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Friday | July 14th

2:00 PM

That will conclude our Elite 1 session here at Albright College. Thank you for tuning in and make sure to check out the Live Blog next week for our Elite 2 session!

1:58 PM

Team Blue wins 94-87! Malachi De Sousa wins the MVP with 17 points.

1:48 PM

The score is 80-72 mid way through the 4th.

1:45 PM

Stephan Gabriel is putting on a dunk contest here as he already has 4.

1:42 PM

Team Blue is ahead 64-49 here at the start of the  3rd. Malachi De Sousa is the high man with 17 points while  shooting 3-6 from the perimeter.

1:32 PM

Joel Soriano has been phenomenal defensively as he as 5 blocks here in the 2nd.

1:23 PM

The Score is 27-20 going into the second quarter Team Blue is ahead.

1:22 PM

Malachi De Sousa has 14 points in the first with 2 threes. The big man is on FIRE.

1:10 PM 

Adrien Nunez with the DEEP fade away three. The wing is 2-3 from beyond the arc early. Team Blue is up 19-12 in the first.

1:05 PM

Top 20 All-star game is coming up! Big time talent face off here on the main court!

12:26 PM

Award Ceremony is coming up so pile into the bleachers!

12:22 PM 

Stephan Gabriel played incredible in the NBA championship game. Expect the forward to have a big rest of the summer.

12:18 PM

Team 7 is playing incredibly right now in the championship game. The score is 79-61 with 2 minutes remaining.

12:14 PM 

Award ceremony is getting ready to start so make sure you get to the gym!

12:07 PM

Team 31 wins 55-54 in a crazy close victory. Stay tuned for more action here at Albright College.

11:38 AM

Championship games are underway here, Rec  2 has a tie game 48-48 with under two minutes left.

11:05 AM 

Jared Henderson-Hunt hits the Mid range jumper to put Team 31 down  3 in the 2nd quarter on Rec 2.

10:39 AM

SUNY Cortland Assistant Patrick Stasiak is doing a great job coaching Team 16 right now as the score is 30-11 mid way through  the second quarter.

10:24 AM

Team 16 has started the game on a 15-0 run here on Court 1.

10:18 AM

Woody with the slam as time expires to allow Team 20 to win by 9 in a thriller!

10:16 AM

Zahir Woody with the dagger to put Team 20 up by 7.

10:13 AM


10:05 AM

Team 20 is up 70-65 with under 2 to play.

10:02 AM

Malachi De Sousa with the contested 3 to cut the deficit to just 1 possession!

9:56 AM

Team 29 is STORMING back from a double digit deficit here on Court 3 by cutting the lead to just 6.

9:45 AM

Court 1 is a close one here as Team 7 leads Team 18 by 6 in the 3rd.

9:33 AM

Court 3 today has a battle of the beasts here as both undefeated Teams 20 and 29 face off to see whos the best!

8:45 AM

Jumping right into our first game set for the last day of Elite 1.

Thursday | July 13th

10:05 PM

And that will conclude today’s set of games! Tomorrow are the Playoffs and Allstar Games so make sure to be watching!

9:19 PM

Wahaad Johnson to Bobby Miller for the transition bucket. The duo have established a connection here on Court 1.

8:48 PM 

Adrien Nunez with the silky smooth midrange here on Court 3.  Hes been hitting the contested jumper all day.

8:02 PM

Tyson to De Sousa off the board for the SLAM as Team 29 wins in high fashion over Team 21.

7:34 PM

Tyson Etienne being Tyson as he hangs on the rim after the big slam. Making it look easy here on court 1.

6:36 PM

Benjamin Lander of The UK has 3 straight buckets for team 36 here on court 2.

5:55 PM 

Tyson Etienne with 6 assists here in the early  second quarter. The Long Island guard has been tough as nails today.

5:23 PM

Harry Rafton of the UK has found his stroke here on court 2. The guard has played very well as of late.

4:42 PM

Jake Betlow with the smooth backdoor assist. Montverde Guard is cooking here on Rec 1.

4:20 PM

Nelson with numerous chase down pin blocks in the win, up next we have Devin Cooper vs Jake Betlow. More elite basketball coming your way!

3:44 PM

Fraunheim and Nelson vs Chris Mann and company. Rec 1. Be there.

3:11 PM 

RONNIE SILVA FOR THREE! BANG! Back to back threes for the shifty guard from MA

2:30 PM

Afternoon game sessions are getting ready to tip so make sure you make your way to the gym!

2:05 PM

Coach Paul Nicholson of The Plymouth Raiders is telling  the players to communicate. Communication wins games!

1:45 PM

Team shooting drills are being conducted now. Players are looking to work on their range as well as their mechanics.

1:14 PM 

Court 1 has a thriller right now. Both Teams  exchanging 3 pointers in front of what seems to be the entire camp.

