A “Social” Experiment: Commentary on Today’s Game

This past weekend, the Hoop Group did a “social” experiment to get a read for how players are working on their games. We took a poll and asked players to retweet if they worked on a certain aspect of their game that day. Here were the results:



The results were painfully obvious. Only 12 retweets for players working on their passing and defense. 23 players retweeted that they worked on the ball handling skills. Last but not least, a whopping 45 players retweeted that they worked on their shot.

Just about any coach in America will tell you that they want to see better basketball being played these days. The results from this poll show that players do not work on their overall game enough. Last night at the Hoop Group’s Elite Session I, Tim Legler described guys that can only score as “a dime a dozen”. As a player, you do not want to be known as “replaceable”. Whether it is a high school coach or a future college coach, the players that will be played are the ones that put them in the best position to win games.

In general, the teams that win games are the ones that shoot the ball the best(shooting), turn the ball over the least(ball handling and passing), and make life miserable for opposing offenses(defense).

So here’s some advice for players: be the best all-around player you can be. Shoot when you have a good shot to take. Take care of the ball. Work on both ends of the floor. Unfortunately, July is mostly about playing games. But when you get the chance to go the the gym in August, do more than just get a few shots up.