2016 Spring Philadelphia Top 100 Player Evaluations

Head ShotPlayerGradeEvaluation
Jordan Abdo_edited-1Abdo, Jordan11Jordan is a very good set shooter who has a good feel for the game. He plays with a good change of pace and knows when to push the ball in the open floor. Jordan always finds the open teammate.
Justin Abdo_edited-1Abo, Justin11Justin has very good basketball awareness. He is a consistent shooter when he has the open shot. Justin is a very good positional defender.
N/AAside, Adrian11Adrian is an undersized big with decent handles who can get to the rim. He plays extremely hard which makes him a must box guy on the offensive and defensive glass.
IMG_8990Baker, Brady10Bradley is a strong ball guard with really good handles. He uses his strength to get past his defender on the perimeter.
Luke Baldini_edited-1Baldini, Luke9Luke has a good IQ and finds the open man. He plays hard and boxes out well.
GeAni BannermanBannerman, GeAni12GeAni has good length on the wing and can get into the paint. He physically looks the part and can keep his man in front of him on defense.
Bryce Barrouk_edited-1Barrouk, Bryce10Bryce is a high motor play that never stops. He also has good range from 3.
Matthew Bempah_edited-1Bempah, Matthew12Matthew is a very active defender who was great on help defense all night. Matthew was great at attacking the basket and getting into the paint.
N/ABraxton, Kolby10Kolby is a quick point guard with a knack of getting paint touches. He uses his speed and ability to handle the ball to create advantages in transition.
Elijah Brown_edited-1Brown, Elijah9Elijah is a quick PG who runs the show and drives to create for others. He is a lefty who plays hard and is a good on ball defender.
Dwayne Coleman_edited-1Coleman, Dwayne12Dwayne is a wing with solid size who can get to the rim in transition. He will be able to get his shot off at the next level.
Derrien Coley_edited-1Coley, Derrien11Derrien competed as hard as anyone all night. He has a motor that never stops. Derrien can get into the paint and he is strong off the dribble. He is very vocal and a great positional defender.
Kvonn KramerCramer, Kvonn9Kvonn is a high level athlete who does a really good job rebunding the ball.
Nicolas Curnew_edited-1Curnew, Nikolas11Nikolas demonstrated the ability to knock down the open shot. He competes every possession and never takes a play off. He has a high basketball IQ.
Marcell Curry_edited-1Curry, Marcell12Marcell is a long, athletic guard. He is a good defender. On the offenive end, he is aggressive attacking the basket.
Danny D'Ambrosia_edited-1D'Ambrosia, Danny9When Danny has time and space, he is a good shooter. He also has a very high basketball IQ.
Donte Dawson_edited-1Dawson, Donte11Donte creates off the bounce for himself and others. He uses his legth to finish around bigger defenders. He is talented on the offensive end of the floor.
Alec Dipetantonio_edited-1Dipietrantonio, Alec11Alec is a really skilled inside player. Has good 3 point range as well.
N/AEdwards, Winston9Winston has great length on the perimeter and displayed a knack for getting in the paint and creating for his teammates. He is a competitor that plays unselfish basketball.
Chase Evans_edited-1Evans, Chase12Chase is a high IQ guard with a knockdown set shot. He is a floor spacer who can get by on poor closeouts.
Lewis Evans_edited-1Evans, Lewis9Lewis is a good on ball defender. He creates for others when he gets the ball in the lane.
N/AFarr, Ahmad11Ahmad is very active and competes on every possession. He does a very good job of keeping his man in front of him on defense.
Seamus Finnegan_edited-1Finnegan, Seamus10Seamus is a high IQ off guard who is a good mover and teammate. He has a solid set shot with time and space. He is a good weakside defender.
Pat Fish_edited-1Fish, Pat10Pat has good size at the wing with a high IQ. He will make open shots and uses his footwork to attack poor closeouts.
Clovis Gallon Jr_edited-1Gallon Jr., Clovis9Clovis has good range on his jump shot and gets a lot of touches in the paint.
Christian garner_edited-1Garner, Christian11Christian is a good mid range shooter. He is always looking to make the extra pass. He is also a good on ball defender.
Carl Gibson Jr_edited-1Gibson Jr., Carl9Carl never stops playing hard. He sees the court well and can pass really pass the basketball.
Donovan Graham_edited-1Graham, Donovan9Donovan showed an excellent feel for the game. He played unselfish and did not force bad shots. He has the ability to knock down the open shot.
