Best Training Plan to Maximize Basketball Performance

For over a century, basketball has captivated our athletic senses in a dynamic fashion. Part of what makes the game so unique compared to other sports is the “stop and go” rhythm of the game that forces its participants to strategize their next explosive movement and plan of attack. The tempo of basketball is ever-changing and the different plays reflect a team’s technique in dictating the pace of the game. When attempting to design a training plan to improve performance, much of our thought process is guided by this framework.


For starters, cardiovascular fitness is of utmost importance when doing practice drills to improve your performance. Before we decide to play, it is crucial that we work on drills that promote agility, flexibility, and quick lateral movement for both the offensive and defensive end. These movements allow us to become better defenders and by becoming better defenders, we help our team control the overall tempo of the game in our favor.

Endurance and Recovery

Endurance plays a key role in our ability to play with a consistent energy level throughout the game, but it is not the only factor of our training plan. Another variable that is often overlooked is our ability to recover from quick “spurts” with flexibility and renewed dynamism. The ability to stop, refresh, and reinitiate our muscles “take-off” mechanism with fluidity plays a large role in our ability to pace ourselves throughout the game. This is the reason that drills are often followed up by a quick stretching period for rejuvenation.


With this in mind, here are a few exercises that will help you in your quest to get better at basketball:

  1. The Glute Bridge – A lower body exercise designed to improve explosive movements in the game.
  2. Dumbbell Press – This basic strength training exercise not only improves the chest but builds strength in the lats which improves the dexterity of your shot.
  3. Front Squat- Designed to keep your core solid, this exercise will promote balance and equilibrium in the game.
  4. Jump Rope – As silly as it sounds, a simple jump rope can be one of your most effective tools in building your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Building these workout drills early on in a player’s basketball career will promote good habits and decrease the likelihood of injury. Many of these training drills are covered in Mike Rice Workouts, a twice-a-week program that builds a disciplined training regime for all participants. In this program, both offensive and defensive drills are emphasized, and being trained in both areas will be useful for switching stances with fluidity throughout the game.


While agility and having a strong core are great starters, we should not downplay the importance of weight lifting and maximizing your raw strength either. As Myron Medcalf of ESPN reports, “strength training long ago used to be perceived as ruining a basketball player’s shot” but is now blended into a diverse routine that is used in many aspects of the game — depending on the basketball player’s goals, position, and aspirations.

Therefore, building a consistent shooter’s form with a strong core baseline will ensure that we optimize every player’s potential before taking on their first challenge on the court. An efficient youth basketball camp will promote these skills and the connections between each area while promoting a productive overview of how the game works as a whole.

Fall NYC Top 100 Recap

NYC Top 100 Recap

The next stop on the Hoop Group Fall Top 100 Tour was at the beautiful Riverbank State Park. Right on the Hudson River, Riverbank State Park provides a stunning backdrop to a competitive day of New York City basketball! NYC Top 100 recap video:

As the players filed in, they were dispersed to different baskets for individual skill workouts with our college coaching staff. Our New York City staff never fails to provide the student athletes with fresh new drills and great instruction to enhance every players game!



After introductions, and a brief talk about expectations, from our Vice President Matt Pooley and Elite Director Austin Kelley, the players were disperesed to different baskets for our Show-and-Go portion of the event.

Hoop Group Elite Director Austin Kelley address camp about expectations

Hoop Group Elite Director Austin Kelley address camp about expectations

Show-and Go’s are drills ranging from 1v1-4v4 that help develop a wide range of basketball skills while getting every player competeing in game like situations! These Show-and-Go’s are a great way for our coaches to help the players get better, as well give our college coaches a chance to evaluate in different game simulations.

Sal Koureissi (Iona Prep) recieves instruction during Show-and-Go's

Sal Koureissi (Iona Prep) recieves instruction during Show-and-Go’s

After a tough workout, it was on to our games. At the Hoop Group Top 100’s every player competes in two full length games, coached by D2 and D3 coaches. The games at the NYC top 100 contained a competitive brand of basketball, with every player looking to make a name for themselves.

All-NYC Top 100  Team:

Guard 6’0 Jay Vaughn (2018) Allentown Central Catholic
Guard 5’11” Zack Jacobs (2017) Canterbury School
Wing 6’4 Deondre Bourne (2017) Leman Prep
Wing 6’7″Sal Koureissi (2018) Iona Prep
Post 6’6″ Jake Tavroff (2020) Oceanside

If you want to check out your evaluation from the NYC Top 100 you can find it here!


