Greenberg Lectures at Academic Elite II

206Players took timeout from games, stations and sweatshops this afternoon to attend a lecture from two-time Atlantic Coast Conference Coach of the Year Seth Greenberg.

With the entire camp gathered in the Bollman Center gym, Greenberg demonstrated shooting and defensive drills to the players, focusing on the importance of the first two steps in the transition game and the fundamentals of ball screens, otherwise known as the pick-and-roll.

“Most people follow the flight of the ball instead of moving,” Greenberg said when stating why he feels the first two steps are important, “and if you move while the balls in the air and recognize and process that, immediately you have an advantage. Defensively you can set your defense and offensively you can win the transition game.”

Another fundamental Greenberg touched on was ball screens, or pick-and-rolls. Now while this may not be the sexiest play in basketball, it is being used more and more effectively each year by more and more colleges.

In fact, many, including Greenberg, would say it is THE play in basketball.

And that is a fact that many of these players at camp will have to realize and work on if they want to play at the next level.

“(High school players) don’t wait on the screen,” Greenberg said. “They don’t attack off the ball screen. They just come by it but they don’t put any pressure on the defense. The whole idea of the ball screen is to put the defense in rotation.

“The key (to an effective ball screen) is that the guy coming off the screen has to be able to read all five defenders and the guys off the ball have to play in relation to the ball. If you don’t blow by it (the screen) and try to get in the lane, you never put the defense in rotation.”

The lecture and drills demonstrated by Greenberg tied in to a lot of the work campers have been put through in stations during camps first two-and-a-half days.

“They have told us in stations to run through the shoulder (on a screen) instead of leaving space because the defense can slip through it,” said Elijah Wright (Pennington (N.J.) High School/ 6-1/ 2015). “So I think this camp, and (Greenberg’s) lecture, will really help me with ball screens and becoming a better basketball player. Hoop Group really gets the best people to come out and talk to us.” –@pfebbraro

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