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July 3rd: DAY 4

4:18 pm
Everyone is packing up and heading home. Week one of Hoop Group Elite Camp is finished! Can’t believe how fast it flew by. Thank you to all the coaches, Hoop Group and Albright staff, parents and especially campers for making this such an exciting week of basketball. If you missed anything this week, be sure to check out the posts section of our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. We’ll be back on July 8th with session one of Elite Camp. We hope you follow along again!

3:32 pm
That wraps up both All-Star games! Congratulations to Jonathan Nwanko (Victory Rock Prep ’16) for being the Ivy League All-Star MVP and to Nahziah Carter (Bishop Kearny ’17) for being named MVP for the Patriot League All-Star game!


2:49 pm
Several guys showing out in the Ivy League All-Star game. Peter Kiss and Johannes Dolven are just a few…

2:36 pm

2:04 pm
Award ceremonies are over! Congratulations to everyone who was recognized for their hard work this week. Loved the fact that we had so many Early Bird Stars! Be on the look out for a full awards recap later tonight. –@JN_ALbano

1:16 pm

1:06 pm
Championship games are underway at Bollman! Ivy League final and Patriot League final playing side by side!

11:51 am
Quick lunch break then we’re back for final games, awards and all-star games! Stay tuned! –@TheHoopGroup

11:37 am
Photo taken from earlier, campers getting good instruction during stations this morning!

11:09 am
Don’t forget to check out all our photos from this week on our Facebook Page!

11:03 am
Both games in the Bollman center were decided by less than 5 points, and on went into overtime! Guys showing they can play in the clutch.

10:26 am

10:01 am
Games are underway and both games in Bollman are tied after one. Great start to game sets.

9:04 am
#BeElite Poll Question of the Day: Monday was Lebron, today we’re asking about Melo…let us know your thoughts!

8:36 am
Lot of excitement for the playoffs to statr, but first station work!

8:17 am
Good morning! Last day of Academic Elite Camp today. It’s playoff time! After a week of competitive games, which team will be crowned champion? Stay tuned to find out! – @TheHoopGroup

July 2nd: DAY 3

9:52 pm

9:31 pm

9:17 pm
Taken earlier: Campers having some fun as the last game sets start!

8:28 pm
Got a chance to sit down with Kobe Gantz (JP McCaskey HS ’16) and talk to him a little bit. See the whole scoop here.

7:57 pm
Gotta love the passion and desire to win.

7:35 pm
More and more guards standing out this week. This is beginning to get nuts.

7:10 pm
Just sat down with big man Jonathan Nwanko. 6’10 center talked to me about transitioning to Victory Rock Prep and his recruiting process. Stay tuned for full interview to come. –@TheHoopGroup

6:36 pm
Dinner is over, time to start the last game sets of the day. These games are crucial in determining seeding for tomorrow’s playoffs. Let’s get it started! –@TheHoopGroup
5:40 pm
Awesome games right now. Tight game going on in the Rec center. Jonathan Nwnako (Victory Rock Prep ’15) and Kobe Gantz (JP McCaskey ’16) trying to pull one out for their team. –@TheHoopGroup

5:03 pm

4:49 pm
Another great film session by Coach Danny Nee. Basketball IQ is just as important and physical skills!

4:18 pm
Coach Gutowski orchestrating a comeback plan with his team. #BeElite #EliteCoaching

3:34 pm
Some players who have stood out so far today:

3:26 pm
Vote for our #BeElite Poll Question of the Day. What type of player would you be?

3:12 pm
Games starting to heat up, seeding for the playoffs are on the line!

2:37 pm
Look in at Coach Harney talking to campers. Full recap of his lecture coming soon!

2:02 pm
Campers are getting a great lecture from St. Mary’s College head coach Chris Harney right now.

Boz Bernstein (Marianapolis Prep ’15) highlights top performers from this morning’s games.

1:02 pm
First game sets are done. Campers have some time to eat and rest up before a guest lecture at 2 pm.

12:03 pm
Pictures from this morning’s games up now on Facebook!

11:42 am
A lot of guys are having strong weeks of camp, that’s why it has been so competitive!

11:16 am
Peter Kiss has picked up where he left off last night. Showing a high basketball IQ and a lot of athleticism as he plays above the rim! –@TheHoopGroup

11:00 am
Johannes Dolven is a 6’7 wing/post from Norway, and he is very good. makes quick moves once he touches the ball and is not afraid to draw contact.

9:52 am
Getting ready to start first games of the day. Who will #BeElite this morning?

10:28 am
SHOOTER! Michael Jurzynski cannot miss right now. Inside, outside, he’s doing it all. Several coaches on hand watching his performance too!

9:35 am
Don’t forget to give us your insight on today’s #BeElite question of the day!

9:09 am
Bump fade cuts, pass and relocate and proper offense against the 2-3….just a few things campers are working on in stations this morning!

8:36 am
Yesterday’s games were some of the best camp games we’ve ever seen! Lot of passing and teams playing together trying to win. Let’s hope today has some of the same!