Stars That Shined – Junior Elite Camp II

Hoop Group Skills hosted over 100 kids in the Pocono Mountains this past weekend for session two of Jr. Elite Camp. We saw a great display of talent from players still in elementary school, to players about to enter middle school, to our oldest age group, rising freshman. Here’s a lit of players who showed great promise and potential this weekend.

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Alin Jones

Alin Jones
Alin was dominant both days from the open scrimmages on. He’s an eighth grader who likes to play a physical style. He proved to be a terror on the glass as well. Boxing him out is no easy task. ESYC Elite has a very physical player on their hands.

Noah Charles

Noah Charles
Noah is a rising sixth grader who played up this weekend. One reason he was able to do so was because of his incredible speed. Keeping up with him is no easy task for defenders. Noah also showed a nice shooting ability, knocking down several shots from distance this weekend. He looks to have a bright future ahead of him.


Dylan Whitney
Dylan excelled with his ability to run the floor extremely well. If you’re a point guard, you want him on your team when you’re running the fast break. He filled the wing nicely, beating the opposition down the floor and getting a number of lay ups at the rim.

Jayson Pilsitz

Jason Pilsitz
Jason showed the ability to be a solid point guard. While most young players like to get the ball and push it down court every single chance they have, Jason was very poised and played under control. He never got sped up. He also showed nice shooting touch from the outside.

Elijah Sparkman

Elijah Sparkman
When Elijah gets to the hoop, there is a very good chance he finishes his shot. There were not many times today that he got all the way to the rim and did not come away with two points.

Ben Ordonez

Ben Ordonez

Ben is a true leader. Not only on the court running the point guard position but also in all the stations. His unselfishness raised the game of others on his team. This young man had no problem being the first camper out in the early bird workouts. There aren’t many players his age that can out work Ben.

Luke Valentino

Luke Valentino

Most competitive player at camp. Even in a camp game this combo guard from Little Silver does every he needs to do for his team to win. Luke has a great feel for when to get his teammates involved and when to look for his own shot. I would keep an eye on his young as we will be attending CBA in the New Jersey Shore Conference this fall.

Jake Bartholomew

Jake Bartholomew
Jake showed how good of a player he could be at Parkland High School this weekend. Initially, you may label him as a shooter, which he is, but his game exceeds that. He is versatile. This weekend Jake showed the ability to get to the rim and convert some tough finishes as well as clean up on the glass for his team. He did a little bit of everything, which led to him being awarded with the Floor General award.

Christian Johnson Beal

Christian Johnson Beal
Christian showed that he can do a number of things as a guard. Offensively he looked to be a solid point guard, conducting the offense and consistently dishing out nice passes. He was just as impressive on defense too; he picked his man up the length of the floor and was determined to turn him as many times as possible before half court.

Chauncey Sterling

Chauncey Sterling
Chauncey has the potential to be the next great Friar at St. Anthony High School in Jersey. At 6’0 feet tall, he’s already got solid height for a guard that will be in ninth grade. His size and strength allows him to attack the hoop with authority. Even when you’re in front of him, there’s no guarantee you’ll stop him. The rising freshman earned MVP of the Junior Elite Camp.

Drew Valentino

Drew Valentino
Drew had 18 points in his first game of the weekend. He’s another player who likes to put his head down and get to the rim. Once he’s there he showed an ability to finish strong through contact for and-ones. Also has the ability to step out past the three point line.

Lester Quionones

Lester Quinones
Lester was one of the most active defenders at camp. He was not afraid to get right in the face of the other team’s best player and guard him. He’s got good size at 5’9 and it helps him not only on defense, but on offense too. He used his body to withstand contact and finish in transition.

Riley McMahon

Riley McMahon
No one started off camp as well as Riley did today. From the opening stations you could tell he came excited to play this weekend. This seventh grader has an endless motor and is always hustling. In games, he seemed to favorite the floater down the lane. Usually a difficult shot, Riley made it look fairly easy. Walking away from camp with the Early Bird Workout Star Award, not many outworked this rising 7th grader.

Trae Brown

Trae Brown
Trae is a guard who is gifted with some very good size for his position. He has a good handle and you can tell that he is comfortable with the ball in his hands. He also played well off the ball, showcasing the ability to catch and shoot from three point range.

