Paul Mulcahy Raises Play and Leadership This Season

Class of 2019 guard Paul Mulcahy has emerged into being one of the top prospects in New Jersey. The Gill St. Bernard’s product has taken a leadership role this season and has been successful with it as his team is 18-4 through this season. Mulcahy has enjoyed this new role of his.

“Last year as a sophomore I had to lead more by example, but as a junior I’ve definitely been forced to lead vocally on both ends of the floor,” he said. “Being a leader is something I take a lot of pride in and I think I’ve done a really good job this year.”

Mulcahy and his team have their eyes on one goal and that is the New Jersey Tournament of Champions.

“I want to win it this year for our six seniors and our school,” he said. “Gill St. Bernard’s has never won a state championship before so why not now. I think as a team we have made great progress this year and are playing our best basketball this season. Our schedule has been no joke so I think it will prepare us down the line.”

The state of New Jersey has some of the best talent throughout country. The Gill St. Bernard’s product takes pride in being from the Garden State.

“Basketball needs New Jersey,” Mulcahy said. “I think what makes New Jersey great is the fact that you don’t need to travel far to play great competition. Everybody knows everybody so people play with a lot of pride and competitiveness. I would put NJ players up against any other state in the country.”

Marquette, Xavier, Rutgers, Temple, Boston College, Saint Joseph’s, Seton Hall and Northwestern have been in to see Mulcahy recently. These schools are primarily the ones recruiting him the hardest. He isn’t rushing the process and is learning a lot about each of the schools on him.

“I think it’s great, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of great people and have learned so much about the different areas and schools,” said Mulcahy. “I’m really grateful to be where I am and thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given.”

2017 Hoop Group Toy Drive Basketball Clinic

All toys will be donated to K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital

through Shore Children’s Dental Care’s “Give a Smile” campaign

Coaches Mike Rice, Tiny Green, James Cooper Jr, Austin Kelley, Zack Curran and Cooper Handelsman with our players at Hoop Group’s first Annual Holiday Toy Drive Basketball Clinic.

On December 12th, Hoop Group hosted its first Annual Holiday Toy Drive Basketball Clinic. Players who attended brought a toy to donate to the K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital and received a Hoop Group basketball clinic. Former division 1 coaches Mike Rice and Tiny Green volunteered to lead the workout with the help of Hoop Group Elite’s Austin Kelley, Zack Curran and Cooper Handelsman. Hoop Group Headquarters also shared coupons for one FREE Mike Rice or Tiny Green workout with those who donated toys to Shore Children’s Dental Care.

Hoop Group’s Holiday Toy Drive Basketball Clinic collected over 300 toys for the K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. On December 23rd, Amy from Shore Children’s Dental Care picked up the presents and brought them to the hospital to be shared with its patients.

Hoop Group would like to thank all those who participated and helped to make our Toy Drive a success. A special thank you to Amy, Mike Rice, Tiny Green, James Cooper, Austin Kelley, Zack Curran, Cooper Handelsman, James Cooper Jr and the rest of the Hoop Group staff for donating their time to the cause.

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Paul Mulcahy Looks to Become Vocal Leader of Gill St. Bernard’s

Paul Mulcahy gets mobbed by teammates after game winner at Hoop Group Fall Showcase

Paul Mulcahy is one of the main components to one of the most talented teams in New Jersey, Gill St. Bernard’s. The class of 2019 guard had a great showing at the Hoop Group Fall High School Showcase even with his team having the toughest schedule in the event.

“I think it’s cool to see how everyone stacks up because we have some of the best teams in the northeast here,” said Mulcahy. “We played Westtown, The Ranney School and The Patrick School so to go against all of those great players was exciting for us.”

With his improvement from last year, Mulcahy is excited for what is to come this high school season.

“I’ve think I’ve improved with my game a lot from last year,” he said. “I had a slow summer so it was hard to showcase that, but that’s why I’m excited for the high school season. I’ve gotten bigger and more athletic so I’m starting to fill out well.”

