This year, more than any other year around the shore there are players sitting on the D1 fence. These are players who can find themselves one day signing a D1 scholarship or sliding out of the D1 conversation. This week two more SHORE players joined the D1 RANKS….They both had different journeys arriving in the world of D1 basketball.


When you play for the RUMSON FAIR HEAVEN  basketball team, it’s easy to get lost. The list of D1 players from RFH is too long to list. Many times a player will see few minutes or are a role player and still receive a D1 schlorship. This list is mega long and this year it will be no different. HANNAH SCANLAN is one of the most improved players in all of New Jersey. If she played for just about any other team in the STATE, she would be a household name. When you play on talented teams like Rumson, it’s easy to overlooked. But the beauty of playing for RFH is that you also get tons of exposure as college coaches flock to the Jersey powerhouse. Under George Sourlis winning games and maybe more importantly playing quality competition has lead to millions of dollars of scholarship money being earned.


Jonathan Parsons is a name, many may not know. But I can tell you a week does not go by without Jonathan Parson’s of BRYANT UNIVERSITY checking in on shore basketball. He also told me 2 years ago that he would make the shore a major recruiting ground. This week he proved he is not joking around. Hannah Scanlan verbal gives Bryant University two mega recruiting steals in back to back years. I believe as I type Hannah Scanlon is going to be the 2nd best senior post player in all of New Jersey next year. I believe she will be a NEC ROOKIE OF THE YEAR  leading candidate…she is that good. Hannah Scanlan is 6’1″ and maybe outside of Dezzy Allen the best athlete in the Shore Conference. She is also one of the best passers in the Shore conference…that includes guards. She also has the ability to rise her level of play against quality competition. It was she who made the go ahead basketball against Manasquan. Two weeks ago against the powerhouse BELLES I watched get 26 points and lord knows how many rebounds. Jonathan Parsons, saw all of this coming  and knows he is getting an ATLANTIC 10 type player. He is getting a major impact player for years. Jonathan Parsons has been a BEAST ON THE RECRUITING FRONT

Here is what Jonathan Parson’s, also knows. Hannah Scanlan, is not even close to what she will become. But the process has started. First Scanlan is playing for Mary Beth Chambers Jersey Shore Elite and that means serious skill improvement. It also means Scanlan will now be IN THE GYM 4 days a week. They when she get to college they will get her in the gym 7 days a week. Why is this so big…because with her talent and year round coaching…the sky is the limit. Bryant University led by it’s pitbull of asst coach now has two players nobody in there right mind could have predicted could have pulled this off…STEPHANIE LESKO AND HANNAH SCANLAN are players with skills sets rarely seen with players with such size.



Now Hannah Scanlan will focus on her mission of having a great summer. She will prepare for her final season at  RFH and my guess is that she will be one of the best players in the Shore. Hannah doesn’t say a lot. But I had a chance to  watch her AAU team practice yesterday and found out a few things. She has jokes and more important likes to work when in the right environment. I believe she has  found the right ENVIRONMENT …BRYANT UNIVERSITY.






Some players have all the built in benefits. They have a brand name, a visible high school team, a visible AAU team. ALLY LASSEN has had none of these advantages. What she did  have was the ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE BASKETBALL STAFF, who has always recruited with fate in their own ability to evaluate. No staff I know has done a better job of getting ahead of the completion. John Thurston and his staff have gobbled up shore talent in recent years that became HOUSEHOLD NAMES AFTER THE FACT. While Kat Phipps became the all time 3 point shooter in the state. It was ST. FRANCIS  who wrapped there arms around her before anyone else. Tori Wagner was nobody when St. Francis made the move on her. You see St. Francis gets them before they become household names. They also have a funny way of only recruiting good kids with good families that want, what they have to offer. They don’t like kids with egos, pushing parents and kids who are looking for belles and whistles. Maybe that’s why St. Francis has become a successful program in the heart of Brooklyn New York…Maybe that why ALL LASSEN IS A TERRIER THIS MORNING




How do you know a kid is special? Let me tell you how. Most times when a player gets a D1 offer, here is what happens. People write negative things on message boards. They send me nasty, nasty E-Mails, they are in many cases filled with jealously. But in case of Ally Lassen I receive about 20 texts about her verbal…ALL FILLED WITH JOY. They went something like this….”Ally is an awesome player, teammate and Friend, we love Ally and her family” her AAU Lighting/Lighting Hawks coach Gail Caverly called and what was the first thing she said to me. “everyone is so happy, because Ally is such a great kid and teammate” you want more? how about this quote  “Tiny I was worried this kid was going to get overlooked, but now it’s a great day” and finally how about this e -mail. “Tiny a lot kids in Ocean are now going to feel they can do anything if they work hard” ..People now do you understand why Ally Lassen is going to St. Francis of New York?



Most don’t follow Pt. Boro basketball, unless they live in the town or attend the school. It’s been 3 long years since Kelly Hughes and company turned the shore conference upside down. So let me tell you about somebody that been doing a little upside turning herself…ALLY LASSEN last year had 3 games of 20 rebounds or more…let me repeat that 20 rebounds or more. Folks I don’t care if you are playing the little of sisters of St. Mary’s those are scary  numbers. But if that doesn’t move you, check this out, she had 14 games of double/doubles. Folks somebody check the records because that has to be some kind of record. Now just for fun here is a few other things you may not know…she averaged a double/double for the season and led the SHORE IN BLOCK SHOTS. Folks that’s just plain ole wrong on every front, when you consider she averaged 4.4  points and 5 rebounds a game last year.  Now the question is how can somebody do all this and not be a household name? Because it’s the shore folks, it’s a place where ACC AND BIG EAST players go unknown during their high school careers. Thank god college coaches only care about one thing….HOW GOOD A PLAYER IS AND NOT WHERE THEY PLAY. Reputations only matter when it comes to awards and getting your name in the paper. ALLY LASSEN is in the papers for all the right reasons today….she got things done the old fashion way ..she EARNED IT!



Ally Lassen is now a D1 player and it’s not because of some special connection. She is not D1 because she played for some powerhouse program. She is not D1 because she played for the right AAU team or trained with a known trainer. She is a young lady who found her dream by not just by being a good basketball player. She is a D1 player because first she and her family are good people. They have figured it out that being a good teammate and friend. You don’t have to walk over friends and others for everything to end up beautifully,….ALLY LASSEN AND ST. FRANCIS ARE BOTH look beautiful today!





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