Crucial Physical and Psychological Skills You Gain through Basketball



Playing organized sports such as basketball can provide a huge number of benefits to children. Through basketball skills training and games, children can develop a wide range of physical and psychological traits that can serve them well throughout their life, ensuring that they become a more well-rounded person and that they are better able to handle the stresses and complications they face in the real world. In this way, playing basketball and attending basketball training camps can be one of the best things your child can do, as it will teach them all of the following skills.

Knowing the Value of Hard Work and Dedication

Playing basketball or any other sport requires countless hours of practice, constantly working to improve your physical and mental skills. In this way, basketball can help teach a child about the importance and value of hard work. Basketball clinics and live games can teach a child that nothing in life comes for free and you always have to be willing to work to get what you want.

Mental Toughness

Playing poorly, suffering abuse from opposing players and fans, and losing games are things basketball players must learn to deal with and not let discourage them. This means basketball is also great for improving mental toughness and how to overcome adversity. The mental side of basketball is easily as important as the physical; which is why most basketball skills training and basketball clinics focus heavily on mental aspects, in addition to physical skills.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Those last few minutes of a basketball game are often an extremely high-pressure situation. There’s nothing like lining up for a potentially game winning free throw or hitting a last-second buzzer beater to teach a person about the importance of staying calm under pressure.

Team Work

Being able to work effectively in a team is a hugely important life skill, and nothing can teach a person this skill better than team sports. Even if you’re the best player on your team, you will still need to be able to play as part of a team in order to stand a chance of winning. As Michael Jordan once famously said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”


On the physical side of things, basketball is a fantastic activity for growing bodies due to the fact that it teaches the importance of flexibility along with physical strength. No matter whether you’re a seven-foot tall center or a five-foot tall point guard, quickness and flexibility are always going to be key attributes. This is precisely why most youth basketball training camps place a special focus on improving a child’s flexibility and not just their strength and conditioning. In this way, basketball is often seen as a better activity for kids than football or other sports that tend to rely more on brute strength.

Improved Strength

Of course, strength is still important for a basketball player. The countless hours in the gym, lifting weights and running around the court, are guaranteed to make a person stronger and more physically fit, which is just another one of the many benefits basketball can provide.

Better Stamina

All that running around will also help to improve a person’s stamina as well. This has huge, direct benefits for a person’s cardiovascular and respiratory system.

At the end of the day, playing any sport will provide many mental and physical benefits. However, the fact that basketball is fairly low contact and generally safer than football, hockey and other sports, makes it an ideal choice for teaching children important psychological and physical skills that will surely serve them well in their future lives.

6 Ways to Become a Better Basketball Player


As with any other sport, becoming a good basketball player takes a huge amount of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Of course, it’s not as simple as just spending every day working on your shooting skills, as there is a lot more to basketball than just tossing a ball through a hoop. With this in mind, here are six ways to boost your skills and hopefully become a better basketball player.

Sweat Your Way to Success

If you want to become a better basketball player, you have to be ready and willing to work for it. This means spending countless hours in the gym and on the court to continually improve your physical fitness and skills. A basketball academy or camp will only take you so far. No amount of skills training will matter if you’re not willing to put in the time and work to actually practice what you’ve learned and improve yourself.

Pay Attention to the Mental Side of the Game

The physical side of the game is only one part of the equation. You’ve got to be mentally tough in order to have a chance of making it. This means not letting yourself get discouraged by a bad game or unfair calls and also being mentally prepared to stay calm, cool and collected under pressure. In short, focusing on the mental side of the game will allow you to become someone that your teammates know they can rely on when the going gets tough.

Skills Training Is Key

When we said, ‘Sweat your way to success,’ we weren’t discounting the huge benefit that basketball training camps can provide. Through these training camps, you will learn a huge number of new exercises, skills and ways of training yourself to become a better player, both physically and mentally. The fact that many training camps are taught by successful players and coaches means that campers have a great opportunity to learn from people who know exactly what it takes. In this way, they can prove to be an invaluable tool in your effort to improve your skills and become a better basketball player.

Test Yourself Against the Best

As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect.’ However, practice can still only take you so far.

You’ll also need to constantly test yourself in real games in order to make sure that you can actually put all those skills you practiced into good use. In this sense, playing in as many basketball tournaments as possible can be hugely beneficial and allow you to continuously test your skills against new opponents.

Identify and Focus on Your Weaknesses

No matter what position you play, it’s important that you work to become as complete of a player as possible. This means spending as much time working on your weaknesses as on your strengths, maybe even more. It also means knowing how to take criticism and using it to drive yourself to improve, instead of letting it get you down. No basketball player will ever be great at everything, but it’s still important that you try to focus on becoming a well-rounded of a player as you can.

