2017 Southern Jam Fest Live Blog

Live Blog

Sunday | May 20th


3:27 pm

2:30 pm

Team Takeover Black with the 16u Championship victory over DC Blue Devils 55-48

2:23 pm

2:16 pm

1:11 pm

Boo Williams with the 17u Semi victory

1:06 pm

Kiyon Boyd with a floater keeping Boo’s lead to ten with a min to play 

1:05 pm

Oscar with a steal and save for Team loaded. Offensive foul called on the finish

1:03 pm

Rasir Bolton with a three making it a ten point game with less that 2 to go

12:59 pm

Two techs called on the court. Heated matchup as Team Leaded trails by 17

12:59 pm

Garner Road leads by 7 with only 43 seconds on the clock

12:55 pm

Boo Williams running away with a 13 point lead with 3 to play

12:54 pm

Time- out with 4.44 left on the clock. Boo Williams leads by 9

12:53 pm

Mac McClung with a rebound and put back making it a 8 point game with 5.15 to play

12:52 pm

Garner Road leads Team BBC by 6 pts with 2.14 left to play

12:46 pm

Team Loaded VA with ten team fouls with still 8 mins left

12:45 pm

Isaiah Todd on the line with 9 mins to go

12:41 pm

Offensive foul on Team BBC as they trail by 7 with 7.12 to play

12:40 pm

Zion Harmon for 3 from the corner

12:38 pm

Mike Wynn with a reverse layup putting Team Loaded Va down 8 with 11.30 to play

12:37 pm

Anderson Mirambeaux has been unstoppable as he goes up and is fouled for an easy three point play putting Boo Williams up 12 points

12:36 pm

Garner Road up 54 – 43

12:32 pm

Offensive foul on Team Loaded

12:31 pm

12:29 pm

Boo Williams leads by 5 going into the first half

12:27 pm

Keldon Johnson on the line with .30 to play in the first

12:25 pm

Audre Hyatt with 18 in the first half

12:23 pm


12:22 pm

Keldon Johnson shooting two from the line after being fouled on a mid-range jumper. Boo Williams now leads by 3

12:19 pm

Zion Harmon cuts of McCormack’s roll a screen.

12:18 pm

Keyontae Johnson, 3 for 4 from the line putting them up 5

12:17 pm

12:16 pm

David McCormack strong on the board for two putting them down by 3 with 4.42 to play

12:14 pm

Keyontae Johnson misses one, makes one from the line putting Boo up by 3 with 6 to play

12:13 pm

24 all on other court with 5 to play in the first

12:12 pm

Kiyon Boyd on the line 

12:10 pm

Keyontae Johnson with a quick hitter dunk

12:08 pm

Ricky Lindo with a reverse layup making it a two point game

12:06 pm
Keldon Johnson knocks down two from the line putting Boo Williams up by 3 only 6 mins into the half

12:04 pm

Rasir Bolt  on the line to make it a 3 point game. Boo Williams leads

12:00 pm

11:50 pm

11 :40 am 

DC Blue Devils lead by 9 with 4.17 left in the 16u powerhouse matchup

11:4o am

11:38 am 

Jordan Miller goes down hard. Now at the line shooting 2. DC Blue Devils with the ball under the basket

11:34 am

El Jarvis on the line for Team Takeover Black with 6.22 to play in the

11:33 am

Bol Akot on the line with just under 8 to play.

11:31 am

Jordan Santos goes up strong for the Blue Devils giving them a 6 point lead with 8 to play

11:29 am

DC Blue Devils with the ball under the basket. They lead b 2 with 9.40 to play

11:26 am

Terrance Williams slams one for Team Takeover Black putting them up 51 – 37 with 10 to play

11:24 am

DC Blue Devils with back to back steals to put them up 7 on New Heights.

