This year’s NBS camp SESSION ONE, was during the live period. It was also a great way for young players to take center stage at the most competitive basketball camp in New Jersey. This year was no different as two surprise players just happen to be the daughters of D1 basketball coaches. What I really thought was interesting was the players who showed up after the live period. So often you hear of kids wanting to rest their legs. But there are always those ultimate gym rats who will take advantage of any way to improve. These players who showed up once again showed why they are different than most players. But clearly the story of the week had to be Destiny Adams a rising 8th grader from Manchester.



Last March a girl walked up to be at the SCT semi- finals and said “Mr. Green, my name is Destiny Adams and I want you to know, I am the BEST 7TH GRADER IN NEW JERSEY”.  Folks this week Miss Adams left no doubt about that. She was the PLAYER OF THE WEEK AT NBS session one.

Destiny Adams gave everyone a real scare on day one. While standing on the baseline after running drills; she simply fell down and passed out. Everyone including yours truly was scared as hell. When she opened her eyes it was a great relief. When we tried to get her to go home she refused. When her mother showed up and said lets go home…she said “NO I want to play”. Destiny Adams is something special and something these eyes has never seen. So let me put this out there right now, RUTGERS AND SETON HALL you can start fighting now. This young lady will go anywhere she wants one day. The 6ft long lean frame with length that is shocking and quickness make her a nightmare. But the scary part is you simply can’t match up with her. You put a forward on her and she moves to point forward and kills you with three’s and off the bounce moves to the rim. Try and put a guard on her and she knows to go right into the post. She has every post move known to mankind. But what makes her special is that she flat out beats up small guards with her aggressive physical style of play. Folks I saw guards this week afraid to guard her in that area of the floor. Her performance this week was flat out overwhelming. Destiny Adams proved she is not the best 7th grader but one day just may be the best player in New Jersey one day.


The NBS week got off to a great start, with Penn Manor  ’18 Alyssa Schrivers showing once again why she is the fastest player I have EVER SEEN WITH A BALL. But what makes Shivers so special is that she is in complete control of her speed at all times. But it’s her vision and passing ability that are so impressive. There is zero question in my mind if Shivers played in the shore conference, she would be a Top 3 point guard and would be on every college coaches wish list. I believe she would be a First Team All Shore Candidate…folks she is that good!


Now speaking of Pa, Theresa Haigh of Loretto Pa blew everyone away. If that name sounds familiar it’s because she is the daughter of St. Francis of PA Head Coach Joe Haigh. Theresa and her older sister  class of ’18 Anna, both spent the week at NBS. Anna her older sister attended NBS the day returning from Chicago live recruiting period. She and her father  flew to New Jersey and arrived at 2am and woke up at 9 am to attend NBS. College coaches I repeat it’s the little things you don’t see that I see that separates one player from the next. Anna Haigh is not a short cut type of kid.  The younger Haigh, Theresa if she was in the shore would make a great case as the best 8th in the shore. She plays with an edge that you simply cannot teach. Her all out approach it really refreshing, there is no question she will one day be highly recruited at the D1 level. Her ability to shoot and defend was on full display or as Josie Larkins of RBC put “OMG she shoots the lights out of the ball”


Another story of the week centered on another player from Pa, Bridget Arcidiacono. She is a 5’10 swing guard and folks she was swinging big this week at NBS. The rising junior displayed a wicked first step and her athleticism and ability to finish at the rim give her a real star appeal. But what really blew me away was ability to knock down open shot after open shot. She has a live body and she appears to get a hand on every ball that comes off the rim. This is a player who will be in full demand come this Fall, when coaches can call juniors. Again I love players who come off the road and get right back in the gym. This kid was impressive all week. I hope college coaches are paying attention to what I am about to write. Bridget after the live period not only attended NBS, she took over an hour ride to get there everyday and then after NBS, rushed back for her high school practice. Now if this is not the different from recruiting one kid over another….then nothing is. I believe this young lady is well on her way to stardom and a D1 school. By the way her first cousin is somebody you may know, Villanova Guard Ryan Arcidiacono. Her father is the brother of the star’s dad. It clear the genes are basketball ones.

