Elite 2: Day 1 Top Performers



Today marked the start of Elite 2 here at Albright College. Check out this shortlist of impressive performers from Day 1.

Danny Duffy
Duffy played like every coaches dream from the point guard position. He did a great job facilitating without accounting for many turnovers. Duffy also scored the ball when he needed to as he connected on a number of open jumpshots around the arc as and floaters in the lane.

Alonzo Walker
Outside of blanks solid play on the day, he did one thing extremely well above the rest, and that’s finishing around the rim. However, he didn’t do so with a timid layup or shot off the square. He finished with mostly authoritative dunks and two-handed slams in transition.

Dwight Whitlock
Whitlock put on a tremendous do-it-all performance on Day 1. He shot the ball at a high percentage. He made the right passes when he needed to and he put in a great effort on the defensive end as well. Spectators should look forward to his continued versatile play throughout the week.

Brandon Johnson
Johnson showed all day that he’s arguably the best leaper in camp this session. Between his performance during stations and tryout team play, Johnson displayed a flurry of impressive two-handed slams both in the halfcourt and in transition.

Karl Lewis
Lewis was a consistent shot-maker in Day 1. He picked his spots nicely on the more and connected on most of his open looks.

Seth O’Neal
The smooth southpaw guard used his deceptive crossover to get by defenders and finish in the paint with great regularity. He also showed great vocal leadership during tryout team play on Day 1.

Matthew Genereux
Genereux served as the ultimate floor general today creating open looks for his teammates while controlling the tempo of his team’s offense. He did a great job of keeping his dribble and his head up which allowed him to find players streaking to lane and setting up around the perimeter.

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