11:22 am

DC Blue Devils one the line putting them up 6 with 13 to play

11:08 am

Team Takeover Black drives to put them up 29 – 18

11:05 am

DC Blue Devils with a foul and put Idan Tretout (New Heights) on the line for two. DC Blue Devils lead by 4 with under 2 in the first

11:01 am

11:00 am

New Heights pushing the ball to keep DC Blue Devils’ lead to 3 with 4 min left in the half

10:58 am

7 mins in BWSL – Chiz up 3 on Team Takeover Black

10:52 am

DC Blue Devils and New Heights 16us 7 into their matchup on court 2. New Heights trials by 7

10:50 am

10:46 am

Boo Williams finishes with a 2 point victory over Erick Green Premier to move onto the next round

10:42 am

Erick Green with two missed attempts. foul to send Boo Williams to the line with 31 seconds to play, Boo Williams goes up 6

10:40 am

Boo Williams with a steal and foul on Erick Green Premiere on the recovery attempt

10:40 am

Boo Williams gaining momentum in the OT. Win the tip and go up on a quick two

10:38 am

Ball out on Erick Green Premiere. Boo Williams with the ball and Aundre Hyatt takes a three that bounces off the back of the rim
10:37 am

Johnson knocks down one to tie the game

10:36 am

Block called on Erick Green Premiere. Keldon Johnson on the line with 2.8 remaining

10:35 am

Loose ball. Boo Williams gets the ball under their basket with 5.5 seconds left

10:33 am

Boo Williams with an offensive foul down by 1 with only 8 seconds on the clock

10:31 am

Erick Green Premiere with a break putting them up one with 26 seconds to go

10:31 am

55 – 56 with a little more than a min to play

10:00 pm

9:40 am

Saturday | May 20th

10:35 pm

Garner Road closes out day 2 of Southern Jam Fest with a win over Team Loaded

10:15 pm

10:10 pm

Team Wall chipping away at DC Premier. Now trailing by 6 points with 3.20 left

10:08 pm

Jermaine Harris  controlling the boards with 7 to play


DC Premier pushing the tempo to lead Team Wall 47 – 43 with 9.20 on the clock

9:58 pm

Team Loaded trails Garner Road by 18 with 15 to play

9:56 pm

Team Wall goes up 8 pts with just under 15 left to play

9:48 pm

9:41 pm

DC Premier at the line with 4.37 left in the first half; lead by 5 pt

9:35 pm

DC Premier and Team Wall 15 all with 8.15 left in the first

9:15 pm

Team BBC leads Maryland’s Finest by 17 with 3.30 left to play

9:01 pm

DJ Robertson of Team Wall finished with 24 pts

8:41 pm

BWSL – Dip leads Team BBC by 7 points with 1.13 left on the clock

8:40 pm

8:30 pm

8:28 pm

DC Blue Devils take the game bringing in the second to last game set of the night

8:22 pm 

DC Blue Devils with the offensive rebound after a scramble. Puts two away from the line giving DC a 3 point lead with 15 seconds left

8:21 pm

DC Blue Devils fouled going up under the basket and put one away for a 3 point lead with 30 secs to play

8:20 pm

DC Blue Devils go up 1 with 42 secs to play

8:15 pm

DC Blue Devils for three putting them down by 4

8:14 pm

Team BBC knocks down two from the foul line to make it a two point game as BWSL leads 40 -38 with 13.40 to play

8:11 pm

K-Low Elite leads by 6 after a technical was called under the basket

8:08 pm

DC Blue Devils with two from the line to put make it a 5 point game

8:05 pm

Team Loaded NC vs Team Thrill 47 – 57. Jordan led Team Thrill with 13 points

8:02 pm

Dejohnte Pickney of Team Loaded 757 Red with 23 pts

7:55 pm

Team Loaded VA finishes with a victory in the 7:00 pm game set. Only two more until the conclusion of #SouthernJamFest day 2

7:51 pm

7:49 pm

SJ Hoops Elite on a fast break for two making it a 10 point game with 2 min in the first

7:48 pm

7:45 pm

7:37 pm

Malachi De Sousa for two on a break away putting Castle Athletics up 12 with 6.50 to play in the first

