Top 5 Tweets of Elite 2 Camp 7/10/13

Every day throughout the Summer of 2013, Hoop Group will be conducting the Social Media Challenge, where players score points for tweeting with the hashtag #BeElite, working to make the Top 5 Tweets of the Day.

Tweets with the #BeElite hashtag are worth one point, but the real points are for those who make it in the Top 5. Below, in descending order, you’ll find the Top 5 from over the course of the last day. The best tweet of the day, No. 1, is worth 25 points in the Social Media Challenge, No. 2 is worth 20, No. 3 is worth 15, No. 4 is worth 10, and No. 5 is worth 5.

At the end of each session of camp, points will be added up and the winner will receive a prize! Yesterday we saw a lot of great tweets, but Jordan Jackson walked away with the best tweet, after showing off his new jersey for camp. Did Jordan follow that up with another top tweet? The competition today was great, but sadly, we can only pick 5 tweets. The results are down below!

Check back daily for our Top 5 tweets of the day. Here is the latest:

No. 5


No. 4


No. 3


No. 2


No. 1


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