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2010-RFH @ RBC

The gym was packed, to the point at which the doors had to be shut, not allowing any other spectators in the compact gym. The small RBC gym was sold out, and I mean sold out. People filed in towards the doors, TRYING to peak their heads though the cramped doors. RFH was down 3 and with about 10 seconds left, I sat right next to my Dad on the bench, if you know that old, rusty gym, there was no actual bench. The bench turned into the crowed if you went one bench higher. The team huddled around my dad as he was on his knees with his clipboard, drawing up a play to try and tie up the game and send it into Overtime. Well that’s exactly what happened. The girls ran the play perfectly. With 3 seconds left, Nicole Isaacs, one of the best three point shooter to ever play in the Shore, from 3 feet behind the 3 point line, drains it. Nothing but net. The crowd roared and the place shook in excitement. The bench jumped in amazement and I ran over to my dad jumping, meanwhile I was about 10, and I leaped and almost as high as my 5-6 Dad….at the age of 10. The game went into overtime, and RFH pulled it out in the end. I could just remember the exact emotion on my dad’s face; his face lit up with excitement and so did mine. We hugged each other for that half-a-second but even through that exciting and thrilling moment to know that he wanted to share it with me, were really special and meant a lot to me.

Teddy Sourlis-

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A moment that I will never forget with my dad is my first varsity game. I’ve been out hurt due to a concussion and have not played in one game. Saturday, January 18th 2014, was my first varsity game! I only was able to warm up because I am still recovering; what made it so special was that I was able to share this moment with my dad. My dad is my coach. It’s a memory that my dad and I will never forget. It is an honor to play for my dad because i have been growing up watching all of his games, sitting on the bleachers with my sister and brother eating Cheerios. Now that he is my coach, it is a bond that we will never break! Before I warmed up on Saturday he told me, “I am so proud to finally coach my own daughter! Welcome back sweetheart.” Those words will stay with me forever. He is not only my dad but he is also my coach. Being in practice mostly everyday watching how hard he works, shows how much he really loves this sport and being a coach. Being on a team with my own dad was something I have always dreamed about. I have been waiting for this moment to come and now it has. I am thankful and so proud that he has reached 600 wins and I am able to be a part of this win, sitting on the bench next to him and to experience this moment with him forever! He truly does deserve this! My dad is my coach and that is an experience you can only get once!

Kyra Sourlis-

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“Basketball has taught me a lot: it has taught me the importance of motivation, determination, perseverance, family, friendships, trust, dedication and so many other tools to help me succeed in life.  Without basketball the “never give up” saying would not have motivated me to complete anything in life. “Never give up” is consistently being related to games like SJV and RBC where my dad is reminding the three of us that anything can happen if we don’t give up, keep working hard, and try our best at everything. My dad has illustrated to us that basketball is a metaphor for life because it helps you become an unselfish person, makes you become determined, makes you strive to never give up and always persevere, you win some and you lose some, but you have to accept them both, it requires you to trust and work well with others, and the need for continuous hard work.

Eleni Sourlis-

My favorite moment with my dad was how I was given the privilege to be coached by him for one game of my freshman basketball career. My coach could not make that game, so my dad stepped up to coach us. I am not a basketball star, let alone a good basketball player, but the fact that I was able to be coached by my own dad meant more than words to me. I have always seen him in action during games from the bleachers and have always wondered what it felt like to be coached by him and to be a part of a team under his wings. That day, everything changed. I finally got the honor to have said that I was coached by my own dad, I even played and scored a point! Seeing him squat down with his clip board, demonstrating plays for us, as I looked around to see everyone paying attention to him and being drawn in by his voice, made me feel so lucky to have him as a dad! Even though I was not a good basketball player, he still put me in and cheered me on from the side lines as a dad and a coach. After that day, I proudly can say I have been coached by my dad and I have been a part of one of his teams.

I got to experience how amazing of a coach he is, and that memory we share together will stay with me forever.”

image George Sourlis and his Dad

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