7:32 pm

Team Melo Red calls a time out after a stop and potential three point play is made by Team Loaded VA

7:30 pm

Team Loaded VA tightens Team Melo Red’s lead to 4 point 3 mins into the second half

7:23 pm

Armando Bacot with two free-throws to make it a 9 point game with .38 secs in the first

7:20 pm

Team Melo Red with a 9 point game with less than 2 mins before the half

7:10 pm

Ricky Lindo knocks down two foul shots for Team Loaded VA closing Team Melo Red’s lead to 3 points with 5.30 in the first

7:04 pm

Castle Athletics leads 21 -14 over SJ Hoops Elite with 4.30 to play in the first

7:00 pm

Team Loaded VA and Team Melo Red facing up as leads by 2 with 11.11 in the first

6:48 pm

6:45 pm

6:33 pm

Micheal Brown with a steal and dishes it off to Mekhi Hendricks who draws the foul and makes one from the line

6:30 pm

D1 Spartans with a short jumper making it 47 – 56 with 8 to play

6:28 pm

Jake Stephens for 3

6:27 pm

Zion Harmon breaks a high press to set Keldon Johnson for a layup and foul. Johnson knocks two down from the line

6:22 pm 

Micheal Brown with a steal, drive and foul for an Erick Green Premiere 3 point conversion making it a 5 point game

6:19 pm

Zion Harmon drives and is fouled. At the line for two

6:11 pm

Garner Road trails Erick Green Premiere by 11 pts going into the second half

BWSL leads D1 Spartans by 7

6:09 pm

M Avery of Boo Williams Slams one for a 8 point lead

6:05 pm

BWSL – Williams leads D1 Spartans by 14 after Keyontae Johnson goes up hard for a board

5:56 pm

Boo Williams on the foul line to add two towards their 8 point lead with 8.30 in the first half

5:50 pm

Rebels 16s lose a close one by 1 point to Perkasie Knights

5:48 pm

5:02 pm

Team Choo getting some momentum late in the first half. Team Loaded 757 holds them off 23 – 16 with 3.31 on the clock

4:54 pm

6 point game between Team Choo and Team Loaded 757 with 5 mins left in the first half

4:05 pm

3:57 pm

3:06 pm

2:55 pm

Garner Road leads by 6 with less than 7 left on the clock

2:52 pm

District Basketball Elite trails by 6 with 11.21 to play


BWSL on the line to make it a 3-point game (Team Loaded leads)

2:46 pm


2:42 pm

District Basketball Elite and Garner Road enter the second half 24 all

2:32 pm

2:30 pm

District Basketball Elite goes up five on Garner Road

2:21 pm

1:55 pm

1:48 pm

1:38 pm

1:37 pm

LBA Team Attack Showcase ties it up after a shot off the back foot

1:36 pm

Team Takeover –  Grey takes the lead going up 2 with ten to play

1:34 pm

Team Melo Red knocks down a foul shot to make it 52 all


LBA Team Attack Showcase with back to back un-answered possessions taking a 1 point lead with 5.33 to go

1:31 pm

Metroball DC drives to tie it up 38 all

1:26 pm

LBA Team Attack Showcase comes out strong in the second half taking a 4 point lead 44-40

1:16 pm

LBA Team Attack Showcase trails Team Melo Red by 5  after a deep three entering the second half

1:14 pm

Castle Athletics trails Metroball DC by 5 with 4.30 to play

1:11 pm

Team Melo Red leads LBA Team Attack Showcase by 1 with 3 left in the half

1:09 pm

James Bishop contributes 25 pts for Team Thrill

1:06 pm

BWSL Chamblee 14u beat VA Hokies 60-55

AJ Williams scored 12 for BWSL

Lance Johnson scored 20 for the Hokies

12:35 pm

12:25 pm


12:17 pm

YWBallers lead by 4 going into the second half

12:14 pm

YW Ballers trail Hoop Nation Red by 1 with less than a min left in the first half

