Takeaways from Day 1 of Future All-American

There was a lot of hype and anticipation coming into this Future All-American Camp. With day one in the books, we get the feeling that this week is going to be even bigger than we anticipated! With three days left, here are some players who could have a big week:

Mohamed Bamba | Westtown | 2017
Bamba first made a name for himself at Elite I with some of his nice dunks (link to vine) and shot blocking ability, and he started this camp off the same exact way. The only difference today was, he created the whole play himself, grabbing a rebound and dribbling coast to coast himself. Bamba continues to grow into a top prospect in the post and you can be sure he will provide more highlight reel plays as the week goes on.

Justyn Mutts | St. Augustine Prep | 2017
Mutts is a highlight tape waiting to happen. The rising sophomore is 6’6 and is at his best when he is slashing down the paint and making plays at the rim. Mutts not only has length for the wing, but he has the athleticism for it too showing off a great leaping ability today. His gift of great hops, combined with his shot blocking instincts, makes him a top defender as well.

Najja Hunter | Westtown | 2017
We caught up with Najja earlier this summer and had a chance to talk to him at Elite 1. An underclassmen at that camp, Najja comes in as a “vet” in Future All-American Camp. He’s listed at 6’6 and has all the traits you want in a guard. One of the more exciting plays we saw from him came on the defensive end when he swatted a lay up contest against the backboard, drawing excitement from some of the campers watching.

Amir Spears | Commonwealth Academy |2019
The first thing that sticks out when you watch Amir Speares play is his fantastic ball handling ability. He makes quick moves and just looks like a natural dribbling the ball behind his back and through his legs. He appeared to favorite his hesitation move to get him by defenders and into the paint. He also has the ability to finish tough shots. No matter how unorthodox or improbable the odds may be, don’t count his shot out. He will surprise you.

D’Marco Baucum | Bishop O’Connell | 2018
D’Marco Baucum is a stud in the class of 2018. He’s 6’6 as an incoming freshman, but does not just score by dominating the post. Yes, he has very good hands and scores down low, but he also makes a living on the elbows; that’s a shot he will knock down with absolute consistency. Baucum is a name you will be hearing a lot of over the next four years.

Leondre Washington | Teaneck |2017
Leondre is a great point guard with a tight handle and scorers mentality. What makes him so fun to watch is the level of smoothness he has to his game. Whether he’s going to the rim or stepping back for a jumper, he just makes it look so effortless and easy when we know it is not. It will be fun to watch Leondre conduct his team all week from the point guard position.

Isiah Mucius | Fassenda School | 2018
Mucius is a rising freshman that showed he’s capable of helping a team in multiple ways on offense. First he showed the ability to haul in offensive rebounds with his 6’5 frame. He also was able to convert those rebounds into easy points. For a rising freshman, you would think having the ability to attack the offensive glass consistently would be enough, but Mucius’s game doesn’t stop there. A little later he led a fast break, stayed under control and delivered a perfectly timed bounce pass to a teammate for the easy two in transition. Mucius showed off the wide range of skills he’s already working with.

Fah’mir Ali | Thomas A Edison Charter School (Del.) | 2019
In the first set of games, Ali was able to get out in transition on the hardtops of the outdoor courts. His fast-paced game, coupled with a few flashy passes that led to high percentage looks at the basket for his teammates, put his temporary squad in great position after the first day.

Jaedon Willis | McDonogh (Md.) | 2017
Sometimes things get a little crazy in games where the tempo is pushed and no one can seem to get a handle. That’s when Willis thrives the most. In a number of sequences that saw his team and the opposition go back and forth, the rising sophomore helped out immensely with a steal, then followed it up by displaying great court vision and a nice passing touch to his teammates.

Nazreon Reid |  Roselle Catholic (NJ) | 2018
If Reed gets a touch in the post, don’t bother trying to contest it. The 6-foot-9 rising freshman for Roselle Catholic is one the strongest finishers at Future All American and showed as much throughout the first day with a number of rim-rattling dunks and equally forceful block.s

Cam Reddish | Haverford School (PA) | 2018
One of the top players in the country for the class of 2018, no one could stop Reddish. His size amongst the other rising freshmen, coupled with his great burst of speed and the ability to finish around contact at the rim, proved too much for any single player to handle.

James Leible | Bensalem (PA)| 2017
Leible stood above most for the tryout games and used his big body to his advantage. His big frame was very helpful as he was able to crash the boards and help his team get second chance opportunities, either for himself or for his teammates.

Makhi Mitchell | Tree of Life (MD) | 2019
It’s certainly tough to tell the difference between Mitchell and twin Mahkel, but it was Makhi that dominated for todays slate of games. The 6-foot-6 eighth grader was dominant on the boards and used his significant size advantage well in dominating the paint.

Hassan French | Commonwealth School (Mass) | 2017
French’s wide frame was too much to handle for many of the campers that tried to go toe-to-toe with the forward, as he took over in the paint. While the big man has to work on finishing through contact, the potential to become a solid forward is certainly there.

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