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Future All-AmericanFor complete coverage of the Hoop Group Future All American Camp from Albright College in Reading, Pa. be sure to follow Hoop Group’s Digital Media staff on Twitter.

2:00PM- Registration is over and we’re almost underway for the 2013 Future All-American camp! There’s going to be plenty of action today, so follow along here for all the updates for the first day of camp. –@AndrewKoob

3:00PM- It’s great to see all of our young campers working hard in their stations, learning how to be a better basketball player. To #BeElite, its about more than just scoring baskets, but its also how you prepare and how you better yourself for the action! –@JakerBaker58

3:30PM- Tweet #BeElite to enter the race for this week’s Mr. Social Award! The tweets will be tallied up at the end of the week, and the camper with the most points( 1 point each #BeElite) will be named Mr. Social and win a prize. But that isn’t the only way to get points! Each night, there will be a Top 5 Tweets of the Day and each tweet is worth a certain amount of points that will be added to the total tweets! Check out how to score big by looking at Elite 3’s Mr. Social Award Winner! –@JakerBaker58

3:58PM- Stations are through and we’re almost ready to get rolling with scrimmages. Plenty of talent and potential in the gym right now, there’s sure to be a number of campers who truly want to be elite at the Future All-American camp. –@AndrewKoob

5:18PMSidney Wilson (St. Rays, N.Y. 2017) has been dominating the competition thus far. In one of his most recent tryout games, there was a span where he finished five straight dunks! Finishing in both transition and in the half-court, Wilson soared up and over defenders with ease. It’s going to be interesting to see how his week plays out because he has already emerged himself as one of the camp’s top high flyers.-@CabWashington

6:00PM- Joe Hampton (Dematha, MD, 2016) has been one of the standouts here on day 1 of Future All-American Camp! Hampton is not only very tall, but he is strong as well, filling out like a Senior among Sophomores! Hampton is definitely one of the few to keep an eye on this week, as we look forward to himm bullying down in the post! –@JakerBaker58

6:35PM- Deion Graves (Mount St. Joe, MD., 2016) is certainly undersized at 5-foot-2, but he’s got the speed and hustle that coaches love to see on the court. – @AndrewKoob

7:15PM- Myles Dread (Glenelg Country School, Md. 2018) has been playing like a man among boys all day. Standing at 6-foot-3, Dread has shown great guards skills despite being more physically developed than his middle school counterparts. Dread holds quite the advantage over his peers and has been using that to dominate both offensively and defensively. –@CabWashington

7:48PM- Campers are in awe while watching St. Thomas Aquinas coach Tobin Anderson and his ridiculous ball-handling moves. Certainly a great coach that has the attention of everyone in the gym. –@AndrewKoob

8:30PM- As Coach Anderson’s excellent dribbling and shooting demonstrations come to a close, a few of the teams will practice up and try to impress the coaches before the late games get underway! If they learned anything at all from Coach Anderson, they learned that hustle, practice and drive will get them just as far as skill can this week. Time to prove it now! #BeElite –@JakerBaker58

9:35PM- Check out the Headshots from Day 1 of Future All-American Camp here in Reading, PA! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all of the updates all camp long! –@JakerBaker58

10:05PM- Well that wraps up a great first day from Future All-American Camp! The campers got a great demonstration from Coach Tobin Anderson and got to prove it at night in the scrimmages! There were a few tweets as well, as the Mr. Social Award update for day 1 is in, but there will need to be more tweeting to see a Champion crowned here! Please join us tomorrow for the second day of Future All-American Camp! The LIVE Blog is now CLOSED! –@JakerBaker58

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