Elite Session 3: Day One Top Performers

SONY DSCThe last Elite camp of 2013 tipped off on Tuesday and the excitement and intensity certainly hasn’t diminished. Here’s a few players that impressed on the first day of Elite Camp session 3:

Darren Belardo | Bishop Sullivan Catholic (Va.) HS | 6-0 | 2015
Belardo showed off plenty of hustle in the early stages of scrimmage play, always running on the wing and trying to push the pace without the ball. When he got it in transition, Belardo was able to showcase his nice mid-range game to those watching.

Brady Busateri | Wentzville Holt (Miss.) HS | 6-3 | 2014
The intensity level was set to 11 for Busateri, who continually was set to take on the opposition at both ends of the floor and crashing the boards to make sure he had possession of the ball.

Isaiah Lamb | Franklin (Md.) HS | 603 | 2015
Going coast-to-coast wasn’t an issue for Lamb, who looked to up the tempo on several occasions. When the tempo was pushed, Lamb got his team involved, using no-look passes to hit his teammates under the basket for easy looks.

Alex Jordan | Rise Academy (Pa.) | 6-4 | 2013
At 6-foot-4 and with a nice, quick step, Jordan was able to get through his defenders in a number of ways. He could rush by bigger opponents with his speed, or he could use his size to his advantage and take on a smaller defender.

Mike Angers | Lakewood (Ohio) HS | 5-6 | 2014
An undersized guard at 5-foot-6, Angers is lightning quick and is able to blow by defenders with that speed. With the speed, Angers was able to draw defenders out of position on defense and hit his teammates for open shots.

Jamir Feredee | St. Peter’s (N.Y.) | 6-2 | 2014
Smith showed that he is a versatile guard that can handle to ball well and shoot it from a number of spots on the floor.

Cole Gupton | Franklinton (N.C.) HS | 5-10 | 2015
Gupton was able to display a nice passing touch in a 2-on-1 situation. With a clear look at the basket and the defender trailing him on his right side, Gupton passed the ball through his legs to his teammate, who was trailing on his left side, for an easy layup.

Caleb Mercer | First Assembly Christian (N.C.) | 6-3 | 2014
Mercer showed that he is one of the more athletic campers in this week’s session. He showed a nice ability to run the floor and finish well above the rim. Mercer played the passing lanes nicely and forced fast break opportunities for his team. He turned transition opportunities into dunk contest practice.

Brandon Feinberg | Sufield Academy (Ct. | 6-6 | 2014
Feinberg is a physically imposing player that knows how to use his body to create his own shot in the post. He did a nice job on the glass and snagged offensive boards for a few put-backs.

Aidan Bossan | International School of Prague (Czech Republic) | 6-1 | 2015
Bossan had a solid performance today playing off the ball. He knocked down a number of shots from midrange, coming off screens and V-cutting to get open. He worked hard on defense, as well as tracking down a number of loose balls and pinning a few shots off the backboard.

Patrick Benzan | Roxbury Latin School (Ma.) | 6-0 | 2015
Benzan is a quick floor general that used great hesitation moves to create his own shots, as well as open up easy opportunities for his teammates.

John Batts | Metro-East Lutheran (Il.) | 5-10 | 2015
If you were playing with Batts, you made sure to keep your head up, as his passes had plenty of speed and power on them. He executed the pick and roll to perfection sometimes shooting off the screen while other times finding a teammate rolling to the basket and hitting him with a bullet pass that led to the sweet layup finish.

Mikey Dixon | Sanford (De.) | 5-10 | 2016  
A relentless attacker on offense, Dixon has the ability to get the ball in the bucket in a number of ways. He showed nice grit on the first day of Session III and that toughness really rubbed off on the rest of his team.

Jabbar Shy | West Philadelphia (Pa.) | 5-8 | 2016  
If the Mr. Hustle award was given out today, Shy would certainly be in the running. The undersized defender  blanketed everybody he matched up with all day. He picked most of them up as soon as the ball was inbounded. He then proceeded to heckle, hound and pluck his man on several possessions.

Cody Zafran| East Meadow (N.Y.) | 6-1| 2014
Zafran was a great team player that displayed unselfishness that any teammate or coach would enjoy to have as a part of their team. That team play led to better opportunities on offense and, in turn, more points on the board.

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