It seemed Courtney Dobrzynski had everything a player could wish for two years ago. She was starting for the powerhouse St. John Vianney basketball team. She had a D1 scholarship offer on the table and more were sure to follow. But sometimes you have to get knocked down. Sometimes you have to have things taken from you. Sometimes you must overcome the worst of times. Sometimes you must find a way to trust again. It’s then and only then you get to make a COLD BLOODIED MOVE AND VERBAL TO HARTFORD UNIVERSITY!

cold booldcheer

When Courtney Dobrzynski was in third grade she hit a three at the buzzer to beat the Central Jersey Hawks. It was then I gave her the nickname “cold bloodied”. She was a big eyed happy kid, who was always smiling or telling a joke. She once came up to me and told me a joke that I won’t repeat here. It’s still the funniest thing I’ve ever had a kid say to me. Whenever we talk I start off each conversation with that joke. It’s her smile and pure innocence that makes her special. SJV is a team basically of all D1 players, as a sophomore she broke into the starting lineup. She did the dirty work and she brought something else that Coach Karpell loved…she was EGO free and willing to do anything to help the team. It was a beautiful way to start a career…there were dreams of winning a SCT and TOC. There were dreams of playing D1 basketball. She scored, rebounded, passed and became one of the best defenders in the shore. She also received her first D1 offer. Courtney Dobrzynski had only known good times and her future looked bright…but sometimes things change and players and their families get tested. Courtney Dobrzynski, didn’t understand politics and other such things. Because of that she would learn what it’s like to lose your innocence.

live and learnst rose aau

Last spring Courtney had tendinitis in her knee. It caused a great deal of pain and prevented her from being 100%. But what happen next may have caused Courtney more pain than anything in her athletic career. First she choose to play for a great AAU team. The philosophy of each AAU team is different. She choose a team that valued winning. Getting to show case and shared time was not promised. Between the injury and not being featured it was a tough summer. But Courtney still had a D1 scholarship and she knew high school team was one of the best in the country. She would chalk up the summer to a learning experience.

best teammatehug

When the SJV season started, Kelly Crouch (Wagner College) and Kelly Campbell (DePaul) two D1 seniors were sidelined with injuries. Many thought SJV would be in big trouble. But Courtney Dobrzynski figured no biggie, she would just step up in the place of the seniors. She had been in the wars and started every game as a sophomore. Things did not go as Courtney envisioned.  Coach Karpell felt it would be better having her come off the bench. This had to be a major blow to Courtney’s ego and would cause doubt in any player in her position. Courtney Dobrzynski needed to be and was a good solider.


PARENTcourtney parents

I received a phone call from Mark Dobrzynski and he asked me if Courtney not starting would hurt her in recruiting. I told him “no” because SJV has so many players college coaches really don’t care who is starting. But he still had a concerned.  He said Courtney liked the D1 School that had offered her. “Maybe she should just take it, it’s a good school and she likes the staff”. It was then I got quiet. It was then I realized that Courtney Dobrzynski would have to grow up faster than any kid should be asked to. It was then I told her father you need to call that staff right now. He asked me why he needed to call them. I didn’t have the heart to tell him why. But he keep asking, so I finally said “Mark I don’t believe that scholarship is still on the table”. He got quiet and said, well Courtney will just have to keep working. But what shocked me most and threw me off was this. He thanked me and said “thank you for looking out for Courtney” That day my respect for Mark Dobrzynski grew even more than when he brings a group of inner city black kids and pays for them to use the hoop group gym. Some people are only about their kids. Mark Dobrzynski cares about those at risk kids he trains. He doesn’t look for a pat on the back, he does it quietly. Just like the many text and sometimes long e-mails bragging about other kids, he sends to me. It goes something like this, Tiny she is a great kid from a great family we are so happy for her. Sometimes it goes like this, Tiny did you see that girl? You really should go watch her, she is great….Well let me tell you who is also great… Mark Dobrzynski. Oh yeah that school who offered earlier, well they couldn’t get a sniff of Miss Dobrzynski these days as she had multiple D1 offers to choose from.