12:48 PM

Maurice Commander 2018 G Chicago IL  picked up and offer from Sacred Heart this morning.  Commander would be a big steal for any Division 1 program.

12:05 PM 

Numerous Colleges coaches here on the first full day of the Division 1 live period. Schools ranging from Navy to Rutgers are here watching as these players get exposure they couldn’t get anywhere else.

11:44 AM

Chris Mann getting ready to come into the game on Rec 2. Come catch the big man in action.

11:05 AM 

Nick Timberlake with a smooth mid range jumper here on Rec 2. The guard had double digit points here early this morning. Teams are starting to ask for him here in Reading.

10:26  AM:

Supreme Cook has been an absolute fiend down low. The big man has been nothing short of amazing.

9:50  AM

Latravian Glover is already active in the paint. Big man has two block within the first minute of play here on Rec 2.

9:40 AM

Good morning here from the Rec at Albright College, our morning session of games is underway and we are ready for some Elite basketball!

Wednesday | July 12th

10:45 PM

That will conclude Day 2 of camp! Tune in tomorrow to an even more exciting day of high level hoops and make sure to give us a follow on Twitter @TheHoopGroup to see our stand out performers for each day!

10:15 PM

Night session of games are going on here at the Rec. Bobby Miller putting on a dunk show here on Rec Court 1.

9:36 PM 

Supreme Cook is doing a phenomenal job here in the post. Big time double double potential.

9:05 PM

Nelson is putting on a dunk contest here at the Rec. This game is a must see!

8:34 PM

Adrien Nelson is getting ready to tip off here on Rec 2!

8:03 PM

John Kelly with the deep three as Team 24 cuts the deficit to 4 here on court 1.

7:25 PM

Commander with the clever no look pass for the easy layup. A show is being put on here on court 3.

6:31 PM

Maurice Commander is getting ready to start up on Court 3 here. Chicago guard is SUPER underrated. Hes due for a BIG week

5:43 PM

De Sousa with the AND-1! Malachi being Malachi here on court 2.

5:38 PM

Malachi De Sousa with the BIG TIME slam on the feed from Tyson Etienne. This couldn’t be more of an exciting game here on court 2!

4:52 PM

 What a better way to kick off the live period then Etienne vs Nunez on court 2. Two of camps best battling it out here live! Catch it now!

4:18 PM

Court 3 has a thriller here and the first half isn’t even completed yet. Team 38 came back from a double digit deficit to cut it to a 1 possession game with under 2 to go against Team 44.

3:45: PM:

We are approaching the beginning of the NCAA Division 1 live period here at 5 PM. Coaches will start pouring in around then so make sure you make your way to the gym!

3:01 PM:

Ian Torres is having a day here on court 2. Guard has double digit points here late.

2:35 PM: 

Afternoon game sessions are about to tip off!

1:35 PM:

Elite Directors Zack Curran and Cooper Handlesman are leading the troops here on screen and roll/ hedge defensive drills.

12:51 PM:

Players have broken off into small workout groups.

12:03 PM:

Team 1 wins 78-66 here in a flashy battle between the big men.

11:54 AM

Team 1 is RUNNING away with this one,  score is 71-56 with under 4 left. Joel Soriano just had a SWEET two handed slam on the pass from Antonio Rizzuto.

11:45 AM:

Team 1 take the 50-49 lead here late in the 3rd quarter. Good one here on court 3.

11:39 AM:

Glover is blocking absolutely everything. The high motor big is electric here on court 3 as he already has a 4 blocks at half time.

11:23 AM:

Latravian Glover vs Joel Soriano. Two of  camps top bigs battle it out here live on court 3. This is something you DONT want to miss.

10:35 AM

Nicholas Timberlake with the two handed fast break flush! The guard shined on the defensive end as he ended with 3+ steals after game 1

10:05 AM

Let the games begin!

9:42 AM

Good morning from Albright College! Today starts the Division 1 live period so make sure you find your way to the gym ASAP.

Tuesday | July 11th

9:48 PM

And that will conclude Day 1 of our Elite 1 session, stay tuned for tomorrow when the Division 1 live period begins!

8:53 PM

Players are being instructed by shooting coach Dave Hopla at Half Court.

8:37 PM

This is the Adrian Nelson and Jordan Fox show right now on Court 2. Both have 2 dunks and a couple threes so far.

8:04 PM

Tayjuan Mckenzie with back to back DEEP threes.

7:32 PM 

Cameron Bett stops the fast break finish with a chase down block .

7:01 PM

Musa Jeng is 6’8 and hes handling the rock like a natural guard. Hes balling out on Court 2 everyone!

6:32 PM

Adam ElGammal of Christ the King is a bruiser down low. The 6’7 big man is a presence in the paint.

