Isaiah Washington Lights up Future All-American Camp [VIDEO]

Isaiah Washington of Williamsport, PA was one of the most purely athletic players at camp. Take a look at some of his high-flying highlights above.

Fran Fraschilla Speaks at Hoop Group Academic Elite

Over 400 college coaches have made their way to Hoop Group Elite events this summer, but one in particular was not here for evaluation.

Former St. John’s head coach and current ESPN College Basketball Analyst Fran Fraschilla spoke at Hoop Group Academic Elite to stress the importance of “the little things” in basketball, including playing hard and mastering the fundamentals.

Ray Anczelowicz sat down with Coach Fraschilla to talk about the types of topics he covered in his lecture.

Ben Bentil Came to Hoop Group Elite Because of the Competition

Ben Bentil received an invitation from Reebok to attend their camp during the first week of the July live recruiting period. Anytime you’re invited to a camp you should feel honored but when Bentil heard about the level of competition at Hoop Group Elite camp he had to turn the Reebok offer down.

“When I heard about the competition here I told Reebok that I was going to Hoop Group Elite.” exclaimed a thankful Bentil.

Bentil thrived facing elite competition in front of over 250 college coaches despite being one to two years younger than a majority of his competition. Bentil is one of the top big men in the country in the class of 2014 and will be attending St. Andrews school next year.