2017 Recent Shore Girls Basketball Scrimmage Match Ups


This week I had a chance to take in a few scrimmages. I wanted to get a look at the Top teams before my first ranking. Tomorrow I will get my first look at St. Rose and SJV two powerhouse teams.

There is zero question in my mind that RBC can win the SCT or TOC. They really have all the pieces in place. The RBC chemistry and senior leadership was as impressive as their shooting. Hayley Moore and Rose Caverly were murder from the arc. Sophia Sabino the freshman point guard, was very impressive on both sides of the ball. A real concern has to be when Katie Rice  is not on the floor . Fab Eggenshwiler was most likely going to be the 5th starter and she is out with a injury.

I thought RFH was in full blown rebuilding mode. But Monday they blew me away, as they dominated Middletown South at times. Tori Hyduke was on a whole different level than anyone in the gym. Lucy Adams, did just about anything you could ask a sophomore to do. Grace Munt showed she’s ready for prime time. Middletown South are the walking wounded, they entire starting five with the expectation of Stephanie Mayerhoffer. So we really won’t know about them for another week or two. They clearly have the talent to be a special group. Tom Brennan is on the sidelines, so you can expect major improvements.

RBR was so well coaches it shocked it me. It made me remember how good Coach John Turhan is at getting kids to preform above their talent level. TRN was also very impressive, they showed many different looks on defense. They also can really score the ball, Jenna Paul, Brille Bisgono and Amanda Johnson can play with anyone. They are a Top 20 team and could be Top 10 with a few breaks.

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