Early Bird Workout Stars

Earlier this week I wrote about the positives of attending Early Bird Workouts. Taking place before the official start of camp, Early Bird workouts offer campers a chance to get a workout in with a former Division 1 assistant coach, Josh King. At the end of each camp we recognize those campers who took advantage of the optional workouts by awarding them with an Early Bird Workout tee- shirt. It pleases us very much to say that our list of attendees at these workouts were exceptional all week long. In total, 56 players earned the right to call themselves an Early Bird star. Here is the full list of players who were named Early Bird stars:

Matthew Asenjo
Ryan Atkinson
William Barr
Michael Berk
Malik Black
Thomas Blackwell
Nathan Bradley
Sean Burke
Brendan Carroll
Nahziah Carter
Jordan Caviness
Josh Christ
Matt Corrado
Vincent Debellis
Jackson Dwyer
David Giordano
Kenneth Goins
Kevin Goode
Jake Heaton
Zurii Hendrick
Tyler Hoagland
Joshua Jacobson
Rodney Johnson
Benjamin Kaponis
Daniel Klosk
Noah Koehler
Connor Lane
Isiah Lewis
Miles Longstreth
Nick Lord
Michael Manley
Paul Martello
Lucas Maurer
Riley McGwin
Reece Miller
Jake Milligan
Injil Muhammad
Ethan Norton
Sam Norton
Hunter Petrick
Matthew Porcelli
Kristopher Quinones
Jordan Riullano
Darren Robinson Jr.
Max Samberg
Matt Schaengold
Eric Schuette
Andrew Sciancalepore
Brandon Shields
Chris Smith
Donovan Spencer
Anthony Storino
Connor Swain
Austin Tchikatilov
Jared Wagner
Thomas Weiner

Campers woke up at 7:20 am to workout out with former Marshall assistant coach Josh King

Campers woke up at 7:20 am to workout out with former Marshall assistant coach Josh King

Most coaches will tell you, if they can make one player better in a day then that day is a success. We take great pride in having players attend our camp who want to get better every chance they get. This list of Early Bird stars speaks to that!

Here’s a Instagram video of Day 2’s Early Bird Workout.

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