Xavier Harris

Xavier Harris
Xavier was an absolute beast today. Simply put, he dominated on offense. He got second and third and even fourth shot attempts by never giving up on plays and always crashing the glass on offense. Xavier has tremendous finishing ability and earned a well deserved MVP award at the end of the weekend.

Aaron Gao

Aaron Gao
Aaron was one of the bigger players at camp this week, which helped him be very successful in the post. Aaron showed a nice array of moves down low, including a very pretty up and under move that fooled his defender badly. At 6’1, Gao doesn’t look like one who would leave the post very much, but he showed otherwise this weekend, stepping outside and sinking three pointers and making pretty passes for assists.

Casey Jack

Casey Jack
Jack has some tough shoes to fill with two older brothers who are playing, and being recruited at the Division 1 level, but he’s doing a pretty good job filling them. The rising eighth grader is a very good post inside. Like his brothers, Casey has good height to him already and used to his advantage as he owned the boards this weekend.

Kyle Duke

Kyle Duke
Kyle was one of the most fun players to watch this weekend. He is extremely active and athletic on the floor. He has great leaping ability and uses it to his advantage when he rebounds. He also scores in a variety of ways. He can shoot it, take it to the hoop and clean up from the free throw line. His best shot was a one footed fadeaway that got nothing but nylon.

Ryan Salzberg

Ryan Salzberg
Ryan was crafty as he showed the ability to score in multiple ways. He played a crucial role for his team in sealing victories His left handed runners were timely as his team pull away from their opponent in a tough competitive matchup.

Sadeeq Tarry

Sadeeq Tarry
Sadeeq is another post player who impressed this weekend. One thing he did very well was seal his defender and make himself open for entry passes into the post. He’s also not afraid to finish through defenders. He has a wide body and uses it to bully his way to the hoop and finish through contact.

Zack Rocco

Zach Rocco
As a guard, Zach has two qualities that you love to see if you’re a coach. He shoots the ball well and does not get heated up by pressure. While most people his age try to force their way through traps and double teams with the dribble, Zach was very smart and used a back dribble to create space and open up his options. His basketball IQ is very high for only going into seventh grade.

Kameran Rodriguez

Kameran Rodriguez
Kam (Riverside Hawks, NY) is one of our younger players at camp, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he runs the point guard position. He’s a very quick guard, probably one of the quickest at camp this weekend. He combines his quickness and a nice step back dribble move to keep defenders off balance. One of his highlight plays of the weekend was a behind the back pass on a fast break on Friday.

Zion Harmon

Zion Harmon
We saw how good Zion can be on Friday night. He is an excellent passer. Friday night he impressed everyone watching with beautiful pass after beautiful pass; he just places the ball where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. He also showed great finishing ability when he got to the rim and when he pulled up just short for the floater.


Orlando Ashford

Orlando had a great weekend of camp. He proved to to be a beast inside, overpowering opponents with his size and strength. At 6’1, Orlando is a very good rebounder, and carried his team on the offensive and defensive glass all weekend. He also has nice touch around the rim and can extend out to the 15 foot range as well.

Mark Scott

Mark Scott
Mark (Hilltopper Heat, NJ) is another player whose motor never seems to end. Defensively he has great hands and jumps passing lanes well for steals. He also crashes the boards very hard. Mark is a great hustle player that every coach loves having on his team.

Keon Baker

Keon Baker
Another Canadien product, Baker showed he is capable of playing both sides of the ball. On defense he is good at getting his hands in the passing lanes and creating turnovers. This is trouble for opponents because once he gets in the open floor, he is very tough to stop.He’ll take it all the way and finish or dish it off if he has a numbers advantage. Tough to stop him when he gets a head of steam.

Lafayette Williams

Lafayette Williams
Another guard who is on the younger side of the camp, Lafayette raised a great deal of excitement amongst the campers who watched him this weekend. He is only going into fourth grade, but has a handle that well surpasses his age. The  guard can also shoot, from deep. While it may look like he’s heaving it, Lafayette knocked down threes from steps behind the three point line.

Carl Gibson Jr.

Carl Gibson Jr.
Carl has extremely good length for a guard going into eighth grade. His long arms help him bother guards defensively as well as finish shots over taller defenders when he slices into the lane. He also proved to be a good facilitator this weekend, keeping his head up and finding cutting teammates for lay ups the entire weekend. He has great vision.

