Full Recap of Academic Elite Championship Thursday

Saying that Championship Thursday at Albright was a success is an understatement. A great first week of camp was capped off with a great championship day. With a morning filled with playoff action and an afternoon that had great championship and all-star games, Academic Elite Session One set the bar high for future camps this summer.

In the afternoon, we saw two championships be played: an Ivy League and Patriot title was up for grabs. Tight games from start to finish, we had our champions. Congratulations to both teams and coaches!
Ivy League Team Champions

Patriot League Team Champions

After the championship games, campers gathered one last time to announce the individual awards. For a full list of individual awards check out the Awards Nomination blog.

Then it was time to announce our all-stars. There were 2 all-star games being played, one in each league. Here are your Patriot League all-stars.

Brandon Robinson (Columbia ’18)
Daniel Weiss (Marlboro ’17)
Dante Nardi (Kingston Senior ’17)
Jackson Dwyer (Essex ’17)
Ethan Norton (Hill School ’17)
Romey Talley (St. Joseph-Metuchen ’18)
Nahziah Carter (Bishop Kearny ’17)
Andrew Chung (Hackley Academy ’17)
William Ballentine (Hackley Academy ’17)


John Burkard (Chatham ’17)
Injil Muhammad (Lawrenceville ’17)
Cameron Carter (Archbishop Carrol ’18)
Max Oppenheim (Walt Whitman ’17)
Michael Manley (Pleasantville ’17)
Matthew Asenjo (st. Anthony’s ’17)
Austin Tchikatilov (Don Bosco Prep ’17)
Davis Franks (The Collegiate School ’17)


And your Patriot League MVP with 17 points and 4 rebounds, Naziah Carter!

And now your Ivy League all-stars.

Erick Santana (Hudson Catholic ’15)
Sean Hoggs (Notre Dame ’16)
Jason Bady (Henderson’15)
Marcus Anderson (Norfolk Collegiate ’15)
Emmanuel Chukwu (Monsignor Scanlan ’16)
Mark Madison (Norfolk Collegiate ’15)
Kobe Gantz (JP McCaskey HS ’16)
Lonnie Walker (Reading HS ’18)
Peter Kiss (Victory Rock Prep ’16)
Johannes Dolven (Wand Academy Sports ’15)


Boz Bernstein (Marianapolis Prep ’15)
Jordan Riullano (Victory Rock Prep ’15)
Lael Davis (Miller School ’15)
Michael Jurzynski (The Masters School ’15)
Jack Rauch (Bishop Ludden ’15)
Mikkel Kolstad (Gimle ’15)
Isaiah Lewis (Churchville Chili ’15)
David Beatty (Archbishop Carroll ’18)
Dwight Whitlock (Riski ’16)
Jonathan Nwanko (Victory Rock Prep ’15)
Zane Lewis (Trinity Episcopal ’16)


With 16 points and 7 boards, your Ivy League All-Star game MVP is….Jonathan Nwanko!

Congratualtions to all our all-stars and thank you for helping make this week of camp so eventful! If you missed anything this week, be sure to check out the posts section of our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Have a good 4th of July weekend!

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