Rise & Shine! Early Bird Workouts Start the Day

Early bird workouts….optional, but crucial.

Every morning of camp, Hoop Group Elite offers campers the option to wake up before the official start of camp and get an extra workout in. In a day filled with non-stop basketball, some may think that an extra 40-50 minute workout isn’t needed. Luckily, those few are not Hoop Group Elite campers. Day in and day out, a good percentage of campers always show up for early bird.


The answer is simple: Hoop Group campers want to get better. At a place that bases its camp around instruction, competition and exposure, campers take the initiative and get themselves out of bed because they know they will get better.


Today alone saw over 100 campers attend the first HG Elite early bird of the summer. Players got a sweat going with a full court three-man weave drill in which players had to get up the court in no more than three dribbles. Next they worked on a series of moves from the wing including rip through, jab step and pump fake. The workout finished up with a pick and roll drill which emphasized setting a proper pick, dribbling hard off their teammates shoulder and executing a perfect pass for a finish.

Here’s a brief clip of some of the things players worked on today:

We look forward to seeing great turn outs at all of our early bird workouts all summer long! #BeElite

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