Hassan Dorman

Hassan, another guard who plays for Team Glory, was young and playing up and had a good weekend. He will be entering third grade next year, but that didn’t stop him from making some plays this weekend. His offensive game is growing, he showed a good shot, good touch around the rim and a nice floater, which is needed when playing against older and taller competition.


Khai Champion
If you had to sum up Khai in one word, that word would be shooter. It was hard to keep track of how many threes he hit this weekend. Players learned quickly that if you didn’t know where he was on the floor, he would hurt you from deep. He also impressed by not forcing any shots. Most people will throw up a “heat check” when they get a hot hand, Khai only took good shots, which helped him shoot a great percentage.


Daniel Schlakman
Add Daniel to the list of shooters we saw this weekend at camp. He caught fire Friday night under the lights and hit six three pointers in his last game of the day. It wasn’t luck, the rising eighth grader can flat out shoot. One thing he does well on offense is set screens and then either pops for a jumper or rolls hard to the rim for lay ups. He found success doing both this weekend.


Tyson Thomas
Tyson is a guard who plays bigger than his height. ESYC Elite‘s rising sixth grader may be small, but that does not prevent him from attacking the rim against bigger defenders. Tyson is a tough player. He is not afraid to put his body into someone and finish.


David Dorsett
David is a player who looks like he can have a promising career at Bishop Ireton next year. He’s 6 feet tall and has great length. Offensively, the Fairfax Stars player is a capable shooter, but can also put his head down and drive. He is very good at finishing with his right hand. David also uses his length to chip in on the boards; he helped his team a lot rebounding the ball this weekend.


Antonio Sellers
Antonio showed he can do a lot of things well on the court. He rebounded well for his team and posted up inside. The NY Gauchos player also showed an ability to handle the ball and take it to the paint himself. No matter what way he got to the hoop, one thing was consistent for Antonio: he was a good finisher.


Sammie Wylie
Sammie was a flat out scorer this weekend. The lefty’s game is both smooth and agile; he is fun to watch with the ball in his hands. Sammie scored in every way possible this weekend, whether it was from jump shots, drives to the hoop or at the free throw line. He’s a player who can take the ball coast to coast and dribble through everyone. He was one of the best scorers at camp.


Jordan McCraw
Jordan has a knack for making his way to the basket. The rising eighth grader has a tremendous ability to put his head down and get all the way to the rim. Another skill he showed was splitting two defenders when he was double teamed with a smooth crossover dribble. He made beating two guys look easy.


Charlie Gordinier
Charlie showed TONS of potential as a 5’11 rising seventh grader. He sealed hard down low, but also showed the ability to shoot from wherever on the floor. Was successful facing up & driving past bigger defenders – finishing with both hands.


Dylan Farley
Dylan was a beast in the paint in the ACC Division this weekend. He is listed at 5’9, but his long arms make him even more intimidating inside. He played a lot bigger than his height lists him. Dylan was a shot blocking machine this weekend and always had his teammates’ backs if they got beat.


Alex Ratner
Alex is an aggressive player who loves to run. Every time he got the ball his head was up and he was trying to push it down the floor. The Jersey Force guard also is not afraid to scrap inside for some rebounds and take the ball coast to coast himself. Alex is a hard working player.


Travis Elmore
Travis is another player who is going into high school next year. He is big, long and athletic, a pretty good combination for a rising freshman. He is a perfect post for guards to play with because he moves well without the ball and finds the open gaps for easy dump off passes. From there it’s easy finishes for him.


Isaac DeGregorio
It was hard to keep track of Isaac on the floor because he was always flying around and hustling for loose balls. There were not many, if any, 50-50 balls that he did not come up with. Playing on the pavement didn’t phase him either as he had no second thoughts in diving for loose balls. He is very solid offensively as well. His highlight of Saturday was a gorgeous euro step, where he completely faked his defender out, on a fast break.


John Bonney
John was a solid guard at camp this weekend. He did a good job running his team’s offense, helping others get easy looks while also consistently getting past his man and into the paint as well. One thing the guard did well was handle the ball, keeping it protected and showing some fancy moves with it too.


Brandon Powell
Brandon has a very smooth game to him, and it makes him fun to watch. One thing he does that stands out is he moves very well when he does not have the ball. Not many young players do enough of this. Brandon however, uses it to his advantage and benefited from over the weekend. Will be attending Verona High School, NJ in the fall.


