Time To Earn Your Dog Tags

Time to get those Dog Tags. Let’s face it, the Pre-Season, for the most part is over. Now most kids are just trying to stay ready. This is why I love the Pre- Season Boot Camp. It’s a chance for me to get an up-close and personal look at all the kids.  It’s my final look at players before the season starts.

What makes the Boot Camp really special is that we always have a few players show up that we don’t know about. They often steal the show and make names for themselves. The other thing about the Boot Camp is that there is nowhere to hide. Everyone works so hard and the talent level is insane with current stars and future stars all coming together. We always have those few talented players who stay away just to protect their reputation… I tell them you can run, but you can’t hide….lol. But can you blame them for trying? This event is no walk in the park!


The boy’s side of the Boot Camp is my chance to see the guys with fresh eyes. I know we will have plenty of talent on the boy’s side in the gym once again this year. I also will give you MY THOUGHTS about these young men. I know the talent in the gym will be special. So I will get to watch most of them and give you my thoughts about the players..


This should be a great weekend and I’m looking forward to a great time. I enjoy watching the players compete and make new friendships.

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