

Quote: “Hudson Catholic has a lot of Experience going into 2016-17.  Considering the teams these guards have played in the last two years, and the balance between Quinerly’s distribution and shooting, and Muhammad’s athleticism, defense, and raw scoring…I don’t see many backcourts in the northeast being better than them.” – Pat Lawless, NCAA Certified Scout MADE Hoops

Report Card

Ball Handling A Scoring A- Shooting B+ Passing B+ Athleticism B
Defense A Rebounding B Experience A- Depth B Bball IQ B+



Patrick School (Hillside, NJ): Coaches Mike Rice and Chris Chavannes have their own three-headed monster in the backcourt this season.  The pre-season #1 team in New Jersey may also have the most balanced backcourt in the country.  Lead by an extremely underrated PG in Jordan Walker, a lights-out shooter in Jamir Harris, and a physically gifted downhill guard in Marcus McClary, the Patrick School will never be outgunned at guard.  Al-Amir Dawes will bring energy, skill, and scoring in bunches off the bench to supplement an already electric bunch.

Quote: “We’re excited about the backcourt we have this year.  Many have experience at the national level and they’re all tough kids who love to win. I like my guys matched up against anyone.” -Mike Rice, Head Coach Patrick School

Report Card

Ball Handling B Scoring B+ Shooting A- Passing B+ Athleticism B+
Defense A Rebounding B+ Experience A Depth B- Bball IQ A-



 John Carroll (Bel Air, MD): John Carroll boasts perhaps the best Point Guard in the country in Immanuel Quickley.  Complimenting him is the up-and-coming Montez Mathis.  Between the two they give you everything you need in the backcourt.  When your looking among the top Northeast backcourts something from each team on this list has to separate them from the pack and with these two its length.  Opposing teams will have a really rough time getting past these two.  Add to the mix Junior Farquhar and this team is going to be fun to watch.

Quote: “John Carroll is not only fun to watch, but they can teach you something about how to play.  All there guards are creative, aggressive, and determined.  Lead by Quickley, I would be shocked if this team doesn’t have a huge edge at the guard position in just about every game. – Zack Curran, Director of Marketing Hoop Group

Report Card

Ball Handling B+ Scoring A- Shooting B- Passing B+ Athleticism A
Defense A- Rebounding B+ Experience B+ Depth C+ Bball IQ A-

Paul VI (Hyattsville, MD): Paul VI may have the most balanced backcourt in the country.  With Pitt commit Aaron Thompson running the show, long-athletic Brandon Slater hitting triples and slashing, and Anthony Harris doing a little bit of everything, this backcourt will be a nightmare to defend.  Adding to the depth is highly-touted freshman Jeremy Roach.

Quote: “…as skilled and fast as we are on the perimeter, the most impressive thing about this group is how quickly the ball moved and how willing they are to defend.” – Glenn Farello, Head Coach Paul VI.

Report Card

Ball Handling A Scoring A- Shooting A Passing A Athleticism B+
Defense A- Rebounding B+ Experience A- Depth B+ Bball IQ A



Imhotep Charter (Philadelphia, PA): Imhotep is known for is pressure defense and tough hard nosed guards.  2016-2017 is no different for the Panthers as they boast two of the top guards in PA.  David Beatty and Darron Russell can do it all, and with help from Bernard Lightsey.  Also look for Chereef Knox (forward who’s developed into a big wing) and Donte Scott to be key contributors as well.

Quote: “We feel we have a very good backcourt.  Dave, Daron, and Bernard…Expect a lot from them on both sides of the court.  When they play well, we feel good about our chances to win.” – Andre Noble, Head Coach Imhotep Charter

Report Card

Ball Handling A Scoring A- Shooting A Passing B+ Athleticism B+
Defense A Rebounding A- Experience A- Depth B Bball IQ B+

Westtown (West Chester, PA): The top two hear are already household names.  Both with size, scoring, distributing, and shooting there are very few guards anywhere that can compare with Randolph and Reddish.  As long as these two bring it every night and stay out of foul trouble, Westtown will have an edge at guard.  Noah Collier, an athletic and talented freshman will start for the Moose. For depth, Coach Berger will look to two freshman to give him valuable minutes: Seyon Kpaan and TJ Berger.