Joseph Cansfeld
We had a lot of guys who could shoot the basketball this weekend, Joseph was definitely at the top of that list. He is a great shooter, and he showed it this weekend when he knocked down shots with consistency. Lot of upside to his game.

We had two great sessions of Jr. Elite this summer. Saw a lot of campers come in and play at high levels. Now it’s time to carry that momentum into the fall. We have three great Fall Jr Elite events. See which one works for you and sign up today! We hope to see you there.

Fall 2014 Tour Dates:

Philadelphia (Competitive Edge Sports/ King of Prussia, PA)

September 20th (10:00 AM – 2:30 PM)


Metro (Hoop Group Headquarters/ Neptune, NJ)

October 5th (11:00 AM – 3:30 PM)


New York (Riverbank State Park/ New York, NY)

October 15th


Providence JamFest Day 1 LIVE Blog

Keep tabs with us all day as we provide updates, photos, and more through our live blog!

Also be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter, by using #HGJamfest in your tweets and posts!

11:30 pm
From stat to finish, day 1 of the Providence JamFest was full of excitement and stand out performers. Be sure to check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for recaps from today and coverage tomorrow for championship Sunday!

11:00 pm

After a long day of basketball, we did not leave disappointed. Mass Rivals hits a game tying three with six seconds left. An untimely foul however gave Middlesex Magic two free throws and allowed them to come away with a win in what was a great game.


9:18 pm

NE Playaz and House of Sports 17u showing that they both have a lot of talent on their respective teams. High energy contest is sure to go down to the wire


8:00 pm
17u Sports U IZOD showed why they were a favorite to win it all today.

Another convincing win for Sports U IZOD. Contributions came from everyone, but Levi Holmes (Rutgers Prep ’15) led all with 15 #HGJamFest- @TheHoopGroup

7:10 pm
Still loads of talent left to watch before this day is over.

6:40 pm
Could we have a Wayne PAL match up in the Elite Eight? Coach Halewicz’s team is one win closer, Coach Grimes’s team is still working to advance.

6:03 pm
Brandon Twitty kept his hot hand in 16u Boston Elite’s second game of the day. He scored 20 points, but still was not the high scorer. Castle Athletic’s Daraja Rodwell led all scorers with 31.-@TheHoopGroup

5:38 pm
House of Sports and Prestige Patriots each trying to win their second game of the day.

Prestige Patriots vs. House of Sports

4:42 pm
NE Playaz and Boston Titans just tipping off. We will get our first look at Jarred Reuter (Brewster Academy) and Ian Sistare, who are two players to keep an eye this weekend for the NE Playaz.


4:36 pm
High Rise Team Up played a solid team game, making extra passes and scoring 80 points on their opponent. Player to watch Steven Enoch (Norwalk HS) led the balanced attack with 15 points.

3:50 pm
SHOOTER: Jordan Nwaro of Juice All Stars just knocked down NINE three pointers in a row! Somebody get a hand up! #HGJamFest –@TheHoopGroup

3:05 pm

Playing right next to Sports U IZOD was Team Albany, who may have had just as impressive as a performance. Steals led to transition lay ups and threes like the one right here.


2:30 pm
17u Sports U IZOD, a potential favorite in the 17U bracket, takes the floor for warm ups. Marquise McDuffee (St. Anthony’s HS) is just one player to watch on this team.
17u Sports U IZOD warms up for game 1

1:50 pm
Despite a loss by Blue Jays Elite (Hodge), a very impressive showing from 17u Darrick Boyd (Cathedral ’11). He had 26 points, made 6 three pointers, and was the floor general for his squad. Very good start to the weekend for the guard.


1:00 pm
Another close game took place between the 17u NJ Thunder and the Prestige Patriots. Both teams showed great defensive pressure and caused problems for their opponent, which resulted in a tight contest the entire way through. In the end, it was missed Thunder free throws and a Patriots put back that led to a Patriot win. Check out the last play here:

Prestige Patriots Game WInner

12:37 pm
Another impressive performance by a 16u player. Alex Sorenson dropped 32 points in Game 7 NY Elite’s 12 point victory. #HGJamFest-

11:40 am
Fans were treated to a great first round match up between the Paterson Playaz and USAD. In a back and forth contest in which both sides impressed, the Playaz held on for a 4 point victory. Both teams showcased some great talent.

