Top Players Rave About Competition and Exposure at Hoop Group #HGJamfest in Philly

Isaiah Whitehead at Under Armour Hoop Group Jam Fest
Photo by: Kelly Kline / Under Armour

Hoop Group prides itself on organizing some of the top basketball events in the country, offering unparalleled exposure, competition, and organization.

Some of the top players at the Under Armour Hoop Group Jam Fest in Philadelphia, PA spoke about their experience, and the benefits of participating in the event.

Isaiah Whitehead, Juice All-Stars (NY), Lincoln HS, 2014:

“It’s great. I get exposure with all the college coaches [at Hoop Group]. It’s a very competitive event, and it’s going to help me out going forward.”

Kendall Stephens, Illinois Wolves (IL), St. Charles East HS, 2013, Purdue Commit:

“It was nice for us to come over to East Coast to see what the competition is like, instead of playing the same teams in the Midwest. It’s great competition—they’re physical, they get after it. It’s a great stepping stone to see where we are (as a team).”

Dwayne Morgan, UA Bmore’s Finest (MD), City College HS, 2014:

“It feels like I have to come out and play hard. I don’t want to let these coaches down. It’s competitive here, and I think it gets you ready for the next level.”

J.C. Show, JB Hoops (PA), Abington Heights HS, 2014:

“It’s a great opportunity, we’ve really been looking forward to it. Great competition, that’s what we love about coming and playing in these big tournaments.”

Nick Emery, Utah Reign (UT), Lone Peak HS, 2013, BYU Commit:

“It’s crazy coming out from Utah. It’s more up-and down, more physical…a lot harder. And it helps us grow as a team.”

Travis Jorgenson, KC Run GMC (MO), 2013, Missouri Commit:

“There are a lot of new teams, and it’s a good way to test ourselves… [Hoop Group] Jam Fest gets us ready (for college basketball), because we’re playing better players then we can see in Missouri.

Aquille Carr, UA Bmore’s Finest (MD), Patterson HS, 2013, Seton Hall Commit:

“It’s great. There are a lot of great teams out here trying to show their talent and get some looks. Everybody wants to get out there and it’s really fun.”

Melo Trimble, D.C. Assault (D.C.), Bishop O’Connell HS, 2014:

“It’s a great experience. We have the Under Armour connection, with D.C. Assault, so it’s something new for us, and it’s been great…It’s good competition for us out here.”

Shaquile Carr, Las Vegas Prospects (NV), Canyon Springs HS, 2013:

“In this [Hoop Group] Jam Fest, I’m really liking all these players and new Under Armour stuff. It’s good to come see new players and new teams around.”

Jermaine Lawrence, New Rens (NY), Pope John XXIII HS, 2013:

“It gives me a lot of competition against the best players in the country, really. So this is a great event to be at to really show your game.”

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