Coach Profile: Tom Glynn

Coaching Position:
MIT (Cambridge, MA)
NCAA Division III
2nd Season as Assistant Coach

Phone Number: 617-253-5007

What are your biggest accomplishments as a coach?
Appearing in the 2013 Division III NCAA tournament with a 20-6 record.

What are your most memorable basketball experiences?
Being on the staff at UMass-Lowell when the team made consecutive D-II NCAA tournament appearances in 2011 and 2012.

Mentor as a Coach: Larry Anderson (MIT) and Greg Herenda (Farleigh Dickinson)

What is your philosophy as a coach?
I believe in leading with confidence. Without confidence in yourself, your teammates, and your coaching staff, you are not going to succeed. Successful teams set goals at the beginning of the season and have everyone buy in and work confidently to achieve those goals.

Why coach at Hoop Group Elite?
I love working with players who have the ambition and drive to play at the next level and Hoop Group attracts players from all over the country with that drive.

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