The Sister and The Brother…

600th Win!
My brother George, Jimmy, Dorothy and I grew up eating, drinking and sleeping basketball. Our father was a professional baseball player and my Mom’s Mom played for Greece in the Olympics; so we were all blessed with athletic genes. Growing up, we would play pick-up basketball games wherever and whenever we could. We were gym rats. George was always the best one on the court. He had eyes behind his head, incredibly quick and could shoot eyes. If George was slightly taller, he would have played in the NBA and dominated; he would have been an NBA All-Star.

George was a very unselfish player and he coaches in the same fashion. All the players must contribute to the game and play like a team. Coaching is not easy. I know that George has worked hard at coaching, but yet he makes it look real easy. He has developed many winning and brilliant strategies that other coaches, both high school and collegiate, have studied and continue to study. He understands the game and he’s good at coaching, much like he was at playing.

My brother George is truly gifted. He inspires girls to play basketball and play it well. I am not surprised at George’s accomplishments and success. He is talented and well-deserving of his 600th win! Congratulations George – awesome achievement!!

Virginia Sourlis


James Sourlis..George’s Brother

I would like to congratulate my brother, aka. Coach Sourlis on his 600th win. Wow!!! What a milestone. Insanely, that number works out to roughly 21 or 22 wins a season. He has 14 sectional state championships and 5 state titles. He’s been in the tournament of champions (TOC) 5 times, he has 15 shore conference division titles and 13 shore conference tournament final fours. The list goes on and on. He’s been inducted into the NJ Coaches Hall of Fame. One year he was selected as the Coach of the Year throughout the Northeast. He is one of the most respected coaches in the Tri State area. How does he do it? How is he able to consistently win and constantly improve every year? He’s been coaching for 27 years (this is his 28th this season) and in that time I have seen him coach a variety of different teams, ie small, quick, slow, big and athletic you could put any team together and he’s coached something to the equivalent. Some years with all do respect I don’t know how he won. Smoke and mirrors perhaps. I have seen him coach in what is termed his rebuilding years and still come away with 20 plus wins. However, the question remains how is Coach Sourlis able to keep up with this type of consistency. Over the years I have heard that question addressed to him through parents, media and x players. His response has always been a humble one. “It’s the girls”. “They work hard and they want to win”. “Any coaching staff I have had or currently have are an enormous piece of the puzzle”. “It is an entire team effort”. Personally, I do agree with George but I want to add here that I believe he is a great coach. He is an amazing coach. Arguably one of the best in the state and I know he has a lot of friends that are coaches throughout the NJ and NY area that I’m sure would agree with me. What a lot of people don’t see is the behind the scenes of Coach Sourlis. I however am able to see how hard he works, I see how dedicated he is. Everyone knows you don’t get to where you are by sitting on your hands (I wanted to say ass). His meticulous almost obsessive passion to be better and better every year speaks volumes to the kind of person he is. He cares about each and every girl he has ever coached and he’s coached a lot of girls that have become amazing people. He works tirelessly to get his players into the best possible colleges for them. He’s constantly thinking of ways that his girls can be showcased. I know he is respected by so many of the college coaches out there. “It’s all for the girls” he would tell them. He not only teaches his girls the skills and fundamentals of basketball, he teaches them life lessons and how to conduct themselves win or lose on and off the court with class and grace. I know I may have given Coach Sourlis a slightly larger head but I believe he deserves it. Not to worry we are afterall brothers, I will make sure he doesn’t have to turn sideways to get through the door. I can’t tell you how proud I am to write this and knowing that I am so blessed to have a brother like Coach Sourlis. Congratulations again on Coaches 600th win. I

James Sourlis

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