Quote: “Our backcourt of Cam Reddish and Brandon Randolph is not only super talented, but also really together.  Anytime you have two future pros in the backcourt, it’s a pretty special thing.” – Seth Berger, Head Coach Westtown

Report Card

Ball Handling B+ Scoring  A+ Shooting A Passing B+ Athleticism A
Defense  A- Rebounding A Experience A- Depth C+ Bball IQ A-

Blair (Blairstown, NJ): Everyone knows the top two guards at Blair: Anthony Mack and Matt Turner.  Perhaps a new-comer may propel this group into the best guards in the country, keep an eye on Junub Char Chuol.  Chuol has a lot of upside and some buzz around him.  The two known guards Mack and Turner, compliment each other nicely: Turner a strong tough slasher and Mack having one of the best jumpers in the country.

Quote: “Two guards with excellent size, college ready right now.  Both guards can score the ball, get to the rim, defend, rebound and shoot with range.  Blair backcourt would be a difficult matchup for any team in the country.” – Jay Gomes, Publisher

Report Card

Ball Handling B- Scoring B+ Shooting A Passing B+ Athleticism A-
Defense  A- Rebounding A Experience A Depth B- Bball IQ A-

Neumann Goretti (Philadelphia, PA): Lead by simply the best pure Point Guard in the country, Neumann Goretti is a top Northeast Backcourt for sure.  First, when your leader is also your most talented player, any team is in a good spot.  Second, when your team has a history of being well disciplined and making the extra pass you’re nearly unstoppable.  Finally, look for young guard Christian Ings to have a breakout season.

Quote: “Neumann’s backcourt may not have as many names as some of the other teams.  However, when you have the right name everything just falls into place.  Quade Green will lead the tough guard play of Neumann all year long, he’s so good alone, he makes any group tremendous.  Neumann compliments Quade enough to be in the mix.” – Steve Keller, Owner National Recruiting Report

Report Card

Ball Handling A Scoring B+ Shooting B+ Passing A+ Athleticism A-
Defense  A- Rebounding B Experience A- Depth C+ Bball IQ A


Bishop Louglin (Brooklyn, NY): Markquis Nowell certainly leads the charge here, but this NYC school has guards all over the place.  A team that could legitimately play four guards at once watch Loughlin live off of transition, penetration, and three-point shooting this season.  Watch out for Keith Williams lighting up the scoreboard, guards Tyrese Gaffney and Jordan Thomas all over the floor, and wing Adrien Nunez drilling big shots.

Quote: “Bishop Loughlin’s backcourt duo is one of the best on the east coast. Junior PG Markquis Nowell is a high level playmake and class of 2017 Cincy commit Keith Williams has shown he can score in a variety of ways and dominate the game. These two will be a big reason why the Lions receive national attention this year.” – Pat Lawless, NCAA Certified Scout MADE Hoops

Report Card

Ball Handling A Scoring A- Shooting B+ Passing B+ Athleticism A-
Defense  A- Rebounding B+ Experience A- Depth A Bball IQ A-

New York City Guards Aren’t Dead By a Long Shot:

I keep hearing this talk about how NYC guards aren’t what they used to be.  I’m starting to think that’s silly.  They may not have more than one team on this list, but that’s because the talent of one city is spread a bunch.  Christ the King’s Tyson Walker and Jose Alverado are studs.  St. Ray’s has one of the best guards in Isaiah Washington (complimented by Dallas Watson and Omar Silverio). Saquan Singleton (Scanlon) and young Posh Alexander (Our Savior Lutheran) are two more.  Finally, you get to Molloy and WOW: Cole Anthony and Khalid Moore!  I know this list may not reflect it from a team backcourt… but if you’re looking for guards, New York City is still one of the first stops you have to make.


Other Notes:

Special thanks as always to Steve Keller and the National Recruiting Report, certainly he is the star of the show.  Also, thanks to the coaches who helped with some information and quotes on there teams.  Thanks to Jay Gomes of NJ Hoops and Zack Curran here at HG.  Finally, a big thanks to Pat Lawless for some information and breakdown.  Follow all the guys above on their twitters (linked above) and follow me HERE.