12:11 pm

Team Loaded VA leads by 21 pts with under 7 in the first

12:00 pm

11:56 am

Team Thrill vs BWSL Campbell 62-37: Joshua Campbell scored 11 for Team Thrill

11:55 am

lead by 1

11:40 am

D1 Spartans on the line with 17 seconds to play

11:38 am

D1 Spartans with a technical. Team Takeover – Grey knocks down 2 to make it 61 – 64

11:32 am

Devon on the line to make it 57 – 64

11:30 am

Keldon Johnson drives to give BWSL – Williams a 6 point lead with 3 to play

11:22 am

BWSL – Williams bench getting loud as Team Silk gains momentum closing the gap to 7 with 8.21 to play

11:16 am

Davon Holmes on the line for Team Silk as they trail by 10 with 12 mins to play

11:05 am 

D1 Spartans trail by 5 going into the second half

11:04 am

Clemons knocks down one

11:03 am

BWSL – Williams up 7 with Isaiah Clemons of Team Silk on the line

11:03 am

Team Takeover – Grey takes a four point lead with 1 min left in the half


10:55 am

Team Takeover and D1 Spartans tied 27 – 27 with 5 left in the first

10:53 am

BWSL – Williams press for a turnover putting them up 6 with 4.52 left in the first half

10:51 am

14 all between BWSL – Williams and Team PA Silk

10:40 am

Team Richmond Garner vs PW Hoyas 76-44. Zane fox scored 17 for Team Richmond

10:35 am

Third game set gearing up

D1 Spartans and Team Takeover facing up on court 2

Team Silk and BWSL – Williams court 1

10:10 am

Germantown Heat starts day 2 off with a victory

9:53 am

Germantown Heat opens the half strong going on an 8 point run within the first 3 mins

9:49 am

Germantown Heat and East Coast Power Basketball in a tight battle on court 2 with Germantown Heat leading by 1 at the start of the second half

9:44 am

9:24 am

Devon Dunn from Team Takeover Orange finished his first game with 20 pts

9:22 am

Second game set warming up

9:07 am

Team PA starts Day 2 with a win over VA Hard 2 Guard

9:05 am

Only 1 min left in back and forth battle between Team PA and VA Hard 2 Guard with Team PA on the line

8:47 am

Tied game between Team PA and VA Hard 2 Guard 40-40 with at the beginning of the second half

8:45 am


Team PA goes four straight possessions un-answered to make it a 2-point game on court 1

8:31 am

Team PA with a hard drive to bring them within 6 points of VA Hard 2 Guard

8:25 am

Team PA on the line for two to bring them

8:15 am

First round of games for day two of Southern Jam Fest kick off

Friday | May 19 th

10:55 pm

NY Gauchos trial by 3 as

10:54 pm

Castle Athletics with 3 un-answered possessions putting them up six

10:52 pm

VA Hard 2 Guard’s ball under the basket as they trail by one

10:50 pm

LBA Attack up 7 with only 36 sec left

10:52 pm

VA Hard 2 Guard and Castle Athletics tied with 9 mins on the clock

10:49 pm

NY Gauchos with two from the foul line making it a 3 point game with less than 2 to play

10:46 pm

LBA Attack goes up 5 with 2 mins left against NY Gauchos

10:27 pm

Team Melo leads the NJ Crusaders by 6 going into the second half after 6 un-answer points

10:15 pm

10:00 pm

9:58 pm

Wrightway Skills up 60 -63 with 30 secs left against PW Hoyas

9:53 pm

Team 757 defeats Team Rebels by 3 points

9:50 pm

9:48 pm

Team Wall at the foul line with .9 seconds left

9:46 pm

Team Wall up by one with 30 seconds left in OT

9:42 pm

Lamar Woody courters with two points from the line making it a one-point game

9:41 pm

Shawn Sanders knocks down two free throws to put Team Loaded 757 up by 1 with 5 mins to play

