Coach Bob Hurley Skills Camp June 29-July 3

Our first Coach Bob Hurley camp of the summer is now in the books and we had a great group of campers with us in the Pocono’s. This week consisted of skills and instruction on the court and during game from Coach Hurley and an elite group of High School and College coaches. This was both a fun and competitive camp comprised of many talented players looking to improve their game. On Tuesday, we finished off the night with Coach Hurley’s annual “Tournament of Champions”, beginning with Free-throw, Hot Shot, and 1 on 1 championship’s and ending with exciting play in the All-Star games. Coach Hurley brought in Mike Kelly from Hoops 101 to talk to our group about the fundamentals of footwork and how to use it to one’s advantage throughout the game. Mike was very dynamic in his talk, putting campers through a pro-style workout. Hall of Fame coach Herb Magee, also came to speak about the fundamentals of shooting, how to improve one’s consistency with their shot, and the proper ways to practice shooting.

This week was my first experience with Coach Hurley and it definitely was a memorable one. Coach is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about the game of basketball, but he is also great at finding various ways to teach basketball skills to campers of all ages. Every drill or workout the campers preformed had a specific purpose in improving their game. Coach loves being on the court, interacting with the players, and is always looking to give advice. I am already looking forward to learning more about the game from Coach Hurley during his Girls Camp and second Skills Camp coming up in August.

The Hoop Group would like to acknowledge our award winners and congratulate all of our campers for a successful week of camp. Award winners from camp are listed below:

Free-Throw Champ:
ACC: Christoph Sauerborn
SEC: Allen Lifshitz
Big East: Mike Barr
NBA: Will Tate

1 on 1 Champ:
ACC: Christoph Sauerborn
SEC: Camden Olivero
Big East: Carnell White
NBA: Nick Ruthsatz

Hot Shot Champ:
ACC: Jack O’Connell
SEC: Tim Peterson
Big East: Gabriel Ramos
NBA: Shahee Aurelus

Early Bird Workout Star:
ACC: Jaden Vnencak
SEC: Aiden Ruthsatz
Big East: Dimas Broco
NBA: Kyle Rooney

Floor General:
ACC: Michael Bradley
SEC: Jordan Davidson
Big East: Mike McDougal
NBA: Nick Ruthsatz

Mr. Hustle:
ACC: Aaron Daniels
SEC: Marcus Von Recklinghausen
Big East: Zack Rauch
NBA: Nyke McCombs

Most Improved Player:
ACC: Theo Seremetis
SEC: Tim Peterson
Big East: Raheem Carter
NBA: Corey Nelson

All-Star Game MVP:
ACC: Mike Van Demark
SEC: Shakyle Matthews
Big East: Mike McDougal
NBA: Martin Bedulskij

ACC: Miles Samuels
SEC: AJ & Jalen Murray
Big East: Joe Wiggins
NBA: Isaiah Wiggins

Team Champs:

ACC: Duke – Tyler Chapman, Jace Budin, Elias Samaklis, Alex Seremetis, Charles Cuneo, Bobby Murphy, Drew Dana, Jayshen Saigal, Miles Samuels

SEC: Alabama – George Kinzler, Drew Pelham, Allen Lifshitz, Jalen Murray, AJ Murray, Shawn McDonald, Conor Donovan , John Luedke, Jalen Allen

Big East: Rutgers – Alec Dipietrantonio, Blake Hlatky, Jordan Heck, Brad Dodderidge, Maxwell Thompson, Ivan Casanova, Jorge Rivera, Eamon Rush, Raheem Carter

NBA: Knicks – Will Tate, Aahan Agrawal, Joe Wiggins, Jack Anderson, Drew Billingsley, Greg Lynde, Rene Maza, Jaleel Reynolds, Martin Bedulskij

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