8:04 am
Good morning everyone! We’re up and ready to go for another full day of basketball here at Albright. You would think a long day like yesterday would have everyone sleeping in, but we still had over 80 campers come to the Early Bird Workout to get better! Great sign that today is going to be another great day. We’ll keep you posted al day long. –@TheHoopGroup

July 1st: DAY 2

9:56 pm
Games are done for the night. Campers are hitting the showers, grabbing some pizza or just getting right into bed after a long day of camp. Many players had performances worth mentioning. Be sure to look for our ‘Players Who Impressed’ blog. As always get full updates, pictures and video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope to have you back here again tomorrow for Day 3. Good night!

9:53 pm
Game over! Evan Schumer (Pascack Hill ’15) hits a game winner to cap off Day 2 here in Reading! That’s how you #BeElite

9:39 pm
Don’t forget to check out all of our pictures on Facebook!

9:30 pm
We were fortunate enough to sit down with Archbishop Carroll rising Sophomore David Beatty. Don’t forget to check out the exclusive interview.

9:22 pm

8:54 pm
Starting to wind down for the day. 7:45 games nearing an end. Free throws!

8:03 pm
Just as we point out one point guard, another throws his name in the ring for top PG of the day.

7:31 pm
Mikkel Kolstad (Gimle ’15) is fighting for to PG performance of the day, but not if Mark Madison (Norfolk Collegiate ’15) has something to say about it. He’s having a stellar game right now, pushing the pace and finding teammates with no look passes. No surprise his team is winning as a result. –@TheHoopGroup

7:00 pm
A little break in the basketball action to watch some soccer during dinner!

5:49 pm
Players come to Hoop Group to make a name for themselves. Dwight Whitlock is doing just that.

5:31 pm
Pre game practices helping teams build their chemistry.

5:03 pm

4:46 pm

4:08 pm
While some kids are playing, others are getting film work with Coach Nee. Guess who they’re watching…

3:16 pm
Action starting back up. New names beginning to impress.

2:42 pm
Don’t forget to vote for our #BeElite Poll of the Day. I Believe That We Will Win!

2:05 pm
Love when we get positive feedback from campers!

1:41 pm
Athletes learning what is involved in the college process. #BeElite in the classroom and on the court.

12:50 pm

12:24 pm
Campers are just about finishing up lunch. One of the things that separates Academic Elite Camp from other camps is the focus we have on Academics. That’s why, for the next two hours, players will participate in College Pursuit Academic Stations. Hoop Group Academic Elite Camp realizes you need more than just a good game to play for some of the schools watching this week. Grade matter too!- @TheHoopGroup

12:40 pm
In case you haven’t been following us recently, here’s some of the things you have missed.

Several players showing off so far. Who will keep it up?

11:34 am
While some campers eat, others are getting games in. Good point guard play going on right now.

10:49 am
Games are really heating up! Tight contest featuring Marcus Anderson (Norfolk Collegiate ’15) and Johannes Dolven (Wand Sports Academy ’15)

10:23 am
Finally we get some real game action! Teams are set and games have begun.

9:49 am
It’s getting loud here in the Rec center!

9:34 am
Our #BeElite poll is of the soccer variety today! Give us your thoughts!

8:46 am
Camp has officially started and stations have begun. Campers and coaches really getting after it this morning!

7:34 am
Up and at ’em! We’re ready for another strong day of Academic Elite Camp. Campers showing they are ready to go with a great turn out at Early-bird workouts!

June 30th: DAY 1

10:23 pm
Today is officially in the books! Campers are back in their dorms after a great first day of camp. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us. As always get full updates on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be back tomorrow for day 2!

9:13 pm
Great way to cap off the first day of camp!

9:02 pm

8:38 pm
Quick update on today’s #BeElite Poll. Looks like a runaway with this one so far. Could it change by the end of the night?

8:17 pm
Emmanuel Chukwu (Monsignor Scanlan ’16) and Jonathan Nwanko (Victory Rock Prep ’15) are two of the biggest standouts at camp, literally. The two come in at 6’9 and 6’10 respectively. Lot of attention will be on these two this week. – @TheHoopGroup

7:26 pm
So far we are seeing some strong guard play!

7:06 pm
Don’t forget to check out all our photos on Facebook!

6:57 pm
Round two of scrimmages about to begin. Who will continue to impress today and #BeElite?

6:10 pm
We mentioned Dwight Whitlock and his athleticism before, here’s a picture! He had several big finishes in stations and in the first round of scrimmages! –@TheHoopGroup

5:14 pm
Stations are just as crucial to camp as games are! Several campers taking advantage of the drills.

4:49 pm
A look at some drills that went on during stations! Scrimmages starting soon!

3:56 pm
As with all our Hoop Group Elite Camps, you can count on a number of college coaches and scouting services being here this weekend!

3:38 pm
Campers learning the right way to play defense!

3:17 pm
Finally some action! Campers are getting separated into their station groups. Time for some guys to impress. Let’s get ready to work!

2:48 pm

1:06 pm
Players are getting moved in and look ready to get to work!

12:36 pm
Another player to look for this week is Lonnie Walker. The rising Sophomore had a great freshman year and is looking to keep his high level of play going this summer.

11:41 am
Registration is in full swing! Campers getting their rooms, jerseys and headshots!

10:36 am
Getting more and more excited as we see all the talent walking through the doors!

9:04 am
Good morning from Albright! Getting ready for registration to begin in under an hour. New this year is our #BeElite Poll. Check in every morning and give us your thoughts. Here is our first question:

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