5:49 PM

HAVE A DAY TYSON ETIENNE! Etienne had 3 straight iso situations here and scored on all three (2 of the three were 3pts).  Expect the electric  6’1 guard to have a very exciting week.

5:44 PM

Tyler Thomas with the  one handed put back SLAM.

5:42 PM
 Chris Mann vs Ismael Massoud is a crazy match up going on at Court 2. Get there ASAP.

5:26 PM 

Ismael Massoud (MacDuffie School 19) is a blocking everything here on Court 1. The big man has two chase down pin blocks already.

5:10 PM 

The Jersey Guard David Aikens takes it to the rack and finishes in contact over the larger defender.

4:37 PM

Isaiah Preston with is making it look easy here on Court 1. Back to back assists for the

4:30 PM

Emmanuel Umoffia with the smooth reverse layup off the post spin. The 7 footer is starting to feel himself here on court 2.

4:18 PM

Malik Mckinney is on FIRE on court 2 right now. The shifty guard has the ball on a string here early.

3:35 PM 

Tryout scrimmages are getting underway here on the indoor courts.

2:56 PM

3 v 2 drills are starting up, players are looking to use their IQ to find the open man.

2:33 PM

Players are doing attack the basket drills as well as pull up mid-range jumper drills.

2:14 PM

Players are breaking off for group stations.

1:54 PM

Good Afternoon Everyone! Registration is coming to a close and campers are getting ready to start up camp.


Top 20 Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
515 Jake Betlow 2019 6’2 Montverde Academy Montverde
557 Tyler Plummer 2017 6’3 Orangeville Prep Mono Ontario
396 Hassan Diarra 2019 6’3 Holy Cross New York
108 Stephan Gabriel 2018 6’7 Columbia Maplewood
19 Emmanuel Umoffia 2018 7’2 Score Academy Boca Raton
404 Christian Ings 2019 6’1 Neumann / Goretti Philadelphia
256 Antonio Rizzuto 2018 6’3 Northeastern Manchester
439 Dereon Seaborn 2018 6’6 Lake Taylor HS Norfolk
539 Adrian Nelson 2018 6’6 Pickerington Central Pickerington
595 Latravian Glover Jr 2017 6’8 South Miami Miami


Top 20 Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
125 David Alkens 2018 6’2 Atlantic City HS Atlantic City
118 Adrien Nunez 2018 6’6 St Thomas Moore Oakdale
459 Melik Martin 2018 6’6 Putnam Science Putnam
499 Malachi De Sousa 2018 6’6 South Kent South Kent
593 Marc Dadika 2018 6’7 St Mary’s Rutherford
103 Tyson Etienne 2019 6’2 Long Island Lutheran Brookville
592 Daniel Sofield 2019 6’5 Jackson Liberty Jackson
149 Ismael Massoud 2019 6’8 MacDuffie School Granby
594 Souleymane Koureissi 2018 6’9 Iona Prep New Rochelle
159 Joel Soriano 2019 6’10 Archbishop Stepinac White Plains


Senior All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
234 Christopher Wright 2018 6’1 NY Military Academy Cornwall
193 Kam Harris 2018 6’0 Amelia  Academy Amelia
308 Luke Hicks 2018 6’5 Shenedehowa Central Clifton Park
89 Calistus Anyichie 2018 6’9 St Mary’s Elizabeth
479 Musa Jeng 2018 6’8 St Benedict’s Newark
261 Julius Brown 2018 5’10 Westerville North Westerville
155 Cle’Von Greene 2018 6’2 Williamsburg Christian Williamsburg
278 Darweshi Hunter 2018 6’5 Princeton Cincinnati
468 Ebrima Dibba 2018 6’6 St Benedicts Newark
219 Ryan Smith 2018 6’8 Lampeter-Strasburg Lampeter
23 Malik McKinney 2018 6’1 Indian Creek Crownsville


Senior All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
34 Stephen Cannady Jr 2018 6’0 St Vincent Pallotti Laurel
443 Sherwy Devonish 2018 6’0 Wise Upper Marlboro
327 Adam Freesen 2018 6’4 Kennard-Dale Fawn Grove
167 Ryan Moffatt 2018 6’5 Hempfield Landisville
199 Daishaun Woods 2018 6’8 The Tilton School Tilton
603 Arseniy Andreev 2017 5’11 IMG Academy Bradenton
83 KJ Harris 2018 6’1 Loomis Chaffee Windsor
107 Christopher Mann 2018 6’5 Phillipsburg Phillipsburg
509 Jordan Thomas 2018 6’5 Bishop Loughlin Brooklyn
209 Onye Okoro 2018 6’8 Eastern Voorhees


