Elite Camp 1: Fishburne’s Washington using post-grad year to his advantage

SONY DSCSwitching schools can be a difficult transition in itself, but starting anew at a military school is something different altogether.

Just ask Deon Washington, a 6-foot-1 guard from Waynesboro, Va. who spent his senior year in high school at Fishburne Military School and will continue to play for the Caissons as a post-grad.

“It’s really different,” Washington said on Sunday during the Elite Camp. “It takes awhile to get used to, I’ve only been there for a year but some kids have been there for five years. It’s different, but with time you kind of get used to it.”

Even though he hasn’t been enrolled at Fishburne as long as some of his classmates, Washington has had to adjust to the new lifestyle that accompanies attending a boarding school.

“In public school, you’re only there for a couple hours and then you go home. Here, you’re basically at school all the time. You really don’t get time to yourself during the week, it’s all schoolwork, study hall all the time. It helps you focus though.

“No girls, nothing to do but do homework.”

While he is currently focused on progressing his game and, during the school year, getting his homework done, Washington knows that the next year will be crucial for him if he wants to earn a collegiate scholarship.

“I know it’s going to be a lot next year, but I’m just here to get better,” Washington said. “There’s a lot of good competition here and it’s good that some coaches are here.”

Throughout the camp, the point guard has certainly done an impressive job running his respective team’s offense, setting up his teammates with high percentage shots. And, when the defense gives him just enough room, he’s shown off his speed by rushing past his defender and finishing at the rim with a smooth layup.

Washington, who said he hasn’t spoken with scouts in attendance during the camp, has his sights set on playing basketball on the college stage and, after experiencing military school for the past year, probably won’t be considering a career in the military any time soon.

“I want to play ball in college and that’s the main reason I went [to Fishburne],” Washington said. “I never really thought about being in the military. Living that lifestyle kind of made me not want to do it.”

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