Fall Junior Jam Fest Championship Recap


Jam Fests are done for 2015. The Fall Junior Jam Fest took place this past weekend at Hoop Group Headquarters, and when the final buzzer sounded, not only was the weekend finished, but the Hoop Group Jam Fest series was done for the year. It was a great way to go out on the year, as the Junior Jam Fest brought in a number of talented, and well-respected AAU programs. Here is the breakdown of each pool.

11U Pool

The 11U Pool featured two teams rise to the top of their respective pools and meet in a championship Sunday afternoon. On one side, the New Jersey Shoreshots were tested early, needing last second free throws in their first game of the weekend to squeak past JKMBA. One win quickly turned into three wins and the Shoreshots found themselves in the 11U Final.

In the other pool, the NY Rens came into Sunday with a huge game on hand. At 2-0, they would be taking on a 2-0 SJ Domination team in a game that would catapult the winner to the championship. Domination kept it close for a half, but the Rens showed their dominance in the last 14 minutes and advanced to the 11U Final. They carried momentum with them and took home the trophy after beating the Shoreshots for the Fall Jr Jam Fest Championship. Congratulations to the Rens!


12U Pool

Same team, different age group; the NY Rens program was back in a championship, as their 12u team made it out of a pool which consisted of premier teams such as the Hilltopper Heat and the reigning AAU National Champions, NJ Shoreshots-Nitro.

Their opponent, We Will Win Youth Association (3WYA), crossed the border from Canada to attend the tournament. After beating the likes of the NJ Playaz on Saturday, 3WYA controlled their own fate. Despite a Playaz win, We Will Win was able to top NX Level on Sunday and meet the Rens in a final.

With their whole program on hand to support, We Will Win took down the NY power program and celebrated a Fall Junior Jam Fest Championship!


13U Pool

The 13U pool was loaded with notable teams, including the PSA Cardinals, Hilltopper Heat, NY Rens, Bottom Ballers (Philly), Ballercise Elite, We Will Win, and more. When the dust from the four pools settled, it was PSA Cardinals, Hilltopper Heat, Ballercise Elite and, you guessed it, the NY Rens competing in semifinal play.

The semifinal match ups were polar opposites, as Pro Scholar Athletes showed their dominance over Ballercise Elite from start to finish, while Hilltopper Heat was able to stay with the Rens for a good portion of the game, before falling to the New York Club. In what was an all New York final, on this day, PSA was able to call themselves the better team. They walked out of Hoop Group Headquarters with a 13U Fall Junior Jam Fest Championship!


14U Pool

If you thought the 13U pool was loaded, wait until you see who was in the 14U. Hilltopper Heat, PSA Cardinals, NJ Playaz, NJ Shoreshots, We Will Win, Game 7 Elite, Shore Boys, Long Island Lightning, and Fulton Ballers are a few notable teams that competed in this age bracket. Any of these programs were worthy of a ‘Final Four’ appearance, but it was PSA, NJ Playaz, Shore Boys and Hilltopper Heat who would take those roles this weekend.

One semifinal saw the NJ Playaz, who had a great game against the NJ Shoreshots just a few hours earlier, take on the Shore Boys, who ran through their pool and made it look easy (it wasn’t). The shore team’s run came to a halt however, as the Playaz were too impressive all weekend long. They moved on to the final, where they would face PSA Cardinals, fresh off a victory over the Hilltopper Heat.

There are not many, if any, ways to end the Fall Junior Jam Fest than a match up between two powerhouse AAU programs. That is exactly what happened Sunday when the Playaz and Cardinals faced off. In a battle between the titans, it was the Playaz who would jump out to an early lead, and never give it up. Congratulations to the Playaz program on another Jam Fest trophy.


The Jam Fest season might be over, but Hoop Group Showdowns are still going strong with the Shoreshot Showdown up next. Find out more info here.

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