Last night the Top 100 kicked off with 41 players from NY, NJ and Pa. There were Twenty two D2 and D3 coaches in attendance. It was clear from the moment drills started it was going to be a very special night. There were two 8th graders, two 7th graders and a very special 6th grader who stole the show at times. But one thing was very clear Emily Calabrese or Ramapo, Oliva Matto and Lauren Lithgow proved they are all future D1 stars in the making.

tjhjnk Calabrese is highly skilled for her size.

The 6’0   Emily Calabrese already has D1 offers on the table and last night she showed why. Blessed with masterful hands and an insane IQ, she showed that there is very little she could not do on the court. Her quickness around the rim made her unstoppable at times. There was not a college coach in the gym who was not impressed. How good is Calabrese? She would be a First Team All Shore lock and college coaches are going to be shocked watching her on video. Calabrese reminds me of Danielle Padovano of Fordham in that her game is so old school. She makes everything look easy and there is no wasted movements. Her strength is underrated and her quickness is so deceiving it scary. While she has D1 offers on the table right now. It’s clear to me she is going to be a high priority for many schools once we get to the summer. She plays for one of the best AAU teams in the state. The Central Jersey Cardinals, who play the best competition that AAU has to offer. Emily Calabrese is the real deal folks and lets not forget we have seen her work before. It was she that put work in against the #4 team in the state, RUMSON this year. This is a major get for any school….

tmatti Matto is a shooting machine

Oliva Matto proved why she is going to be special as she put on a shooting display in game two. If you are in the market for a shooter, the Manheim Township, Pa native is the answer to all your problems. Matto’s ability to shoot with range and get her shot off quickly are skill sets that are hard to teach. Her ability to get open and make shots in bunches is just as impressive. She too had college coaches hoping to have a shot at landing the 2018 shooting guard.

th3LCSGQW4 Future High Major

If you have any doubt of the ability of Lauren Lithgow of St. Rose, let me say this…WATCH THE TAPE. The freshman guard will be a future all shore player and all state player before signing with a Major College one day. Lithgow is a combination of Rumson’s Nicole Morris and Stella Clark on steroids. Folks trust me this is a future mega star and she is playing for a master teacher in Joe Whalen, this is dangerous combination. There is zero doubt in my mind, she will be one of the best players in the state before she is done and as one college coach said “her speed and ability to finish at the rim is incredible.” But folks it’s her size and shooting ability that goes along with the other stuff that separates her from everyone else.


Speaking of babies, Brielle Bisogno again proved that she is a rare talent. The Toms River North freshman wowed everyone with her play. Bisogno ability to pressure the ball and get opposing guards off balance is a gift. But her ability to get pass opponents and find teammates, is what makes her really special and why college coaches will fight for her services over the next 3 years. She will be one of the most sought after guards in the all of New Jersey before she is done.

thM6EO92OO Davis blocking a shot

There were some real winners on this night; Gabby Davis had every coach hoping she will consider her D2 options. She after last night will have tons of available choices to choose from. A free education for Miss Davis after last night is in the books. Davis has been fighting injuries since last summer and last night showed what she will become…a stud. I am happy that Davis is now back on the radar….take your time Gabby because your phone will be blowing up.


Why are these events so important? Because a young lady like Jessica Poplawski finally hits the radar and college coaches, where loving the Monsignor Donavan junior. I am not sure without an event like last night, if she ever gets the love she got after last night. She improved her stock and now will have options. Shaunna Baker of Brick is an unknown and I doubt she has ever played on a center coach with coaches watching, well yesterday that changed for this year lady….BRAVO YOUNG LADIES.

It would hard not to talk about the two babies who stole the show last night. Justine Pissott is just a 6th grader and inviting such a young player to such an event is risky business. But after talking with her father we gave it a try. The result was Justine Pissott was not good for her age, but she was at points one of the best players in the gym. She knocked down shots off the dribble and on spot ups. She feed the post and showed an IQ that reminded me of Dara Mabrey. College coaches this young lady is going to be a mega star. She will be a bigger stronger version of Kelly Campbell one day. To say college coaches where buzzing is an understatement.

untitledfab Fab had a breakout evening…

Finally Joe Montano is going to be very happy. Here is a quote from a college coach last night “that kid thinks she is Step Curry” the coach was talking about future RBC player Fabienne Eggenschwiler. The 5’10 swing was deadly last night from way beyond the arc. But it was her passing and overall play that had everyone going wow. It was a real coming out party for the talented 8th grader. She proved that she is going to be a very special talent and college coaches are going to be in a war for her services. Fabienne exceeded everyone’s expectations last night. It certainly was eye popping watching such a young player preform with such confidence in front of so many coaches.




I believe Top 100 is something we will do more of in the future. Having kids play on 2 main courts and be the center of attention is something all kids need. This event allows kids to build some recognition before April and July. It allows young players to get in front of college coaches and learn how to play in such a setting. It allows a senior like Catlin Carrol to have schools begging for her services and offering her scholarship money. But more than anything else it allows girls to get together and play in a great setting.

If there is any questions about the shore conference let me say this. 41 kids…22 college coaches at a local event in March…UNHEARD OFF. The Shore is the only area that could pull this off, with coaches coming for DC like Catholic U, U Mass Boston, Assumption College or Susquehanna of Pa. These coaches made long trips to be at this event. But future studs like Allyssa Shriver’s of PA also made the 2 hour trip. It’s all a tribute to the kids and their talents… it was a very special evening and I will keep doing it as long as we have good hearted kids with dreams….

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