9:39 pm

Higher Level and Team Wall enter the first OT of Southern Jam Fest 55-55

9:25 pm

Grant Yates knocks down a foul shot to bring Higher Level to a 7 point lead over Team Wall with 4 mins to play

9:16 pm

Team Loaded 757 knocks down a three to tie it up entering the second half

9:15 pm

Lamar Woody knocks 2 down from the line to put Team Rebels up by 3

9:10 pm

Team Loaded 757 trails Team Rebels by 1 with 40 secs to play in the first

8:52 pm


8:49 pm

Garner Road with a strong finish over East Coast Power Basketball

8:47 pm

District Basketball Club finishes with a victory over VA Beach Elite 72 – 51

8:46 pm


8:40 pm

Jonathan Mebane strong on the boards for Garner Road as he goes up and is fouled for another potential 3-point play

8:38 pm

Team BBC finishes 81-45 over Hoop Nation Blue

8:37 pm

Garner Road and East Coast Power Basketball now tied 41 all with 3 mins on the clock

8:36 pm 

Jonathan Mebane makes a free throw for a three point play

8:33 pm

East Coast Power Basketball drives to put them up one on Garner Road

8:29 pm 

One point game between Garner Road and East Coast Power Basketball as Garner Road leads with 6.20 left on the clock

8:28 pm

District Basketball Club leads VA Beach Elite by 12 going into the second half

8:26 pm

8:04 pm

7:52 pm

7:26 pm

6:54 pm

Arminas Kleisys with 1 from the line for Team Takeover Grey as they lead VA Hard 2 Guard by 6

6:50 pm

Tie game between Crusader Nation and SJ Blitz with 4 mins in the first half

6:45 pm 

Gabriel Kier goes up strong for a layup and three point play as Team Takeover Grey trails by 4 in the second.

6:41 pm 

D1 Spartans lead Juice All Stars by 20 with 11 to play

6:39 pm

Team Takeover Grey trails VA Hard 2 Guard by 1 entering the second half

6:34 pm

At the beginning of the half, Juice All Stars trails D1 Spartans (35 – 52)

6:32 pm

VA Hard 2 Guard and Team Takeover Grey going basket for basket as Takeover takes the lead back with under 3 left on the clock

6:31 pm

VA Hard 2 Guard takes a one point lead with just under 4 to play

6:27 pm

Team Takeover Grey leads VA Hard 2 Guard by 1 with 4.30 to go in the first half

6:20 pm

6:19 pm 

River City Reign HGSL pulls away as they lead  by 8 with 14 seconds to play

6:18 pm

BWSL with a (65 – 48) victory over Virginia Heat

6:16 pm

less than a min left; River City Reign holds a 7 point lead

6:15 pm

1.38 left on court 4 asTeam Thrill VA trails by 7 points

6:10 pm

3.32 left : Jayden Nixon is at the line trailing by 12-points

6:08 pm

Juice All Stars and D1 Spartans tip off on court 2

6:03 pm

BWSL – Russelll takes a 4 point lead with 7 mins to play


6:00 pm

Team Silk beats Team PA (71 – 60)

5:58 pm

BWSL-Russell leads Germantown Heat by 1 point on court 3 with 8.30 left in the second half

5:53 pm

Team Silk on the line for two giving them a 6 point lead with 3.40 to play in the second half

5:49 pm

4 point game between BWSL- Russell and Germantown Heat with 13 mins left in the second half

5:48 pm

5:38 pm

Team Silk beginning to pull away with a 9 point lead with 11 mins to play in the second

5:36 pm

NJ Crusaders unable to make it for the 5:00 game; Bump – n – Run win with a forfeit.

5:30 pm

Team PA on the line making it 28 – 31

5:28 pm

Team Silk leading by 4 at the half of 17u game between Team Pa and Team Silk

5:22 pm 

Team Pro leads by 7 with a little more than 2 mins left in NC Lakers and Team Pro Look 16u game

5:20 pm

5:00 pm

Games underway at 2017 Southern Jam Fest