Academic Elite I: Day Two Outstanding Performers

SONY DSCThe second day of camp here in Reading, Pa. must have have felt like a marathon session after last night’s sprint-like first day. From the start of the day at the early bird workout, through three game sets, two sweatshops and one film session these were a few of the day’s most outstanding performers.

Alec Ludwig | Great Neck North (N.Y.) | 6-0 | 2014
A gritty and physical point guard, Ludwig exhibited above average court vision and a quickness on the defensive end of the floor. Offensively, when not finding the open man, his ability to sink short-, mid and long-range jumpers seemed to make him a threat from anywhere on the court.

Byron Jones | Episcopal (Va.) High School | 6-0 | 2014
While scoring and passing seemed to come naturally for Jones, it was his physical play, especially when grabbing defensive rebounds, which helped to separate his play from others on the second day of camp.

Matthew Buchner | Wantagh (N.Y.) High School | 5-10 | 2014
His intensity and work-ethic seemed to be on display from the opening whistle of Day Two. Appeared to be a very smart point guard who knew when to make the extra pass and when to go hard to the hole. In addition to game play, Buchner also impressed in stations.

Gregg Hill | Good Counsel (Md.) | 5-10 | 2015
Another 5-10 player who was able to standout today was Hill. What separated him was his ability to draw fouls at key moments of games and also possessing a knack at making the long outlet pass. Through most of the day he played bigger than his size.

Amit Gattadahalli | Herndon (Va.) High School | 5-11 | 2015
As the games progressed throughout the day Gattadahalli continued to play solidly on both ends of the floor. He was able to box out well and he was not shy about diving on the floor after loose balls.

Ben Sprauer | Red Bank Regional (N.J.) | 6-2 | 2016
Sprauer ran the floor well and even though he was a presence in the paint, it was his ability to knock down the occasional 3-pointer which kept defenses honest.

Peter Alkins | Holy Trinity (N.Y.) School | 6-0 | 2014
Alkins really shined during the drill portion of camp, moving seamlessly through the courses and putting up shot after shot that continued to fall. That trend continued as the day went on, doing whatever he could to get the bucket.

Khalil Prescod | Bill Crothers Ss, Markham (Ontario, Canada) | 6-2 | 2016
One of the players that stuck out during the drills to open the day was Prescod, who always looked to be going 100 percent. The sophomore was especially intense on the defensive side of the ball, getting as close to the opposition as possible.

Stephen Sangree | Morristown Beard (N.J.) School | 6-3 | 2014
In the first set of games, Sangree had an impressive stretch as he knocked the ball away for a steal, started the fast break on the other end, grabbed the offensive rebound to retain possession and set up the pass that ended with his teammate nailing a three-pointer. Hustle pays off, and the senior showed plenty of it on that possession.

Harrison Brown | Huntington (W.V.) High School | 6-4 | 2014
The 6-foot-4 senior has some size to him, but he’s also got a nice shooting stroke, hitting a couple of three-pointers during game sessions. On the defensive end, Brown was able to knock the ball loose from the offense and create opportunities on the fast break.

Isaiah Lewis | Churchville Chili (N.Y.) High School | 6-0 | 2015
During the second set of games, Lewis played the role of facilitator, hitting open teammates for higher percentage shots. The rest of the team seemed to enjoy those extra opportunities and seemed to play harder because of it.

Anthony Lewis | Churchville Chili (N.Y.) High School | 6-0 | 2014
Lewis looked like one of the more accurate shooters of the day, showing off some range near the end of the second session of games.

Uri Rahimi | Saint Andrew’s (Fla.) School | 6-1 | 2014
The senior guard was not afraid to take the ball to the hole, initiating contact on several occasions on his way to the hoop. Rahimi’s overall scoring game, including a nice mid-range game, was a big reason why he lit up the scoreboard in the first quarter of his last game of the night.

Deontrey Jones | Legacy (Fla.) High School | 6-3 | 2014
Jones is a very lanky 6-3 forward that wasn’t afraid to hustle for loose balls and fight down low with the bigs. When he got the chance, the senior showed off a smooth touch around the rim, especially on a baby-hook that he sunk over a defender.

Jordan King | Beth Tfilon (Md.) Community HS | 6-3 |2015
The junior made a nice play in one of his games, stepping through two defenders in the post with ease to hit a nice layup. The ball-handling skills he showed on that play really stuck out to the scouts watching his game.

Zachary Esherick | Yorktown (Va.) High School | 6-3 | 2014
Esherick had some nice plays on the defensive end, collecting a couple of steals in a matter of seconds. He took the first one to the rack and missed it, but saw an open man the second time and hit him for the easy two.

Michael Sheridan, Jr. | Skyline (Ariz.) High School | 6-1 | 2014
If you looked up gym-rat in the dictionary you would see a picture of Sheridan. All day long he kept his intensity high and he moved just as well with the ball as he did without it.

Nicolas Iparraguirre | Belen Jesuit Prep School (Fla.) |6-3 |2014
Pronouncing this versatile forward’s name might be just as hard as guarding him. Throughout today’s contests Iparraguirre scored in a number of ways whether it was from deep or in the paint finishing confidently with either hand. He ran the break well and didn’t take any possessions off on the defensive end.

Skyler Kolli | International School of Indiana (Ind.) | 5-9  |2015
Kolli played outstanding all morning and carried that same intensity into the afternoon. The wiry point guard set up a lot of his teammates in both half-court sets and in transition. He did a great job of keeping his head up all day while also giving a strong performance on defense . In between games you found him continuing to perfect his skills. The kid really put in work on Day 2.

Camden Butler | James Wood (Va.) |6-0 | 2014
Despite not being the quickest or most athletic, Butler did put out a strong effort today. His methodically yet deceptive crossover allowed him to beat a lot of his defenders off the dribble which created easy basket opportunities for his teammates. He also showed a pretty release on his jump-shot as he knocked a few open looks this afternoon.

Robbie Brosh | Camden Catholic (N.J.)|5-10 | 2014
There’s been a good group of point guards on display this week, but I would have to say that this one has set himself apart from the rest. He’s another southpaw floor general but his crossover dribble I think might be the quickest in camp. His quick trigger and ability to find the open man makes him that much harder to guard. Oh and let’s not forgot that he’s a complete hound on defense as well.

Andrew Yarosh | Pocono Mountain East (Pa.) | 5-6 | 2015
Yarosh wasn’t the flashiest or the most exciting to watch today, but he was very effective moving the ball as well as making his defenders respect his shooting ability. Not extremely quick, but played very efficiently despite being one of the shorter guards on the court.

Kevin Shue | North Penn (Pa.) | 6-3 | 2014
The modest big man was tremendous on the glass today. When he saw the double team coming he also did a great job of passing out of the post and finding the open man. I even caught a glimpse of Shue conversing with coaches following one of his evening games. His efforts were sure deserving of the recognition.

Andrew Riviello | Lansdale Catholic (Pa.) |5-8 |2014
Riviello’s hard work during stations was a nice segue into a fine performance that followed for the rest of the day. Riviello is work horse that doesn’t mind giving up the ball or scoring when needed. I’ve noticed his great work ethic over the first few days for he definitely one of the better all-around guards at camp.

Tim Reilly | Roy C Ketcham (N.Y.) High School | 5-11 | 2016
Reilly was able to score the ball at will in the later game sessions, getting into the low post and scoring amongst the trees in an impressive offensive display.

Contributions from Andrew Koob (@AndrewKoob), Jake Brahney(@Jakerbaker58), Peter Febbraro (@pfebbraro) and Colin Washington (@CabWashington)

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