Yoga for Improved Strength, Flexibility and Mental Toughness

Yoga is becoming extremely popular among a huge range of different professional athletes. The truth is that yoga is far more difficult and rewarding than most people think and it can provide a huge boost to your overall strength, flexibility, self-awareness and mental toughness. In fact, Coach Steve Kerr credits yoga for some of the success that his Golden State Warriors team has experienced in recent years. Although you may be hesitant to try it, there is absolutely no doubt that yoga can provide some huge benefits to your overall game.

The same thing is true for basketball as for virtually everything else in life: If you want to become better, you need to spend a huge amount of time focusing on improving yourself. While there is no guarantee that any amount of hard work will ensure that you make the team or enable you to go pro, the only way to find out is to set yourself a goal and do everything you can to work towards it.

Fall NOVA Top 100 Recap

NOVA Top 100 Recap

The final stop on the Fall Top 100 Tour lead us right outside our nations capital to Marymount University in Arlington, VA. A sold out event had players showing up an hour early just itching to get working on their game. With a staff comprised of over 20 coaches from collegiate programs, each player got a chance to get instruction from coaches who might recruit them! Check out the NOVA Top 100 Recap video below:

The Show-and-Go portion of the event set the tone for the entire day! A group of highly talented, highly competitive players, absorbing instruction and applying it to in game situations.

Terrence Gibbons (2018 Wise HS) works on his jab series during Individual workouts

Terrence Gibbons (2018 Wise HS) works on his jab series during Individual workouts

Vice President Matt Pooley introduces our Top Notch StaffVice President Matt Pooley introduces our Top Notch Staff

As the first game set got under way, half of the players headed down to a recruiting seminar with Hoop Group Elite Director Austin Kelley. The seminar “Separate Yourself in the Recruiting Process” is excellent way for us here at the Hoop Group to educate student-athletes on the recruiting process, and how to find the best academic and athletic fit for themselves. Some of the most valuable teaching that goes on at Hoop Group Top 100 happens in that room, as young men learn what’ll take to play basketball at the next level.

The Northern Virginia talent did not disappoint during the game portion of the day. College level talent on each court, showed why coaches from all over flock to this event each year.

Quentin James (2019 Lake Braddock) remaining alert in help side defense

Quentin James (2019 Lake Braddock) remaining alert in help side defense


With so much talent in the event it was difficult to decide who would be part of the All Northern Virginia Team listed below!

Guard Keyante Williams (2018)  Massaponax
Guard Jack Kouba (2019) Bishop Ireton
Wing Jalen Gibbs (2018) North Point
Forward Terrence Gibbons (2018) Wise
Forward Deontay Compton (2017) Rock Ridge

If you would like to see your evaluation from the NOVA Top 100 check them out here!

Skills Team Camp Recap

Skills Team Camp Recap

Hoop Group Skills tipped off its 54th summer this weekend in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Here’s Skills Team Camp Recap.

Hoop Group Skills ran its inaugural Team Camp on Saturday and Sunday, with varsity teams coming in from four different states.

Team Skills Camp Recap

Team Skills Camp Recap

What made this weekend so special was the variety of basketball activities for teams to participate in.

There was a combination of games and skill development workouts, including team drills, post/perimeter workouts, team practices, full-length games, a “chalk talk” session, and a BBQ with all teams. Team Camp offered many talented players and teams an opportunity to develop their games while building camaraderie in their program.

High School and College coaches were on hand to lead the campers through workouts and offered their insights for improvement on their games. All in all, campers received four skill development workouts and five games during the basketball-filled weekend.

An additional highlight for coaches was our afternoon “Chalk Talk”. Coaches of participating teams met and went over coaching philosophies, X’s & O’s, developing culture in their program, practice drills and many other essential areas of the game.

Team Skills Camp Recap

Team Skills Camp Recap

Hoop Group Skills Camp would like to thank all of the participants who made our first Team Camp a huge success. We wish you the best of luck throughout the summer and into next season! We look forward to having you back in the Poconos soon!

Ball Handling & Shooting Camp Standouts

Brace yourselves, the end is here. With yesterday coming to an end, Hoop Group Skills Camp is officially done for the summer. Ending the summer with Bob Hurley Camp followed by Ball Handling & Shooting Camp was a tremendous way to end a tremendous summer of work. This past week, campers were not just able to work on their ball handling, but learn proper shooting form from legendary shooting coach, Dave Hopla.

