COURTWhat Georgian Court is doing these days is rather impressive. My good friend Head Coach Jasmina (Jazz) Perazic and her trusty asst coach Derek Marchione  have gone to work. But it’s not until recently that I realized what my friends have done. They have figured out that the Shore is a hell of a place to find underrated talent and build a program. I would even be as bold to say Georgian Court signed 3 players they have zero business signing. I also can say they have had better recruiting year than some D1 schools. I will admit they did have some luck as the perfect storm helped them. But just as important, they understood how the shore conference works.



Each year the Shore Conference has D1 players who don’t make any ALL SHORE TEAM. There are players playing in  the BIG EAST AND ACC players who never made ALL SHORE. I can give you a long list of players who became stars in college that never made ALL SHORE. It’s a real tribute to the best conference in America. I can also tell you players without a big reputation who often have been overlooked in the Shore and then move on to D2/D3 schools and become superstars… What Katie Sire is doing at Montclair right now is looking like HALL OF FAME STUFF for example.


Coach Jazz Perazic is a former asst coach at Monmouth University. Three years ago me and Jazz had a fallen out. I felt Monmouth University was not giving the Shore enough love. Then one day out of nowhere Jazz showed up at summer camp and we went to lunch. We both had our say about how we felt. We agreed to disagree and in the future work together.  It lead to a relationship which is great these days. A year later Jazz was named the Head Coach at Georgian Court and she immediately told me the Shore would be a priority…I believed her. She then hired as her assistant coach Derek Marchione . Folks this could have been the best decision she ever made. Because Dereck is one of the hardest working asst coaches for any level D1, D2 or D3.


Last summer Coach Marchione  called and asked me could he work the Hoop Group summer camps and I wasn’t sure why. I told him it didn’t pay very much. He said he didn’t care. I should have known right there Coach Marchione had other motives. It wasn’t until I realized, everyday me and him were having private recruiting talks. I noticed that he was taking notes everyday of players. He was also planting seeds and most importantly watching players with zero reps out play D1 players and I could tell that was his focus….it was a flat out brilliant approach. It was not until I found out that he had offered kids did I have  to chuckle….DERRICK GOT SO AHEAD OF THE OF THE RECRUITING CRUVE IT WAS AMAZING. No college coach is more knowledgeable about Shore talent….NOBODY!



Two weeks ago and young lady showed up at Core Skills. She was blazing quick and at times took over the session. She was not one of the players going D1 in the building. But it was clear from the start, she was one of the best players in the gym. I could not believe how talented this young lady was. When I found out her name was Katilyn Lester I could not believe it. When Georgian Court signed  her.  Derek Marchione called me and said” I got another steal”. He was right. I have not seen Lister play last year, but I heard all about her. I also knew she made many ALL SHORE LIST. I did not put her on my ALL SHORE TEAM. I received a few not very nice E-Mails about this, and folks those people where right to complain. Katilyn Lister is as real a deal as there is and I don’t care what anyone says. Folks if this kid played at RFH, SJV or RBC,  Georgian Court wouldn’t get a sniff. But that’s where recruiting matters. Georgian Court knows the landscape of the Shore and understands the publicity machine misses so much talent its amazing. Lister didn’t play for a high profile AAU team but what she did this year in high school should have sent up a red flag to recruiters. Because her team had one of the best runs in state tourney. Katlin Lester going to Georgian Court is almost amazing but it happens when the perfect storm happens….like  when a great recruiter and under valued player meet.



There are so many reasons why kids don’t attend NBS…they say not enough reps, it too far away, they don’t feel the love or they are not matched up on the main court. I always say competitors what to play against competition always. Kaitlyn  Borghesi was named MVP last week at Donavan Catholic award banquet. I can assure you nobody said there words…HOW IN THE WORLD DID GEORGIAN COURT GET BORGHESI? Let me tell you, Borghesi has not just destroyed some of the best guards in NJ and the shore. She has the respect of almost anyone that has played against her. I will tell you that Georgian Court did not just get a D1 point guard…they got a impact player for years. Nobody loves competition and enjoys playing against the best, the way Borghesi does. Georgian Court trust me knows they have the steal of steals. Last summer the Georgian Court staff, sat quitely and smiled knowing that if he could hold on, he could give have the reward of rewards…and that’s exactly what her did…BORGESHI IS A BEAST AND A INSANE STEAL!



I am not hear to tell you that Tatum Evans is a gym rat. I will not tell you that she was the best post player in the shore. What I will tell you is this…she was one of the most talented players in the Shore Conference. What I will tell  you is this, she has more  upside perhaps than any player in the class of ’16.  Tatum Evans is a D1 talent. If she finds the focus to go along with her raw talent. Georgian Court may have picked up a future superstar post player. In case you didn’t know this…great post players at any level are hard to find. Tatum Evans is as athletic player as there, her quickness and speed are rare for such a young player. She had a number of D1 schools interested in her. She visited D1 schools but at the end of the day recruiting matters still. Georgian Court went all out and put the full court press on her. They convinced her to say “I DO”  before all those D1 schools dancing with her, knew what hit them. Just like that Georgian Court pulled off another heist. There third.. just by being sure of what they wanted…this one was big folks in more ways than one.


Georgian Court doesn’t have the resources of other schools. They do not have the big budget of some other D2 programs. But they don’t allow these disadvantages to get in their way of building a programs. In fact they operate as a D1 program in some ways.  They have a real understanding of their recruiting environment. They also understand the value of working hard and evaluating talent. They are smart enough to know reputations sometimes don’t match the talent…because here is a funny conversation I once had with Derrick. We were talking recruiting one day about two kids. He said to me…”I hope they(a D1 school takes xxxx) because we want Borghesi more”… That D1 school got wanted they wanted and Georgian Court got exactly what they hoped for…..folks that’s called trusting your judgement…..GEORGIAN COURT folks have GREAT JUDGMENT!




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