Junior Elite Featured Player: Chris Lester



Chris Lester
New York, NY
PSA Cardinals

Scouting Report:  Chris is your prototypical New York City wing.  He can attack the basket in transition with his speed, length, and athleticism, and he embraces contact on both ends of the floor.  Chris is able to knock down the open jumper with time and space and uses this to set up a lot of his drives.  Though he is best in transition, Chris has the skillset to become an elite player in any style of play.

Events Attended: NYC Jr. Elite, Fall Jr. Jam Fest

Philadelphia Top 100 Recap


Philadelphia Top 100 Recap

With over 100 great high school players and 25 college coaches from all over the northeast in attendance, the Philadelphia Top 100 did not disappoint! Players were given the opportunity to compete against some of the best that Philly has to offer, while receiving instruction from our top-notch staff comprised of D2, D3, and high school coaches.

Each player was given the opportunity to play in front of over 25 college coaches, as well as the National Recruiting Report, which has over 300 subscribers from every level of college basketball. There is no individual event that can provide student-athletes with the level of instruction, competition, and exposure that the Hoop Group Top 100’s provide!

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All-Philadelphia Top 100

Position  Player
Guard Antonio Rizzuto (Northeastern HS)
Guard Lonnie Walker (’17 Reading HS)
Wing Max Duegen (’17 Rocktop Academy)
Wing Tyrone Nesby (’17  Reading HS)
Forward Justin Steers (’18 Friends Central)
Post Rodney Simon (’17 Rocktop Academy)


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Basketball Instruction with Coach Elijah Allen: Change of Direction Finishing

Coach Elijah Allen took time away from a busy Core Skills session to teach this week’s drill of the week. The drill helps players work on change of direction moves that helps them attack the basket. It also helps you work on finishing in the paint at a high speed.

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Basketball Instruction with Coach Bryan Weber: 3 on 3 Close Outs

Hoop Group Elite Camp Director Bryan Weber takes you through the process of running the three-on-three close out drill. This drill focuses on closing out on shooters, crisp entry passes into the post, and then contains a live 3 on 3 finish to it. Perfect warm up drill to start practice!

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Basketball Instruction with Coach Tiny Green: Full Court Dribbling


Calling all guards! Or really, any players looking to improve their handle. Coach Tiny Green takes you through three great full court dribbling exercises to help your handle. Listen carefully to Tiny’s tips to improve your ball handling!