Elite III Champions Crowned

IMG_0087NBA East Champions Division One

Team 5 49, Team 1 48
The NBA East Championship game was a back and forth contest, but Team 6 was able to make just enough stops down the stretch to pull out the 49-48 victory over Team 1.

Team 1 seemed to have the upper hand in terms personnel as their rosters had a strong core comprised of Marquis Powell (Upper Marlboro, Md. 2014), Aaron Burton (Cheltenham, Pa. 2014) and Michael Tertsea (John Carroll, Md. 2016).

But the big three were over-matched by Team 6 whose depth was too much for Team 1 in the end.

Joseph Shelton (Garnett Valley, Pa. 2014) led all scorers in the game with 11 points while Chris McNeal (Episcopal Academy, Pa. 2014) gave solid contributions for the championship winning team as well. –@CabWashington

IMG_0088NBA East Champions Division Two

Team 10 62, Team 7 48
Anthony Lamb (Greece Athena (N.Y.)/6-5/2016), who was named the Most Improved Player in the NBA East Division, showed he was deserving of that honor by scoring 20 points to lead Team 10 to a win in the NBA East Division Two Championship. –@pfebbraro

IMG_0086NBA West Champions

Team 38 57, Team 41 38
Championship games are filled with tense moments, big runs and clutch performances. The Elite 3 NBA West championship was no different, as Team 20 was victorious over Team 24 in a 57-45 bout.

The first half was a tightly contested match-up, as Team 24 took a 22-18 lead heading into the break. That’s when Team 20 started to make their move, opening up a 13-4 run to take a five-point lead in the third quarter. As team 24 started to get their footing back and make a game out of it, Team 20 put their foot down by way of a 13-2 run that put the icing on the game.

Team 20 used a team-first strategy to come out on top, making sure every player had a chance to get buckets. 5-foot-8 guard Tyralle Jordan (Bergenfield [N.J.} High School) stood out with his shooting, connecting on a number of mid-to-deep range shots. –@AndrewKoob

IMG_0085Fab Frosh/Super Soph Champion

Team 38 57, Team 41 38
Matthew DeWolf (Barrington (R.I.) High School/6-7/2016) scored 17 points to lead Team 38 to the championship in the Fab Frosh/Super Soph Division.

“It feels great to win (the championship),” said DeWolf. “We did really well as a team. I’ve been to other camps where we really didn’t mesh. Here we really had good team chemistry and we really bonded.” –@pfebbraro

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