N/AGriffon, PrincePrince is a crafty ball handler and can really get into the paint.
N/AHackett, Amistad11Amistad does a good job finding his teammates in the open court. He plays extremely hard and consistently keeps his man in front of him on defense.
N/AHarris, Imere 8Imere creates off the bounce and can finish with both hands. He is a talented player who has a good understanding of how to play.
Irie Harris_edited-1Harris, Irie11Irie is a good ballhandler and has a great change of pace. He plays unselfishly and always finds the open man. Irie is a good positional defender and knows when to bring help.
N/AHeavalow, JonathanJon competes every possession and is a great athlete. He is very good in the open court. Jon goes to the glass every chance he gets.
Justin Hummel_edited-1Hummel, Justin11Justin has a quick first step and a good floater. He is always looking to push the ball in transition.
Jacob Hunt_edited-1Hunt, Jacob10Jacob has a very good first step to go with a good handle. He has a high basketball IQ and knows when to drive and when to move the ball.
Elohim jacksonJackson, Elohim10Jackson is a skinny wing with good size who can make open shots. He uses his length to get to the rim.
Jsaun Jones_edited-1Jones, Jsaun9Jsaun gets to the basket off the bounce and creates for his teammates. He is very good in transition with the ball in his hands.
Maxandre Joseph_edited-1Joseph, Maxandre11Maxandre is a slashing wing who is most effective driving down hill. He is just as good going left as he is right. Maxandre is a strong player in transition who moves well without the ball.
Josh Klein_edited-1Klein, Josh10Josh is a great rebounder who has a knack for finding the ball. He has good post moves and finishes well around the rim.
Korey Stewart_edited-1Korey, Stewart10Stewart is very quick and shows the ability to get into the paint. He is crafty and can finish with either hand. Stewart competes on defense and is a pesty on ball defender.

Kuhar, Chris11Chris is a very scrappy player and does a great job comminicating on defense.
Jesse Kupa_edited-1Kupa, Justin11Justin combines good athleticism with good ball handling to get by defenders. He gets to spots by using effective bounces to score and create.
Damon Long Jr_edited-1Long Jr., Damon9Damon is a quick PG who does a good job getting teammates involved. Damon plays extremely hard and quick with the first step.
Miles Longstreth_edited-1Longstreth, Miles11Miles can really set his teammates up and always finds the open man. He has great range as well.
Wade Lowman_edited-1Lowman, Wade12Wade is an athletic slasher who finishes strong around the rim. He uses his length to get into passing lanes on defense.
Waheem Lowman_edited-1Lowman, Waheem12Waheem is a very good athlete who is active on both ends of the floor. He is a really good defender.
Jihaad Mapp_edited-1Map, Jihaad10Jihaad is very effective at getting to the rim when he uses his body to beat his defender.
Malik martin_edited-1insertMartin, Malik11Malik has good size and athleticism that allow him to finish through contact and over the defense. He has a good set shot which makes him a tough one on one matchup for his opponent.
kaleb Matthews_edited-1Matthews, Caleb10Caleb has good length for a perimeter player. He has a great feel and IQ on the offensive end. He has a great looking shot that he is able to get off effortlessly.
Drew Miller_edited-1Miller, Drew10Drew is a strong player who sets good screens. He is a great rebounder.
Terrance Moore_edited-1Moore, Terrence11Terrence attacks the rim hard on offense and is a high level rebounder on both ends of the floor.
Joel Morries_edited-1Morris, Joel11Joel is an active defender with great length. He demonstrated very good shooting form and is more than capable of making shots. He is a versatile scorer with the ability to score off the dribble, pulling up and on the catch and shoot.
Charles Morris-Noelle_edited-1Morris-Noelle, Charles11Charles has good form and lift on his shot and can get it off in tight spaces. Very talented offensive player.
Nasir Mosely_edited-1Mosley, Nasir10Nasir showed the ability to knockdown set 3 point shots. He has good IQ at the point and he knew when to move the ball and when to take it himself.
jake Nicastro_edited-1Nicastro, Jake10Jake has a high basketball IQ and has the ability to win his one on one matchup.
nathaniel NicholsonNicholson, Nathaniel10Nathaniel is a crafty combo guard that gets into the paint and effectively uses his change of pace. He does an excellent job keeping his man in front of him on defense.
N/ANixon, Rashae12Rashae has a knack for scoring the ball without forcing things. He consistently gets by his defender off the bounce to score and set up teammates.