17u Paterson Playaz are a very balanced team. Scored 50 points and 4 players had 8 points or more in the win. Great team game. #HGJamfest-@TheHoopGroup

11:32 am

16u Boston Elite had a strong showing in their first game by tallying an impressive 93 points this morning. Brandon Twitty is definitely a player to keep an eye on. He scored 40 points, fifteen of them coming from deep, in his team’s victory.

10:40 am

Just one game in and already an outstanding performance. Tim Galloway-Burke of the 17U New England Storm scored 38 points and was a huge reason why his team held on for a one point victory over the New York Lions.

9:30 am

And the weekend finally is underway! Our 20th year in Providence is sure to be a good one.

2013 Elite 1 Award Winners


NBA  Awards
AwardNameHeightSchoolGraduation Year
Most Outstanding PlayerAbdul Lewis6-8East Side (N.J.) High School2014
Most Improved PlayerSam Light5-11Northern Lebanon (Pa.) High School2014
Mr. HustleKaro Adjekughele6-6Fordham (N.Y.) Prep School2014
All-Star MVPAkbar Hoffman5-11Newark (N.J) Eastside High School 2014
Station StarJosh Reed6-6Arlee (Mont.) High School2014
Sweatshop StarJohnny Perterson6-3St. Augustine (Ca.) High School2014


NCAA Awards

AwardNameHeightSchoolGraduation Year
Most Outstanding PlayerCory Hicks6-0Summit Academy North (Mich.) High School2015
Most Improved PlayerDomonique Senet6-6Elmont Memorial (N.Y.) High School2015
Mr. HustleRaul Barbosa6-4Reading (Pa.) High School2015
All-Star MVPDwight Whitlock6-1Central Dauphin East (Pa.) High School2015
Station StarNicholas Gittings6-6Good Counsel (Md.) High School2016
Sweatshop StarPhill Polanco5-2Pleasantville (N.J.) High School2015

Early Bird Workout Stars

NameHeightSchoolGraduation Year
Khiron Anderson5-11Bayside (N.Y.) High School2015
Thomas Bacchia5-11Cardinal O' Hara (Pa.) High School2015
Spencer Bartron6-2Caesar Rodney (Del.) High School2014
Gregg Boyd5-9Grace Brethren (Md.) High School2016
Derryn Bronstein5-9Park Ridge (N.J.) High School2014
Zach Brunner6-4Mechanicsburg (Pa.) High School2014
Andre Butler6-1Eleanor Roosevelt (Md.) High School2015
Michael Crowley6-2Saddle River (N.J.) Day School2015
Vincent Debellis6-1Dwight-Englewood (N.J.) School2015
Jesse Dwyer6-1Medgar Evans (N.Y.) College Prep2014
Andrew Eudy6-6Cedar Crest (Pa.) High School2014
Matthew Flood6-2Cresskill (N.J.) High School2015
Michael Howard6-2Grove City Christian (Oh.) High School2014
Curtis Jenkins6-2Farmingdale (N.Y.) High School2014
Jesse Justice5-11Reading (Pa.) High School2014
John Kassis6-0Nazareth (Pa.) High School2014
Justin Kellman6-3Reading (Pa.) High School2014
Randy Kincel6-2Riverside (Pa.) High School2015
William Lenihan5-5Hackley (N.Y.) High School2017
Sam Light5-11Northern Lebanon (Pa.) High School2014
Sean Mann6-1Methacton (Pa.) High School2015
Ryan Matthews6-0Bergen Catholic (N.J.) High School2015
Alexander Mattina6-3NYC Lab School2014
Chris McCullough6-1Harborsfields (N.J.) High School2014
Tyler McShea6-5Pemberton (N.J.) High School2016
Liam Monaghan6-0Xavier (N.Y.) High School2014
Conor Powers5-11Victor Central (N.Y.) High School2014
Blaise Radosevic6-5Marquette University (Wis.) High School2015
Joshua Raime6-1Holy Cross (N.Y.) High School2014
Josh Reed6-6Arlee (Mont.) High School2014
Matthew Schaengold6-4Bethesday-Chevy Chase (Md.) High School2016
Drew Schankweiler6-6Mechanicsburg (Pa.) High School2014
Logan Schwartz6-0Northwestern Lehigh (Pa.) High School2015
Daniel Tari6-0St. Joan of Arc (Ont.) High School2014
Tyler Tobin5-7Cherokee (N.J.) High School2016
Nibra White6-0Evanston Township (Ill.) High School2015
Dwight Whitlock6-1Central Dauphin East (Pa.) High School2015