#BeElite Poll of the Day-July 16

Here is today’s question: which kind of basketball would you rather watch? College or NBA? Each have their strengths and weaknesses, but we want to hear from you! Click the image and let us know your thoughts.

#BeElite Poll of the Day

Everyday we ask you who a question on Twitter using the hashtag #BeElite. We ask. Your answer. Here’s today’s question:

Click the image above and let us know which rookie you’d rather have on your team!

Day 3 of Elite Camp as Told by Social Media

Day 3 of Elite Camp may have been the most exciting day yet, and with the two days we had before that, that’s saying something. We covered the entire day on all of our various social media accounts. Here’s our day summed up via social media.

Another strong showing at Early Bird this morning! Guys continue to want to get better.

Defense was a point of emphasis outside in stations. Guys worked on turning their man in the half court.

We saw great performances on the offensive and defensive side of the ball in our first set of games.

Did we mention how much talent Elite Camp has this week?

Hall of Fame Coach Bob Hurley stopped in after lunch to show the camp new ways to work on their skill.

Afternoon games started up and the gym was packed with college coaches….

…And there were plenty of guys who deserved their attention.

We were excited to hear a few guys got offers here at camp!

We learned just how atheltic Ibrahim Doumbia is…

And our night games finished off the day in exciting fashion.

And at last, a great day finally comes to an end.

There it is: a quick synopsis of our Day 3. So many guys turned heads and impressed today. If you want to know who impressed the most, check out our Day 3 Top Performers Comeback tomorrow and follow our live blog for coverage of Championship Friday!

#BeElite Poll of the Day


Michael Jordan or Ray Allen? No, not who’s the better basketball player or who is the better shooter. Instead today we go to the big screen for our #BeElite Twitter Poll of the Day. Although two different style basketball movies, Space Jam and He Got Game are classic basketball movies. Which was better? We want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts!

Best #BeElite Tweets of Elite Camp Day 2

As everyone heads back to their rooms and unwinds from a full day of basketball, we take a look at today’s top 5 #BeElite tweets. Remember the rules, best tweet of the day, No. 1, is worth 25 points in the Social Media Challenge, No. 2 is worth 20, No. 3 is worth 15, No. 4 is worth 10, and No. 5 is worth 5.
You tweet. We score.

Here’s who made today’s list:






At this point it looks like we have a leader, but it is only Day 2 and there’s still lots of time to catch up. Don’t forget you can follow along using the #BeElite hashtag all week long!