parents jse

This spring Courtney Dobrzynski  and her parents had to make some decisions. Like where to play AAU and what was her basketball future going to be. She in many ways was broken and had lost the most important thing in anything we do…HER CONFIDENCE.  She learned for the first time in her life things don’t always go as expected. Her innocence and trust was shattered along the way. But she loved the game and she loved being around her peers. She needed somebody she could trust and help her get back on track. So she turned to the best in the business…MARY BETH CHAMBERS!

When Courtney joined Mary Beth Chambers Jersey Shore Elite she was told these things. There are no stars, everyone plays equal time regardless of the score(extra minutes are hers to do as she feels fit as the coach), they play only the best competition and don’t care about winning or losing as long as they play as a team and everyone gets showcased properly. Then she told Courtney you must do two things get better and trust me.

believe in memary b

Mary Beth Chambers gets on her kids when they don’t stay for extra shooting. She gets on her players for not running hard. She brings in college players to scrimmage her team once a week. She encourages her players to seek training outside of AAU practice. She also brings in different coaches with different philosophies to train her team. Mary Beth Chambers’ players are the most successful college players of ALL AAU TEAMS….IT IS A FACT. When I stopped by to train her kids the first thing I said was holy cow…because Courtney Dobrzynski looked lean and mean, it was clear she had gotten bigger and stronger. Her 6ft frame, length and size was shocking, but her quickness was something I couldn’t believe. I just didn’t see this quickness at NBS in the fall. Maybe it’s because she was playing Volleyball. I just knew that she was a different player. Nobody could guard her. I asked Beth Chambers what happen here and Coach Chambers said my favorite words…”Tiny she has brought in 100%” Her jumper looked good, the handle was sick and the defense and physical play…THE BEST OF ANY WING I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS….I MEAN YEARS…

The week before the recruiting period Courtney Dobrzynski spent a week at the Ball handling and Shooting camp. Mary Beth Chambers sends her kids to CAMP EVERY YEAR THE WEEK BEFORE THE LIVE PERIOD. She wants them ready and not just playing against each other…That week I knew Courtney Dobrzynski could be one of the best wings in the Shore. I tweeted out that Courtney Dobrzynski could play in the Atlantic 10 and maybe higher. Some folks thought I was crazy, at least until the recruiting period started.

IT WILL HAPPENhartford bench

This is the very first text I RECIEVED during the live period “Tiny can Courtney Dobrzynski play at… (Power 5 conference)” My answer you better go back and watch because she has a college ready power and college ready mind. That’s how good Courtney Dobrzynski is these days ,after months with Mary Beth Chambers. It’s why her phone would not stop ringing once she got back from the live period. You see being a good person from a good family is one thing. But applying all this when things are not going good? That’s when you know, if you learned your lessons well. Having so much and only to lose it, but yet still being able to bounce back, see the light, and not be bitter of angry. But rather fight and claw your way back to the light, this is what winners do….COURTNEY IS THE ULTIMATE WINNER!

the walkcourtney dress

The Hartford University staff is new and they know they have a great program. They know much is expected. But what was not expected is for them, right off the bat come into the shore conference and steal a stud. Not just any stud, but a kid who has seen it all, won it all. Like the TOC, SCT titles and ranked 4th in the entire country.  Hartford is getting a player that will never give up. They are getting a player who understands how quickly things can change in the blink of an eye. They also are getting a player who understands trust and working hard is the key to MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE….Congrats to Mary Beth Chambers, Dawn Karpell one the entire Jersey Shore Elite family……The Journey that Courtney Dobrzynski and her family have taken, just like her has been a BEAUTIFUL ONE…..congrats to the happiest kid in the shore conference…. COURTNEY DOBRZYNSKI and the U of Hartford, its a marriage made in heaven.

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