Upstate NY Top 100 Player Report Cards

The Upstate New York Top 100 capped off a crazy and exciting week of basketball for Hoop Group Elite. Here are the player report cards for each player at the showcase.

Lamar Noel11He has very good promise as a quick point guard. He can see the floor well and get into gaps.
Eric O'Neal11Eric is a good combo guard who can find the open man. He is a good shooter who takes smart shots.
Ryan Degnan10A face up forward who can shoot on the perimeter or go inside. He is a good rebounder and makes smart decisions.
N/aMarquise Dukes8Marquise is a tough guard with handle. He has a lot of potential to become an electric offensive player.
Josh Noble10He has an explosive first step and plays at the rim. If he works on his outside shot he will be a very strong offensive player.
Harry Lynch 11Harry is a great decision maker and excellent passer. He is smooth in transition and makes shots when he is open.
Isaiah White10Isaiah is a combo guard who can handle the ball and get the offense started. He plays hard on both ends of the floor.
Matthew Kanan11A shooter with a very quick release. He can defend on the ball well and understands where to be in help.
Justin Eck11Justin is a savvy guard with a good scoring ability. He makes smart decisions and never takes a play off.
Kyler Hairston12He is an aggressive scorer who is constantly attacking. His athleticism allows him to score against bigger opponents.
Matthew English11His strength is what allows him to play in the post against bigger players. He makes shots and stretches the floor.
Fode Camera11He is a long forward who runs the floor well in transition. He is a very good rebounder and gets his team extra opportunities.
Tim Reilly11Tim is a strong guard who can shoot the three. He is good with the ball in his hands and he pushes the ball in transition.
Joseph Lupetin11He is a good finisher around the rim. His energy allows him to wear down defenders.
Jonathan Martinez11Jonathan is a strong guard who plays physical. He likes to run and find teammates.
Justin Hempfield8He is a young, athletic player with potential. He can defend well and run the lanes in transition.
Jonte Washington11Jonte shoots quickly and effectively. He moves really well without the ball and finds ways to get open.
D'Nathan Knox11He is a tough athlete who plays hard and goes after rebounds. He gets to the rim and finished well.
Collin Biddings11Collin is a smart player who can get in the lane. He finds ways to finish over defenders and stays under control.
N/AKeeshawn Jones8A tough, young guard with handle and quickness. When he goes by defenders he is able to find open men.
Jesse Bambach11Jesse is a good shooter from the outside. He rebounds on both ends of the floor and can take care of the ball.
N/AJustin James11Justin attacks the basket with controlled aggression. He gets inside with ease and finishes after contact.
Tyler Banks11Tyler is a scorer who can play on the perimeter or go inside. His athleticism gives him an advantage on the glass.
Shaekwon Grant-Wheeler11Shaekwon is a quick guard that can get to the rim. He also shoots the three with regularity.
Justin Berger11Justin does a great job of playing on the ball and off the ball. If he improves his quickness he will become a great wing player.
Gareth Baugh11He is a big wing with athleticism. His knack for making the right play allows him to consistently help his team.
N/AJordan Cintron11Jordan is a wing with good size and athleticism. He rebounds well and plays at the rim consistently.
Dennis Hare11He is a very talented player who knows how to play. He gets teammates involved, but can get his own shot as well.
Kaamal Cenot11He has a strong inside presence despite being slightly undersized. He is a good rebounder and pushes the ball up the floor.
Eric Seckler10Eric is a tough kid who plays through contact of both ends. He is a good distributor when he draws pressure.
Chase Johnson10Chase is a good rebounder inside. If he continues to improve his inside scoring he will be a very good prospect.
Zamere Mckenzie11He works hard on both ends of the floor. He can finish at the rim and creates good opportunities.
William Lamar10He is a good defensive stopper at the guard position. On offense, he can pass and finish.
Justin Powell11Justin is well rounded and tough inside. If he can shoot consistently from 15 feet he will be tough to guard.
Michael Henry11Michael is athletic and has a lot of room for improvement. He can rebound and has great hands.
Devin Jones11He can do a little bit of everything on the floor. He's quick and has an ability to find open teammates.
David Gagas11David showed that he can score the ball today. He was smooth on the perimeter and got to the basket with ease.
Matthew Alfano7Matthew proved that he can take on older kids and hold his own. He was good on defense and set up the offense with effectiveness.
Chris Stineman8Chris is a young big with a lot of promise. With more development on the low block he will be a very good offensive player.
Kevin Jefferson11Kevin is a volume scorer who doesn't take a play off. He is also a smart defender who caused problems for opponents.
Willard Anderson9He is an exciting player with good handle and passing skills. He will be a good floor general at the next level.
Kevin Callahan11Kevin was one of the best performers at the event. He showed toughness, intelligence and a skill set that makes him a college prospect.
Omari Lane11Omari used his ability to beat the defense off the bounce to create chances for his teammates. He was also active in the passing lanes with multiple steals and deflections.
Devin Matchett11Devin used his strong frame to set screens and free up teammates. He also rebounded well and finished at the rim.