Future All-American: Fab Frosh/Super Soph Day 1 Standouts

Day 1 of Future All American was primarily about identifying and understanding the level of talent in attendance. After registration, campers were divided into respective teams, allowing coaches to evaluate the talent on display and fairly assemble teams for the rest of the week’s play.

Here are some of the standouts from Day 1:

Cole Anthony (Archbishop Molloy ’19):  At 6-foot-2, Cole Anthony possesses an exciting blend of explosiveness to go along with a crafty handle and an improving jump shot. Anthony is best in transition, where he’s nearly impossible to defend. Anthony is a vicious dunker in the open court, who also protects the rim very well for a guard.

Jack Cavanaugh (Pope John XXIII ’19): Jack Cavanaugh mixed it up very nicely on the offensive end. The bouncy, 6-foot-4 guard recorded a poster dunk. Cavanaugh hit a three from the catch, and showcased some slick ball-handling skills which enabled him to consistently get into the paint where he finished efficiently in traffic.

Che Evans (Dulaney ’20): 6-foot-6 shooting guard Che Evans showed signs of brilliance on both ends of the court during the first day of action. Evans, who showed good timing when contesting shots at the rim, is a very instinctive defender who has a nose for the ball. Offensively, he showed the ability to handle pressure, hit shots from the perimeter, and constantly finished around the rim.

Noah Hutchins (Park ’19): One of the more intriguing guard prospects of the day, Noah Hutchins was a standout in a variety of areas. The 6-foot guard showcased big time athleticism to go along with a nice feel for the game, and the ability to consistently hit shots from long range.

Mikeal Jones (Gerard College ’20): 6-foot-7 big man Mikeal Jones looked to rip down the rim whenever he could get the opportunity. The rising freshman has excellent hands, plays a mature brand of basketball, and makes strong runs to the rim.

Mekhi Long (St. Mary’s Ryken ’19): Versatile 6-foot-6 forward Mekhi Long showed a strong work ethic on day 1. The lanky rising sophomore demonstrated the ability to handle the ball, rebound out of his area, and finish in the paint ambidextrously. Long guarded multiple positions, and actively contested shots at the rim.

HG alumni named to 2019 ESPN top 25

2019 ESPN top 25

Several Hoop Group alumni players were listed in the recent 2019 ESPN top 25 recruits list.

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The following is a list of Hoop Group alumni, by ranking, info and scouting reports.

2019 ESPN top 25

#9 Cole Anthony, PG
6-2, 170 lbs
Briarwood, N.Y.
Archbishop Molloy High School

Cole Anthony comes in at No. 9 in the 2019 ESPN top 25 rankings. The guard is explosive on the attack and finishes strong above the rim. Cole Anthony is the son of former NBA player Greg Anthony.

(Credit to MakePlayz)

#16 Scottie Lewis, SF
6-5, 185 lbs
Tinton Falls, N.J.
Ranney School 

Scottie Lewis, a 6-5 forward at Ranney School, earned the No. 16 spot in the 2019 ESPN top 25 list. Scottie Lewis takes care of second-chance opportunities and shines above the rim against his defenders.

#21 Bryan Antoine, SG 
6-2, 170 lbs
Tinton Falls, N.J.
Ranney School

Joining his Ranney School teammate Scottie Lewis is Bryan Antoine. The 6-2, 170-pound guard ranks No. 21.

#23 Max Lorca-Lloyd, C
6-9, 205 lbs
Northfield, Mass.
Northfield-Mt. Hermon School 

Ranked No. 23, Max Lorca-Lloyd offers size and agility, playing with fluidity for a bulked up center. Max Lorca-Lloyd plays for Northfield-Mt. Hermon School.

Headlining the top five players listed on the recent 2019 ESPN top 25 was No. 1-ranked R.J. Barrett of Montverde Academy. Rounding out the top 10 was: No. 2 Charles Bassey of Saint Anthony Catholic High School; No. 3 Trendon Watford of Mountain Brook High School; No. 4 D.J. Jeffries of Olive Branch High School; No. 5 Onyeka Okongwu of Chino Hills High School; No. 6 Cassius Stanley of Harvard Westlake High School; No. 7 Chol Marial of Cheshire Academy; No. 8 Balsa Koprivica of the University School of Nova South; and No. 10 Chandler Lawson of East High School.

See the full list of the 2019 ESPN top 25