What Can we Expect for the Rest of Academic Elite Camp?

Day one of Academic Elite camp is in the books at Albright. A good day of drills and scrimmages have players loose and ready to go for the rest of camp. With 1/4 of camp done with, here are a few things we can look forward to over the next week.

-This week is filled with a lot of good guards
Every team wants a good guard to handle the ball during crunch time. Academic Elite is filled with guards capable of doing so. From Maryland guard Bryce Butler (Patterson Mill ’15) to David Beatty (Archbishop Carroll ’17), this week is filled with great guards. Expect the play of Mark Madison (Norkfolk Collegiate ’15), Sean Hoggs (Notre Dame ’16), Darius Inzar (Hackley ’16) and Mikkel Kolstad (Gimle ’15) to impress in particular this week.

Mark Madison going through stations this afternoon.

Mark Madison going through stations this afternoon.

-Marcus Anderson and Johannes Dolven sit atop a strong group of wings
Marcus Anderson (Norfolk Collegiate ’15) and Johnnes Dolven (Wand Sports Academy ’15) were players to keep an eye on coming in, and only strengthened their position as top wings at camp after day one. Anderson is tall and long, two great attributes for wings and possess good finishing ability. Dolven, a native of Norway, has very good quickness for a player 6’7 and also can get to the rim with relative ease.

-Jonathan Nwanko owns the paint
Jonathan Nwanko (Victory Rock Prep ’15) showed early why he is a highly touted prospect. In Coach Nee’s lecture alone he was sealing hard and getting lay up after lay up in just a few short spurts of play. Probably the biggest name (as well as player at 6’10) at camp, Nwanko looks like he’s going to have a huge week.

-Nwanko won’t steal all the spotlight in the post
Despite Nwanko being one of, if not the best, player at camp, he won’t be alone in post players that deserve attention. There’s also Emmanuel Chukwu (Monsignor Scanlan ’16) who is a 6’9 intimidating big. Also, Matthew Ringel (Marlboro ’15) is a post who has some solid moves with his back to the basket. Despite only being 6’4, Ringel has a series of moves down low, including a smooth right handed hook over his left shoulder. Chukwu and Ringel are just two bigs that stood out on day one.

-If nothing else, this week will be entertaing
We only had a handful of scrimmages today, but that didn’t stop players from impressing. From Dwight Whitlock throwing it down every chance he got, to Matt Pastore showing off his great handle, to Mikkel Kolstad showing us how a true point guard should play, we saw some things today that have us drooling for more. the good news is, tomorrow we will get some!

Don’t forget to follow the live blog for updates, pictures and more as they happen all week long.

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