Jazere NoelNoel, Jazere11Jazere is very athletic and finishes well inside. He has great basketball instincts and is very aggressive when attacking the basket. High level player.
Joseph O'Brien_edited-1O'Brien Joseph11Justin moves really well, has a great frame and skill set. He has the ability to step out and shoot it as well as play back to the basket.
Sean owens_edited-1Owens, Sean11Sean is a very crafty player. He is strong and does a good job finishing inside.
Dante Owens-Graves_edited-1Owens-Graves, Dante11Dante is extremely quick and a pest on defense. He does a great job of getting in the paint and creating early offense.
Keinan Oxner_edited-1Oxner, Keinan12Keinan is a very active defender with quick hands. He is a great leader and does a good jon running his team.
N/APaladino, Eddie10Eddie is a good set shooter. He has great court awareness; he is always finishing the open shot or finding a teammate.
Corey Perkins_edited-1Perkins, Corey9Corey is a very good ballhandler and is a great passer, especially in transition.
Hassan Perkins_edited-1Perkins, Hassan8Hassan has a very quick first step and consistenly gets to his spots. He did a good job running the point and is a great leader.
Matthew Bempah_edited-1

Julius Phillips
Phillips, Julius9Julius is a good athlete who can finish above the rim. Has a good looking set shot from 3. Very talented player who should only get better.
Mike Power_edited-1Power, Mike11Mike has a quick release and deep range. He is a high motor player.
Barry Quartleman_edited-1Qartlebaum, Barry11Barry is a big wing who can also play at the 4 position. He is productive on the bounce and can finish through contact. He has a good in between game on the bounce.
Quadere Allen_edited-1Quadere, Allen12Allen is active and always seems to be around the ball. He has a quick first step to the rim.
Antonio Rizzuto_edited-1Rizzutto, Antonio10Antonio has a very good catch and shoot release. He is always finding the open space offensively.
Justin Robinson Jr_edited-1Robinson Jr., Justin9Justin has a quick first step and does a good job getting into the passing lanes on defense.
David Rodriguez_edited-1Rodriguez, David10David is a big with a very good shot from 15 feet. He will post but prefers the pick and pop. Great floor spacer. David moves well and is active on the defensive end.
Jesse Saul_edited-1Saul, Jesse11Jesse is a sneaky athlete who can create his own shot off the bounce. He has a great IQ and feel for the game. Jesse competes at a high level.
Sam Sessoms_edited-1Sessoms, Samuel10Samuel is a very talented scoring lead guard. He has a great first step and tempo which allow him to get where he wants to on the floor. He can share it and score it just as well.
Sean Simon_edited-1Simon, Sean10Sean is a very smart player who has a great feel for the game. When he sets his feet, he has the ability to knock down the open threes.
Devanta'e Smith_edited-1Smith, Davanta'e9Deavanta'e is very quick with the ball and this allows him to get to the basket. He has a great feel for the game at his age.
N/ASmith, Neville11Neville is a rangy athlete who thrives in the open floor. He will post smaller defenders and will face up and shoot the 3 when he has time and space.
Sean smith_edited-1Smith, Sean11Sean is a combo guard with a consistent jumper when he has time and space. He does a good job of moving without the ball and screening for teammates.
Cole Storm_edited-1Storm, Cole12Cole has a good IQ and understands what he can and can't do. He makes other players better with his decision making. Has the ability to play both the 1 and 2.
Nazir Thomas_edited-1Thomas, Nazir11Nazir uses his legth and athleticism to his advantage on both ends of the floor. He has a great first step to beat his defender.
Tommy Thomas_edited-1Thomas, Torrey10Torrey has good size for a guard and he uses that size to get past defenders. He has the ability to hit the set three with little time and space.
N/ATimby, Jake8Jake is a crafty ball handler and a good passer. He is always looking to push the ball in transition and has the ability to hit the open 3.
Karrington WallaceWallace, Karrington10Karrington has a really good looking shot that he can get off whenever he wants. He is really good in transition and in the open court. Karrington is a talented kid with good upside.
Eric Washington_edited-1Washington, Eric12Eric has a great burst when attacking the time. He has the ability to be crafty around the basket. Eric anticipates and is normally a step ahead of his opponent.
Nicolas WhitakerWhitaker, Nicholas12Nicholas is a very aggressive, athletic plaer. He does a good job using his length to get to the rim.
Trezure Whitehurst_edited-1Whitehurst, Trezure11Trezure is a quick point guard who looks to make plays for his teammates. His quick feet make him a very good on ball defender.
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