Top Performers from Day 2: Elite Camp Session 2

Today was the first full day of basketball at Albright. Early this morning campers were assigned to their teams for the week and played in three game sets throughout the day. We saw teams come together and players step up. Here’s a shortlist of those who did.

Jason Jolly (Stone Bridge ’15)
Jolly is a tough point guard. What he may lack in size (5’8) he makes up for in his hustle and leadership ability. He is more than capable of running an offense for a team and can deliver big baskets when needed. In his second game of the day he took the ball with eight seconds left and drove to the rim for a game winner.

Brandon Marshall (St. Thomas Aquinas ’15)
Marshall showed positives on the offensive and defensive side of the ball today. Offensively he showed the ability to knock it down from deep while maintaining a sold handle as the primary ballhandler for his team. On defense he got several steals by getting his hands in the passing lane and turned them into fast break opportunities.

Javier Martinez (I.E.S. Julian ’15)
At 6’4, Javier Martinez is very good on the break. He has a good handle for a wing and we saw him lead a number of fast breaks this morning, including one with some fancy behind the back dribbling and passing. While being able to start the break is one thing, he also showed he can finish the break once he gets to the hoop.

Kaleb Robinson (Coral Acaemy of Science ’16)
If you had to describe Kaleb Robinson today in one word, the answer better be shooter. Robinson is at his best catching and shooting the basketball. When his threes went in today, and we saw a number of them go in, they hit nothing but net and were some of the purest shots we saw all day.

Quad Borup (Loudon County ’15)
This forward had a big time game breakout game. Not only did he continually score inside and out, he also put his team into overtime with a half court shot. Another thing to like about this rising senior is he runs the floor extremely hard.

Brian Furlong (Audubon ’16)
Furlong’s game is very sound and fundamental. At 6’6 he posts up well and is strong with the ball when it gets entered in. He has patience in the post, rarely forcing anything. When he was aggressive he showed a nice lefty hook, turning into the middle of the paint and finishing over his right shoulder and a nice short range bank shot.

Connor Jack (Berks Catholic ’15)
Connor Jack is a great big man. He has good hands and great patience in the post. At 6’8 he also does a great job sealing and burying his defender to get himself deep paint touches. As a defender you have to get position on him first because if you don’t you will not be stopping him from scoring.

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