 haig melina

Coaches daughters Melina Rebimbas and Theresa Haigh

Speaking of coaches daughters,  D1 Fairleigh Dickinson (Teaneck) assistant coach Jose Rebimbas’s daughter Milina also attended NBS. Rebimbas was one of the most successful D3 coaches in the country before joining the FDU staff. Well is first recruit better be his 6th grade daughter who played in the high school division all week. Melina is a rising 6th grader and let me go on record. She is one of the best rising 6th graders these eyes has ever seen. Her feel for the game and physical style of play is unheard of for her age.  Her quickness and speed are clearly a result of her soccer background. She took a 90 min ride with her dad every morning to attend NBS. From the first day of camp she sent a serious message to everyone…HERE I AM. I flat out have never seen a kid this age with this feel and understanding of the game. Her ability to change pace and make those around her better was shocking as she was playing with kids in some cases 6 years older. Her ability to make plays in tight spot was off the charts. She took control of her team, this type of leadership at such an early age is impossible to understand.  She benefits from having a college coach in her house every day, but she is clearly putting in the work…Like showing up for the early bird workouts at 8am before the start of camp. Here is a little advice to her dad….get a verbal NOW!




Karolina Jaruseviciute will be a freshman at Donavan Catholic and people …WOW! This young lady came out of nowhere and will be one of the Top 5 freshman in the shore. She is 5’11 and can do it all….future D1 lock college coaches.

Rising 7th grader Justine Pissott folks is going to be a major impact in the shore. Like she does always, she played in the high school division and again showed why she could be the best in the shore one day.

Camryn Foltz again showed that she one day will be one of the best players in the state of New Jersey. Some believe she was the PLAYER OF THE WEEK. I believe Foltz now must be considered the leading candidate for Freshman of The Year to start NEXT season…she is that good right now.


Ellyn Stoll is going to be a beast at the next level. College coaches watch THE video. The point/shooting guard was just great this week. That’s after her 6am shooting sessions with her high school every morning and after playing in the live period. Now tell that doesn’t ring gym rat and program kid. I believe she is the next Megan McGuinness.


Emma Bruen is a rapidly developing 7th grader who played up all week and surprised everyone…young lady is beginning to show real signs of greatness. She was MVP Point Guard School two weeks ago

Fabienne Eggenschwiler, folks is making it very clear, she is going to play next year as a freshman at RBC. Her passing and shooting skills no question will serve Joe Montano’s team well. There is zero question in mind my mind, she will be in the RBC varsity rotation at some point.  She is that good and one day will be one of the most recruited players in New Jersey

Rose Caverly is simply a superstar and while she already has D1 offers, I believe that Caverly could one day find herself being recruited by a few high majors. She showed up for 2 days just to remind everyone …she is right now one of the best in the ‘18 class

Josie Larkins is rolling, there is a reason she is the most recruited wing player in the shore…Larkins is on a new level right now…message to others, learn from Larkins GET IN THE GYM. Larkin dedication this spring was off the charts…enjoy the fruits of your work.

Lola Mullaney, let’s get this out of the way…she is a high major player, end of discussion. The Manasquan guard will one day be one of the best players in all of New Jersey.


Molly Weiss the future D1 guard showed up at NBS the same day she returned from Chicago. But here is a real statement. I believe she is the BEST PURE POINT GUARD IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE!

Jasmine Boyd a rising 8th grader who plays on the best 7th grade AAU team on planet earth, the Whalen Central Jersey Hawks. Boyd played in the high school division all week and showed why one day she will be an impact player from the day she joins a high school team

Sophia Sabino, college coaches good luck. Sabino one day will be one of the best guards on the east coast. She is that rare talent with a feel that you cannot teach. The high school that lands her gets a mega impact player.

The play in the youth division was off the charts this week. The division was loaded with advanced high skilled players. What I found interesting their games were the most competitive of the week…BRAVO TO THOSE KIDS









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