Academic Elite 1: Day 3 Top Performers

Our last full day is finished and tomorrow we look forward to awards, championships and all-star games. Will we see some of these names be called tomorrow? Only time will tell.

2016 Ryan O’Neil 5’11” (Pelham Memorial/ Pelham, NY)
What Ryan lacks in height, he makes up for in leadership. The fiery point guard has been guiding his team all week through energetic play and strong communication. He is able to make shots all over the floor, as well as penetrate the defense. On the other side of the ball, Ryan is relentless. He will be a very impactful player at the college level.

2016 Ryan Graziano 6’2” (Commack HS/ Commack, NY)

Ryan plays a lot bigger than his height. While he can play both inside and outside, he is most effective slashing to the rim. His shot is more than serviceable from the perimeter and he plays with a physicality that bothers opponents. At the next level, he will be most productive as a wing as long as he keeps improving his speed and athleticism.
2018 Michael Schretter 6’6” (Ridgewood HS / Ridgewood, NJ)
Michael is a little raw, but only a rising sophomore, he has time to hone his skills. Michael is 6’6 and while he can post his man on the block, he impressed the most from the elbow. His jump shot looked smooth when he was able to step into it. He also showed the ability to catch, rip through and drive to the rim.
2016 Matt McGillan 6’2” (Ephrata Senior HS/ Ephrata, PA)
Think of Matt as a security code for a safe full of cash. He is as consistent as they come; winning 50-50 balls, fighting for rebounds and shutting down players on defense. His shot has been good this week, but he earns his money as a player who can do a little of everything. Matt would be a good fit for any program who is looking for a leader.
2017 Michael Pollard 6’1” (Nazareth Regional / Brooklyn, NY)
The guard has great athleticism and put it on display today. He was extremely effective when opponents failed to box him out; he got running starts and crashed the offensive boards hard, keeping plays alive for his team. His athleticism also paid off on defense, when he jumped passing lanes and got easy steals.
2016 Brandan Gartland 6’3” (Webster-Schroeder HS/ Webster, NY)
Brandan is able to contribute to his team in many ways. He is excellent on the defensive end, and finds ways to get rebounds inside. On offense, he is a consistent shooter from deep and moves superbly off the ball. He will be heavily looked at throughout the next few days.
2016 Justin Porter 6’5” (Ewing HS / Ewing, NJ)
Justin probably could have been Top Performer one of the first two days, but he’s a Day 3 TP. Justin showed a little of everything. He can rebound with his 6’5 frame, lead a break a little, pass and score. He is a great help defender, and bailed his teammates out on numerous occasions. It’s been a good week for Justin
2016 Cutch Ellis 6’7” (Benedictine HS/ Richmond, VA)
Cutch started out the week playing a lot on the perimeter, making tough jump shots. However as things progressed, we were able to see his skills in the paint.  He finished over taller defenders and fought for rebounds every possession. His length and versatility at 6’7” is what makes him an interesting prospect for the next level. If he can continue to build muscle and compete inside he will be productive in college.
2016 Winston Delk 5’9” (West Windsor North / Plainsboro, NJ)
Winston is a point guard with great handles. He makes quick moves and can change direction fast as well. These factors help him get by defenders. He is also a solid finisher inside and has some athleticism that allows him to hang in the air and finish amongst the trees.
James Albano and Brent Pelella contributed to this article.
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