Gill St. Bernard’s Head Coach Mergin Sina expects a lot out of the junior standout this year, as he will have a much bigger role.

“I just need to be a vocal leader, I have to be another coach on the floor for Coach Sina,” he said. “I need to always be on the same page as him because I’m going to be the primary ball handler.”

Many schools will be following Mulcahy this year, but he pointed out that Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. Joseph’s, Temple and Northwestern have made him a priority. Even with these top schools after him, he is focusing on one thing.

“The one thing on my mind for this year is the TOC without a doubt,” said Mulcahy. “Gill St. Bernard’s has always been at that level, but this year is really exciting. We have all the right pieces and I think many people will sleep on us. Everyone is going to buy in this year and play for each other.”

Alexander Rice Getting Better Situated at Mater Dei Prep

Alexander Rice made a good impression with his new high school Mater Dei at the Hoop Group Fall High School Showcase. The class of 2019 guard liked getting acclimated with his team at a big time event.

“It was good to get out there and get back in the swing of things,” said Rice. “It’s great to play against talented teams this early in the year. It was great to play together and run our stuff out there. We are still getting used to each other so events like this really help us out.”

Rice had the opportunity play under legendary high school coach Bob Hurley before St. Anthony’s closed down last year, forcing Rice to transfer

The transition to Mater Dei has been a smooth one for Rice thus far.

“I really like the guys on the team, we’ve known each other before from AAU and various events so it’s been a pretty easy transition for me,” he said.

He has been a high level shooter for quite some time, but Rice has added a lot to his game from last year to make him more than just a shooter.

“I think last year I was just a spot up shooter, but now I can score the ball better with one dribble pull ups, getting in the lane and getting my teammates shots,” Rice said. “I’ve just been working on being a well rounded player.”

He has received a lot of attention from the recruiting front recently as he went on visits, picked up offers and a lot of interest.

“This past summer I went on visits to Stanford and North Carolina,” he said. “I just received an offer from Tulane and Ivy League schools like Yale, UPenn and Princeton have been recruiting me hard.”

His father, King Rice, is the Head Coach at Monmouth University, but is also known for playing at UNC. Rice enjoyed visiting his father’s old stomping grounds this past summer.

“It was a really cool experience for me, it was a lot of fun,” said Rice. “My Dad showed me the places that he and my Mom used to go on campus. It was a special weekend because I got to see what he went through at UNC.”

Heading into his junior year Rice has his sights set on a couple of goals.

“I want to win another shore conference championship and make a run in the state tournament,” he said. “I just want to have a really good season by playing within the system.”

Kahlil Whitney Working to Make Roselle Catholic Best in New Jersey

The addition of Kahlil Whitney to Roselle Catholic last year proved to be a big one as the class of 2019 wing has emerged as one of the top prospects in New Jersey regardless of class. Whitney is a big time athlete, is becoming a much better shooter, and is a huge reason why Roselle Catholic is looked upon as one of the best teams in the area this season. Whitney and his teammates gave fans attending the Hoop Group Fall High School Showcase an idea of what to expect from them this year.

“It’s been great playing here and taking part in some high level games,” Whitney said. “Playing against teams like Westtown and Lincoln is always a good challenge. I think we played well as a team, but I do think we need towork on some things defensively.”

He has been working on a couple of key parts to his game in the off-season.

“I’ve just been working on playing hard and executing on defense at all times,” he said. “Every game I know that I will have to guard the best player so defense is important to me. I also have worked on my ball handling and shooting to become a well-rounded player.”

Georgetown, Oregon, Syracuse, UConn, Virginia Tech and Virginia have been in to watch Whitney during his fall workouts. These programs among others have been actively recruiting the class of 2019 standout.

“I would say Oregon, Georgetown, Syracuse, Illinois, St. Johns and a couple more have been after me hard,” he said.

Whitney sees Roselle Catholic having another successful year as long as he plays on a high level.

“I think that as long as I improve on rebounding the ball and creating for others we’ll be the best team in the state,” Whitney said.