Underclassmen All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
 241  Edward Davis III  2019 5’11  DePaul Catholic  Wayne
386 Jack Cavanaugh  2019 6’4 Pope John Sparta
217 Jaylen Davis 2019 6’4 Christ the King Middle Village
39 Supreme Cook 2019 6’6 East Orange East Orange
409 Owen McGlashan 2019 6’6 Cherokee Marlton
335 Jonas Harper 2019 6’3 St Lukes New Canaan
68 Jordan McAllister 2019 6’4 Worcester Academy Worcester
528 Fousseyni Drame 2019 6’5 Our Savior New American Centereach
529  Tyson Brown 2019 6’6 Kempsville High School Virginia Beach
610 JT Thor 2020 6’6 Jamestown High School Williamsburg
635 Jordan Hall 2020 6’3 Middle Township Cape May Ct House


Underclassmen All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
 44  Doug Edert  2019  6’3  Bergen Catholic  Oradell
205 Brian Mitchell 2019 6’3 Wings Academy Bronx
634 Jacob Sussman 2019 6’4 Delbarton Morristown
518 Hassan Drame 2019 6’5 Our Savior New American Centereach
128 Eoin McCann 2019 6’6 Mount Temple Dublin
95 Ricardo Dominguez 2019 6’2 Our Savior Lutheran Bronx
247 Jonah Charles 2019 6’4 Rutgers Prep Somerset
478 Anthony Bowman 2019 6’5 St Charles Waldorf
633 Reece Brown 2020 6’7 Loomis Chaffee Waldorf
632 Justin Owens 2020 6’8 Thomas Jefferson High Brooklyn Brooklyn


West All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
 47  Tyler Murray 2018 6’6  Tiverton High School  Tiverton
142 Terrell Wilson  2018 5’11  Thurgood Marshall HS Missouri City
53 Gerald Ross  2019 6’3 Loyalsock Williamsport
465 Derek White Jr  2018 6’2 Nansemond-Suffolk Suffolk
65 Will Meyers  2018 6’2 IMG Academy Bradenton
569 Mario Gunn  2019 6’4 East Orange East Orange
440 Kolby Braxton  2018 5’8 Delsea Franklinville
436 Evan Ellington   2018 6’3 Saint Vincent Pallotti Laurel
127 Carlos Alcorta  2018 6’4 Fray Pedro de Urbina Burgos
141 David Brown  2018 5’10 St Paul Concord
487 Tariq McDonald 2018 6’3 IMG Academy Bradenton


West All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
 579  Anthony Torres  2019 6’10  Ocoee  Orlando
213 Jonathan Lamartine 2018 6’0 Christ the King High Middle Village
445 Nicholas Memoli 2019 6’3 John F. Burke Catholic Goshen
287 Gabe Casey 2018 6’4 Oasis High School Cape Coral
111 James Jordan 2019 6’0 Warren Hills Washington
257 Hunter Cole 2018 6’5 Red Hook Central Red Hook
604 Matthew Ilodigwe 2018 5’11 Concord High School Wilminton
326 Tiemogo (TJ) Sangare 2019 6’3 Shenendehowa Central Clifton Park
133 Terence O’Brien 2018 6’3 Westlake Thornwood
471 Jalin Robinson 2018 5’10 Red Lion Christian Bear
472 Tom McGuire 2018 6’0 Comsewogue Port Jefferson St


NCAA All Star Team 1

# Name Grade Height School City
11 Nick Harris 2020 5’8 McKinney North McKinney
124 Taj Chiles 2020 5’5 Bishop Loughlin Brooklyn
13 Jalen Reuben 2020 5’9 Wise Upper Marlboro
18 Shane Martinsen 2020 6’2 John Jay Cross River
17 Ryan Gertenbach 2021 6’2 Paul VI Fairfax
143 Markell Lake 2020 5’8 St Raymonds Bronx
107 Ben Murray 2020 6’0 Brookline Brookline
68 Tyshun Bryant 2021 6’0 St Thomas More Magnolia
37 James Fallon 2020 6’1 Iona Prep New Rochelle
48 Darius Harvey 2021 6’2 Flint Hill Oakton


NCAA All Star Team 2

# Name Grade Height School City
126 Michael Aiken 2021 5’5 Thurgood Marshall Washington
43 Chase Gardner 2020 5’10 Grace Church Manhattan
55 Jack O’Connell 2020 5’11 Montclair Kimberley Montclair
66 Kenneth Miller 2021 6’0 Wise Upper Marlboro
104 Matt Price 2020 6’0 Brookline Brookline
72 Tim Evidente 2021 5’9 Princeton Princeton
91 Daemond Ford 2021 5’10 Wise Upper Marlboro
94 Josiah Shamsiddeen 2020 5’11 Holt Holt
25 Noah Klinewski 2020 6’0 Eastern Voorhees
67 Kyle Rocker 2020 6’1 Andover High School Andover

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