As with most camps we run, we would like to recognize those who really shined during our last week of camp as well as acknowledge award winners. Here is our full list of performers and award winners:


Cormac is a very talented ball handler. He plays hard and shoots the ball very well. When he played to his potential, he was one of the best guards in the league. Mr. Reilly is also a very intelligent player and leads by example.


Isaiah was one of the top guards in the NBA Division this week. He is a leader on the floor who makes those around him better. Isaiah is an extremely hard worker and pushes his teammates to work just as hard. Isaiah has a high basketball IQ and was praised by his coach on several occasions.


Chase is a skilled young player. He has the ability at times to WOW the crowd and to create opportunities for his teammates. Chase is a humble young man that has huge up side.


Lance is a mature, competitive young player who has potential to be GREAT. Not only can he shoot but he has the ability to put it on the floor and drive for himself and others. Lance is a player that any coach would love to have on their team.


Nic is a strong athletic guard with a ton of potential. He has a good attitude and his approach to the game superb. He sets the tone by being a natural leader on the court. Nic is competitive, but is also a humble player, who just wants to have fun and improve each and every day.


Jeremy has a great motor and is crafty with the basketball. He was one of this weeks all-stars and in addition lead his team to the championship. There were moments this week where he could just not seem to be guarded.


Cole was the best shooter in the ACC Division. He displayed his shooting ability by winning the free throw AND hot shot contests. Cole was the leading scoring on the championship team. It was a successful week of camp for Cole.


Connor is the smallest player in camp but has the biggest heart. No one in the ACC played harder and with more passion than Connor. He was a positive influence all week especially through adversity. Even the older division enjoyed the way that Connor played the game (he reffed a few games too)!


Josh has an unbelievable desire to improve his game. He crashed the offensive boards as hard or harder than anyone in the ACC. Josh was a huge factor in how successful his team was this week. He is truly a player that plays BOTH ends of the floor.


Jaylen was the “go to guy” whenever his team needed a bucket this team. On the defensive end he was constantly causing turnovers and turning them into easy baskets the other way. Being an unselfish player, Jaylen lead and motivated his team on and off the court.


Henry showed great effort and a strong work ethic throughout camp as he played with the same determination and will whether up ten or down ten. This effort made him highly respected by teammates and other coaches in the league.


Brandon often showed his offensive tools by finishing in transition as well as from beyond the 3 point arc. Brandon was a vocal team leader with a large amount of potential. After the award ceremony he certainly didn’t walk away empty handed!


Peyton was this weeks Most Improved Player in the Big East Division. He plays with a ton of heart. Peyton has a great attitude and approach to the game. He took advantage of this camp and showed improvement in his mid range jumper and ball handling by week’s end.


Charlie stood out this week with his play on the defensive end and cleaning up the backboards. He impressed many coaches with his ability to handle the ball in transition as well. Charlie was a coach on the floor for his team all week.


Congratulations to Jordan on winning the Floor General Award in the Big East Division. Not only was he the leagues’ best point guard, he also showed his shooting range as well. As a point guard, he dictated the tempo of the game. His coach stated that one of his best qualities is how he can play the game successfully with a chip on his shoulder.


Absolutely the best defensive player in camp this week! His basketball IQ is high, as he was able to read point guards eyes and always know when and where to rotate. We never saw Lawrence take a play off which is why he is a true example that hard work does really pay off.


Elias is an explosive guard who gets to the rim at will. His leadership keeps his teammates energized and positive. If he can improve his consistency from the perimeter he will be a tough cover at the college level. His physicality and toughness is a positive on the defensive end.


Chibuike is one of the most complete players in camp. His length and athleticism on defense allows him to guard any position. As a slasher, if he improves his ball handling he will be a force offensively. He can shoot consistently from mid range and we expect him to continue to improve.



MVP- Will Soucie

ALL STAR MVP- Nicolas DeMarco


MIP-Connor Buck/ Jeff Mao

HOT SHOT CHAMP- Cole Privitere

FOUL SHOT CHAMP-Cole Privitere

Early Bird Workout Star- Derek Hope/ Lucas Hope


MVP-Mason Memmelaar

ALL STAR MVP- Brandon Powell


MIP-Peyton Boesch


FOUL SHOT CHAMP-Brandon Powell

Early Bird Workout Star- Nick Hulbert


MVP-Isaiah Church

ALL STAR MVP- Kimiedrick Murphy

FLOOR GENERAL-Elias Ezenekwe

MIP-John Rosenblum



Early Bird Workout Star- Chibuike Obinnakwelu

With Skills Camp coming to a close for this summer, we would like to thank all the coaches, staff, players and parents who made this summer in the Poconos so great. Although school will be back in session, there’s still opportunities to work on your game this fall! Jr. Elite Top 100s will begin in September, click here to see what day is best for you!