Top Performers: Kevin Boyle Point Guard Weekend June 26-27

This past weekend, Montverde Academy (FL) Head Coach Kevin Boyle came to Hoop Group Skills Camp to run his first Point Guard Weekend of the summer. Coming off his 3rd straight High School National Championship, the 4x National Coach of the Year worked with guards on the fundamentals and skills needed to be their teams Floor General. Known for his ability to develop guard skills, Coach Boyle worked with campers on their offensive spacing, footwork, shooting ability, passing accuracy, and most importantly, how to read a defense and be successful in a Pick and Roll situation. Coach Boyle said the average basketball game has between 60-80 Pick and Roll situations, making this an essential skill to be a great player. This was an exciting weekend for Coach Boyle, with Montverde Academy alum’s D’Angelo Russell (#2 overall) and Dakari Johnson (2nd Round) getting drafted into the NBA on Thursday night and his first camp session of the summer on Friday and Saturday. D’Angelo Russell was the 4th player of Coach Boyle’s to be drafted into the top 3 in the NBA in the last five seasons. Coach Bolye stressed attentional to detail and the fundamentals while at camp. We had many talented guards with us, and listed below are some of the top performers from Point Guard Weekend.


2015 Kevin Boyle PG Weekend I: Top Performers

Aiden McCoy: Aidan worked extremely hard on the court over the weekend. He demonstrated a strong ability to rebound from the guard position as well as getting some tough scores inside the paint.

Lafayette Williams: Don’t let his size fool you. Lafayette is a dynamic combo guard, who can set teammates up to score, as well as having the ability to put up points in a hurry. He can break the defense down off the dribble and also use his vision to find open teammates.

David Musial: David showed off his 3 point range when draining a game-winning jumper at the buzzer. He has a quick first step that he uses to get by his defender, which is a good compliment to his shooting ability.

Matt Hamrah:  Matt is a very gifted kid that can finish around the basket, as well as take it off the defensive boards and lead the break. He likes to find open teammates in transition and get his team easy shots.

Billy Goodwin:  The lefty has a fundamentally sound jumper and does not shy away from the big moment. He shows a strong voice for his team on the court and already possesses strong leadership qualities that every coach looks for in their floor general.

Zion Morris:  Zion is an exceptional athlete that can take over games in many ways, mainly by his scoring and passing ability, but also on the defensive end when he pressures the ball and disrupts the offense.

Noah Charles: Noah showed a great balance of his scoring ability and the way he can set up teammates for shots while at camp. He finishes well around the rim with both hands, is a consistent 3 point shooter, and defenses can’t keep him out of the lane. He always seems to make the right decision on the court, which is the biggest compliment one can give lead guard.

Marcus Dockery: The long, athletic lefty showed his ability to score in many ways. He has a smooth 3 point jumper that he compliments with a floater in the lane that is tough to defend with his length. He has active hands on the defense end, constantly getting deflections and out into passing lanes. He is definitely a player to keep up with in coming years.

Chase Jackson: Chase is a combo guard who knows how to play the game. He can score in many ways and has a good handle with the basketball.

Conor Geelan: Conor is as fundamentally sound as they come. He plays within himself and is always under control. He has an ability to change speed and direction to beat the defense. He is an unselfish passer that can be a deadly shooter when left open.

Zach Rocco: The first thought that comes to mind when watching Rocco play is how tough he is. Zach is a true floor general, who leads by example by how hard he plays, but also raising the play of his teammates. When you watch him play, his is constantly talking and communicating while on the floor. He has a strong handle, breaking down a defense and creating shots for others.

Jackson Blaufield: Jackson is a physical guard, who uses his size and strength to play both inside and out. He can attack a defense with strong drives, but also shows an ability to finish around the rim with either hand.

Caleb Fears: Caleb, a fan favorite at camp, made tremendous strides this weekend. He improved his shooting ability, showing range to the 3 point line. He also showed off his ability to find open teammates. He is an unselfish player that had countless assists on the weekend.

Chaz Jackson: Chaz worked hard all weekend on the courts and has a motor that does not stop. He always seems to be around the ball and in a position to make a play. He is at his best when he goes off the dribble and gets into the painted area.

Kameran Rodriguez: Kam is a special basketball player and the definition of a floor general. He turns heads with his quick, tight handle and ability to get to any spot that he wants on the court. Once in the paint, he can finish using both hands, but prefers to get his teammates easy layups. Kam has a unique ability to get his teammates open and see plays before they develop. He is lightning quick in transition and can change the game in one possession.

Nick Johnson: Nick brought a lot of energy on defense and had a nose for the ball. He always worked hard to stop the ball in transition and guarded the ball as tough as anyone at camp. He was often the smallest guy on the floor but he rose to the challenge and stopped skilled guards.

Darin Bellinger: Darin is a very athletic and mobile player. He runs the floor well and finishes with both hands around the basket. He has great upside, and showed a lot of improvement throughout every situation the guards were put in.

Arian Avemil:  Arian is a talented point guard who has the ability to get to the basket at will. He is very strong at finishing plays around the basket. He has a great feel for when to change pace and speeds, which make him very effective with the basketball in his hands.

Taz McNair: McNair is a very talented player in transition and on the defensive end of the floor. He has a very good basketball I.Q. and is an excellent passer. Taz plays hard and has a very high motor!

Miles Drake: Miles has good vision and finds the open man with precision passing. When left open, he is a knock down shooter. Drake’s best quality may be his intensity that he plays with while on the court.

Paul Bochterle: Paul is a tough, hard-nosed guard who loves being aggressive with the basketball. He is in attack-mode when get gets the ball and blows by defenders on his way to the rim.

Owen Scott: Owen was one of the most versatile players we had at camp. He is a complete player who can score, pass, defend, and rebound the ball. Coaches will always find a place for him. As good of a guard as he is, his natural position is “Basketball Player”.

Cooper Ash: Cooper has a deadly shot. He uses this well to space the floor. On defense, he has active hands that disrupts the offensive guard and creates transition opportunities for his team.

Solomon Ball: Solomon is a coach’s delight at the point guard spot. He has an excellent ball-handling skills and decision-making ability, making him a complete player.


Coach Boyle will be returning to Hoop Group Skills Camp, from July 24-26, for a second Point Guard Weekend. This is a great opportunity for any player looking to improve their skills with the basketball in their hand. If you have any questions about Point Guard Weekend, please call our office at (570) 992-6343.

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