Austin Williams optimistic for upcoming summer

The summer before senior year is often a critical one for basketball players with college aspirations, with July live periods and high-exposure recruiting camps usually littering their summer calendars, as each player looks to pick up the best offers they can get on their way to making the fateful college decision.

Take Austin Williams (Seton Hall Prep ‘17), for example.

Williams, who enters the summer without a Division-I offer, has been one of the shining stars at this week’s academic elite camp, mostly because, well, he can do it all.

A fantastic athlete, Williams has been seen flying up and down the court, diving for loose balls, drilling three-pointers, driving strong to the hoop, and making highlight-reel fast break blocks like this one:

He’s got a wealth of strengths that he can show off to college coaches this summer–and he knows it.

“I’ve worked on my shot a lot, and it’s getting better, my athleticism, I can jump really high and stuff like that, and my defense, I can lock down any one,” said Williams on the many strengths of his game.

As far as this week’s camp goes, however, there aren’t any Division-I coaches to impress, with the July live period still being a week away. In order to change that, he intends to hopefully attend the second session of Hoop Group’s Elite Camp.

“I haven’t really been to a lot of events where I can get that much exposure, so I haven’t been looked at very much,” he said. “Hopefully, this upcoming July live periods I can get a lot of coaches to look at me. If I play like I usually do, I think I’ll be fine.”

That said, Williams can still improve upon the weaker aspects of his game and show off to the dozens of Division-II and Division-III coaches in attendance.  

“This camp is good, there’s good exposure, a lot of competition,” he said. “That’s the best part about it.”

“This week I’m just trying to improve on teamwork, trying to learn how to lead a team and be the best team I can be,” he added.

That leadership will be a key aspect of Williams’ ever-improving game, as he plays on a Seton Hall Prep team where he is one of just two seniors.

And for Williams–who admits he’s genuinely a very competitive person–it’s all about improving every possible aspect of his game this week, and this summer.

Check out this highlight reel of some of Williams’ top plays from this week!

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