Rayquan Bryant11Rayquan pushes the ball well in transition and has the ability to get to the basket. He finishes through contact and finds teammates.
Kevin Keese11Kevin showed a crafty offensive game and created space for himself with ball fakes. He has good passing skills as well.
Tyler Jollie11Tyler rebounds well from the guard position. He runs hard in transition and showed the ability to shoot with range.
Erik Braaten11Erik is a long big man who can disrupt plays at the rim. Offensively, he can step out and knock down 15 footers.
Christopher Howell11He can shoot from the perimeter, and moves well for a big man. He rebounds well and makes strong passes to guards.
Alexander Romans11Alex showed great defensive ability with his ball pressure and tenacity. He got to the basket well and finished with contact.
Josh Reding9Josh used his speed and handle to get into the paint and find teammates. Defensively he was all over the place, creating positive plays for his team.
Brandon Slaybough10He used the transition game to get his teammates open looks. He was excellent jumping passing lanes and creating steals.
George Browning11George beat defenses and finished at the basket regularly. He also rebounded and worked hard on defense.
Gregory Smith12Gregory was tough defensively both on and off the ball. He also facilitated for his teammates on offense.
Brendan Fitzpatrick11He was able to finish through contact multiple times throughout the event. If he improves his perimeter game, he will be hard to guard.
Chris Alfano10Chris was one of the better hustle players in the showcase. He recorded many offensive rebounds and steals.
Justin Johnson11Justin has a good pull up jump shot in transition. He was also able to score down low.
N/AMalcolm Wynter11Malcolm is a quick guard who penetrates relentlessly. He finished at the rim with an array of moves.
Darius Chester11Darius knocked down shots all day long. Defensively, his length caused a problem for offensive players.
Anthony Tutwiler11Anthony moved well and set great screens on offense. His activity allowed him to get open shots.
Darien Jenkins10He has a tight handle that allows him to control the offense with poise. If he improves his outside game he will be a dangerous threat.
Julian Allen12Julian has good body control and is able to get to any spot on the floor. He is also good defensively and had strong pressure.
Jake Marzocca11Jaek has a high motor and he keeps his team involved with hustle plays. If he improves his scoring skills he will be a very good player.
James Walsh11James played tough pressure defense throughout the day, making it hard for ball handlers. He also ran the floor hard and finished through contact.
Rohan Walker11Rohan completed several and-1 attempts during the day. He was also good on defense, getting steals that turned into layups.
Brandon Robinson11Brandon used his strength to grab rebounds. He also showcased a solid post game, finishing with both hands.
Kaden Baugh 12Kaden shot the ball well from the perimeter. He also threw accurate passes into the post and set up early shots.
Brandan Williams11Brandan played tough perimeter defense which led to multiple steals. Offensively, he was able to get to the basket and finish over defenders.
Stephen Lappas10Stephen is a true point guard who pushes the tempo. He is able to find teammates off the drive.
Robert Worden11Robert has a good looking shot and uses it as a weapon. He had a number of good looks off his movement.
Daniel Quinn 10Daniel plays bigger than his height and he rebounds with aggression. If he develops an outside shot he will be a very good prospect.
Justin Mitchell 11Justin is a lefty with good length and handle. He penetrates the defense and makes great plays in the process.
Michael Johnson8Michael uses the width of the court well in transition. He runs wide lanes and finds open spaces to shoot in.
Thomas Dawson10He is a fundamental player who boxes out and rebounds against bigger players. He has a good three point shot and stretches the floor.
Aaron Tucker12Solid, athletic wing who can attack the basket and has a good pull up jump shot.
Brenan Mcgovern11Brenan is a terrific shooter even with contested closeouts. Able to create his own shot & shoot off the dribble.
James Howe10James a is a physical player who likes to attack the paint. Sets good screens, creates opportunities for his teammates.
Tyleik Jackson11Tyleik is a quick point guard who looks to initiate the offense. Always in a stance on defense, active hands.
Imar Lawson11Imar is a skilled ballhandler who can get by his defender. Does a good job communicating to his teammates & penetrating the gaps.
Aaron Tucker11Aaron has great length that makes him a rim-protector on defense. Quick attacking from the perimeter, very tough cover.
Florentin Parvizaj12Florentin excelled on defense. Frustrated the offense, got his hands in passing lanes, and often led to steals. Able to create for teammates on offense.
William Idzinski11William shot the ball well from three point range. He also competed at a high level on defense, good help defender.
Ryan Lawrence12Ryan is a point guard with good intangibles. Talks to teammates, gets others involved yet can also create his own shot.
Daimion Lowe12Daimion has elite athleticism. Uses it to score around the rim & rebound. Tough to shoot over him in the lane.
Jack Passaretti11Jack is a point guard who excels in transition. Has a good inside out move to get to the basket. Works hard on defense.
Devon Singleton12Devon's length gave him the ability to alter shots and force bad decisions. Good mid-range jumper.
Curtis Thompson11Curtis is a lefty dominant guard who is strong going to the rim. Finishes well at the rim for his size.
Dylan Rodriguez12Dylan is strong attacking the rim and finishing through contact. Very athletic guard, intelligent player.
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