94Fifty will change basketball training with technology

At the Hoop Group’s Pitt Top 100 Clinic held at Ambridge High School on April 18, players, parents and coaches were exposed to something which will become a prominent fixture at Hoop Group events over the coming months, 94Fifty sensor basketballs.

In keeping with its mission of being a comprehensive basketball company, the Hoop Group has entered into a business partnership with InfoMotion Sports Technologies, a company which is on the cutting edge of using today’s technologies to help basketball players, on any level, improve and measure the fundamental skills required to succeed on the court.

“This system gives coaches and players’ instant feedback when performing drills,” said Dave Calloway, InfoMotion’s 94Fifty Global Sales Director. “And it helps to quantify results so the players can now measure and see instantly their improvement.”

To accomplish this, 94Fifty’s concept was to design a ball with a Bluetooth sensor to transmit things such as shot speed, shot arc, backspin and dribble force to a specially designed app, which is available on both Android and iOS  platforms.

Since 2009 this technology has been used at NBA pre-draft workouts, major college and high school programs, and several AAU programs, including the Southern Kings who participated at the Pitt Jam Fest.

This fall, for the first time, the specially designed ball will be available for individual consumer purchase, at a cost of $295.

“Our research has shown a huge need in the market for a product with these capabilities,” InfoMotion CEO Mike Crowley said back in February when the product was unveiled. “And compared to other ways that players spend to improve, this is a great value because it provides elite level training, diagnostics, and competition at an affordable price.”

And thanks to the recent partnership, those attending Hoop Group clinics, tournaments and camps over the coming months will have the opportunity to test the ball and see first-hand the potential benefits of training with the 94Fifty ball.

“Rob (Hoop Group President Rob Kennedy) is a smart guy,” Calloway said. “By bringing us in, not only is it a benefit for us with the increased exposure, but it is also a great benefit to those attending Hoop Group events to test the equipment and see just how it can be used to improve their game.”


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