Academic Elite Guest Lecture: Coach Chris Harney

Campers came back from lunch and were greeted by Coach Chris Harney, head coach of Division III St. Mary’s College of Maryland. In his 10 years as head coach of the Seahawks, Coach Harney has compiled a record of 182-74, making him the all-time winningest coach in school history.

Coach Harney first talked to the campers about what to consider when choosing a school. He gave campers five points to consider. Here they are, in order:

Choose your school for the school, not just the basketball. Then learn what your position and playing time would be from the coach. Third, be sure that the coach is someone you can get along with for four years. If he is then you need to see how the campus views the basketball team. A good way to do this is attend a game, see what the atmosphere is like. Lastly, consider your financial situation and know what divisions can give what forms of financial aid to you and your family.

Next the coach showed the camp some drills he believes they should be doing every single day. The coach showed a number of two ball dribbling exercises that helps players improve both their hands. Coach Harney is a firm believer of practicing two ball dribbling every day. It is crucial to a player’s success.

Coach’s last point to the campers: playing college basketball is tough, but don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t achieve your goal. He said he hoped campers would one day get to feel the same feeling that he felt when he cut down the nets with his St. Mary’s team. Hoop Group appreciates Coach Harney taking the time to come and educate a great group of campers!

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