Top Guards from Day 2 of Elite Camp

As another day of Elite Camp winds down, we continue to see just how deep of a camp we have here in Reading. Game after game guys were impressing coaches and showcasing their skills.In this blog we will break down the guards that showed they have what it takes to play at the next level.

Quincy McKnight (The Phelps School ’15): Physically McKnight is a great size for a guard. However, we know that size alone does not matter. McKnight also has a very high skill level on top of his height. He has a great handle and can penetrate and get deep into the paint with relative ease. He also has what you want every point guard to have: the ability to know when to pass and when to take it himself. McKnight is one of the top guards at camp this week.

Ian Sistare (Northfield Mt Hermon ’16): I’ve seen Sistare play a few times now and my opinion on him has yet to change. He is a very good and solid guard. He is a guard coahes would feel confident having lead their team. I watched him play a game today and get picked up full court the entire time he was out there. If that wasn’t enough, he had constant traps coming his way as he passed half court. Not once did he get rushed and make a poor decision. He played with constant poise and composure, exactly what you want to see from a guard.

Isiah Ice (Iona Prep ’15)
When I saw Ice play today I noticed one thing: speed. While playing fast paced may not be unique, Ice excels at it. He picked his defender up the length of the floor and tried to force a turnover to lead to an easy basket, which he did a number of times.

Wolfgang Novogratz (Harvard-Westlake ’16)
This player stood out to me because he was a flat out leader on the court. Exactly the personality you want your point guard to have, Novogratz was huddling his teammates during dead balls and picking them up when they made a mistake. A player every team needs, but you rarely see at camps, Wolfgang Novogratz is a leader.

Christian Lutete (Phillips Exeter ’15)
SHOOTER! Do not leave him open because if you do, Lutete will make you pay. One of the best shooters at camp, he made his mark by knocking down a plethora of shots from the outside. His shot if for real.

Peter Kiss (Victory Rock Prep ’16)
An top performer at Academic Elite Camp last week, Kiss is having another good week of basketball this week. He continues to showcase his athleticism with timely dunks and blocked shots on guys who are 5 inches taller than him. Kiss is off to a strong July.

Brandon Anderson (Don Bosco Prep ’16)
I like Brandon Anderson’s game. He doesn’t try to do too much, but does a little of everything. He’s a good passer with the ability to penetrate and dump off and he can also score. He has a smooth stroke and also a nice floater to get his shot over bigger defenders.

Jordan Nwora (Canisius ’16)
At 6’6 Nwora could be considered a wing, not a guard, but I think he’s a 2 guard because of his shot. He has a very good stroke, which he’s showcased to us before. What I saw today however, was an ability to get to the rim, rebound and pass. If he can use his size to rebound over smaller guards inside, and maintain that consistent stroke outside, he can be a very good player.

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